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  1. That's fine, just make sure we have a way of knowing you added items
  2. Yes. You can add items to any ad (except for pinned ads) as long as you follow all other rules. Be sure not to delete anything from the ad- edit the ad and type "sold" next to the sold items and at the bottom put "ADDED" and list the new items
  3. Your listing had 15 items for sale. You are only allowed to have 10
  4. Members must have 75 official posts to create a new listing in BST. Active posts are not the same as official posts; for example, posts in BST or the 19th Hole do not count towards Official posts. Post runs (more than 10 posts per day) to reach 75 posts are monitored and will result in account suspension
  5. That's how I interpret it BUT I'm only one of several volunteers here. Maybe someone else will chime in with their opinion.
  6. GENERAL RULES ClubWRX Members are exempt from the minimum post restriction. To become a ClubWRX Member ($35/year), click HERE. Users with less than 75 Official posts that are not ClubWRX Members may pay a fee of $5 per listing. Please PM Gxgolfer for payment details and to receive listing approval. Pinned listing fees are $10 per week. Please PM Gxgolfer for payment details. Pinned listings may have up to 10 items and additional items may not be added to the listing. The maximum period of time for a pinned listing is 30 days and ALL BST and Board Rules apply. Those who have been adding items haven't been caught and please report when you see it. Thanks!
  7. Yes sir, that is correct. If the Puma shorts are deleted then you have 10 items. Here is the rule:[list] [*][color=#ff0000]Members are allowed ONE open listing with a maximum of 10 items. All individual items count as one “item” – selling in lots is not permitted. The only recognized exceptions are: a. Matched iron sets up to 10 irons – wedges, even when sold as a set, count as individual items; b. Matched grip sets up to 13 grips - only ONE GRIP SET allowed PER LISTING; c. Matched sets of iron shaft pulls up to 10 shafts; d. Golf balls in original packaging (Dozen or 15-pack = one item per pack) – balls sold as individual sleeves count as one item per sleeve. Loose lots of golf balls (used or new) are not allowed.[/color] [/list]
  8. The rules that you violated were pointed out in the warning that was issued to you. 1) You had 11 items listed. 2) You also had a pair of Puma shorts listed with no pics. "Pics coming tonight" is not sufficient.
  9. Yes sir, you're welcome. We appreciate your cooperation!
  10. Your ads have been deleted because your previous ad from 27 Sep 2014 is still open. This was clearly pointed out in the warning that was issued to you earlier today. Close your existing ad, wait 24 hours from the closure and post your new ad. Also, any mention of "gifting" will result in an ad being deleted and another warning issued. Thanks
  11. Thread cleaned-up and warnings have been issued. Gentleman, we are not going to allow blatant disregard for the BST posting rules. Please, keep posts on topic.
  12. Your previous ad from 10 Sep 2014 is still open. We don't just arbitrarily delete ads and issue warnings without having just cause to do so. Thanks
  13. That is correct...thank you for your cooperation.
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