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  1. Exactly this. Monte’s video explanation combined with the Impact Snap and trying to snap it right after transition has produced some of the most beautiful high draws I have ever hit with all my clubs over the weekend and today.
  2. Day Two is in the books. I LOVE the one handed drills. Taught me that I don’t clear my hips enough. And the harder I clear my hips the crisper I seem to hit the ball.
  3. Day One is in the books. This is a great pitching motion that is being taught on these 1/4 or 1/8 swings that send the ball ten to fifteen yards. I already pitch like this, but I can see this aid being worth the money for the help with your pitching game alone.
  4. I have this device. I got it because it appeared that Mike Bender was working with it on his instagram page over a year ago....or at least it looked a lot like this device. One day this device came up on my feed....and since I follow Mike Bender principles it made sense to get it. This device teaches the right elbow toward the hip move that Monte always talks about. It didn’t do much for me as this is how I power my swing with the right elbow leading the way. But with that said....if you are having a hard time reproducing this transition move then this device will be gold for you.
  5. > @DaveMac said: > Quick update: > > Obviously not a big uptake for this product, so I have taken the plunge and bought one. I have to say out of the box and a quick swing, I wish I hadn’t bothered. > > Lightspeed looks much lower quality than the standard Orange Whip. It is very counter balanced with an extremely thick grip area, so even with the soft shaft there isn’t any significant swing feedback. There is no free access to the associated training program either, which is both a disappointment and a surprise, I will email Orange Whip to confirm this situation. &g
  6. My space is similar to yours in size and I haven't had an issue with my net return being too close. It should work fine for you. thanks for the feedback. i think i will go ahead and purchase btw, are you able to hit driver at that distance as well? It is a great product and you will enjoy it. I hit my driver extremely well so I rarely take practice swings with it even when I am on an outdoor range. No, I do not use it in my space because it makes me a little nervous. It would probably work without issue, but I have never tried. I have a skytrak and I use it to dial in all my iro
  7. My space is similar to yours in size and I haven't had an issue with my net return being too close. It should work fine for you.
  8. [quote name='ROH1' timestamp='1423934830' post='10952413'] I mentioned my Skytrak in another posts and had some questions about it and a request or two to start a thread, so here goes. I have no affiliation with the product. For context, I live in the northeast where we currently have between 2 and 3 feet of hard packed snow and ice. I have been playing for over 25 years and I love to practice/hit balls. For many years I looked for a way to hit balls over the winter with some realistic feedback. I was leery of just hitting into a net with no monitor for fear of grooving something worse
  9. I know that you are asking for a comparison between the two, but I have only hit off the CCE mat. I will tell you that it is well made....you will know if you hit it fat....you will know if you took a divot. The two feel completely different on the mat. The durability is great. I don't think you will be sorry with this mat.
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