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  1. Looks about right to me. I perceive some of it as different than he explains but it amounts to the same thing. The advantages to this style is that athletes from other racquet or bat sports get to use their athletic instinct. This is a pretty good road map to the fundamentals so you don’t cross up styles and get yourself messed up.
  2. I think what Monte is telling you is that you may think you have the cause figured out but you clearly do not if what your working on isn’t making a difference. It may not be a physical position problem rather a swing intent misunderstanding. Since your not open to swing advice what makes you think anyone’s thoughts on training aids would be of help.
  3. I should clarify a few things before anyone runs out and torches their swing. 1. I highly recommend getting the Tour Tempo app by John Novosel. No I'm not affiliated but all this will make more sense. 2. If your a 'swinger' using loose hands, arms and the concept of them dropping into the 'slot' with no effort speeding up your swing will probably be absolute poison. There could be some value in the Tour Tempo concept but at a slower speed rather than faster. Ok, lets get into it! Tour Tempo concept is based off of swing tempo, it can be fas
  4. I think you will find most tour players swings are over in around 1 second from start to finish. Bryson’s as well as many others are even faster closer to 3/4 of a second.
  5. For what this is worth. I’m 54. 5 foot 5 or so and for years have had similar numbers as yours. Not based off of launch monitors just distance charts I would put your driver at 220 to 225 carry. 7 iron 140 to 145. Assuming your not hot lofted on irons. Anyway after several years of trying different swing styles etc. I pulled out my old tour tempo program and just increased the overall tempo of my swing. Now I would say my driver is hitting lhigh 90’s to low 100’s just based off of distance. Went from a good drive with roll being 240 upwards of 255 to 275 to 285. I didn’t change anythi
  6. Nail It. The impression I get from you is that most people should learn how to ‘swing’ the club rather than hit it is because most people are just terrible athletically. Who on tour right now would you consider swingers? I see a whole lot of hitters, not a chance you would convince any of them to trust something they don’t have the perception of control over. Personally I find most people are pretty capable of being hitters once they clear out the swinger fundamentals of soft hands, low and slow backswing , lead with the left hand, passive release stuff. Most of that is polar opposite of
  7. And he probably has that “fast hand” look, which is just the hands allowing the club head to speed up from side to side.
  8. I see lots of terrible golfers try and hit it further by speeding up their arms. These players tend to look at the swing as one big lever and I’f they make their arms go faster the ball will go further. When in reality the goal is to make the club head go from one side to the other faster. The arms need to move slower than the club head but they don’t seem to grasp this.
  9. Yeah, I recently posted in thread on a guys swing where I intentionally pointed out all the bad things In his swing while at the same time explaining that I had no clue how to help. This was meant as an illustration as to why he needed knowledgeable eyes to diagnose the root issues. Twenty years ago I had a pretty solid swing, I never saw it on video, ball flight told me what I needed to know. Then I went on an internet walkabout learned a bunch of things and then ended up back where I started. In general I would agree that a pure swing is probably better for most people, howeve
  10. I’m a bit different than the normal hitter build. The only things that really apply to me are short and quick talker. You could argue that I’m ‘golf strong’ but other than that I’m all of five six with shoes at best and 135 pounds, and in my mid 50’s. I regained 25 yards on the driver and 10 or so on irons this year by pulling out my original tour tempo program from about 20 years or so ago. Turned on the fastest swing speed ratio that was on there and did that for about 5 minutes. Changed nothing else, just picked up the tempo of everything. I totally agree most are lost bec
  11. That was an interesting read. I definitely, started out trying to swing the club, had the same inconsistency as Mr Erickson. Then slowly developed a hitting style because it is more consistent day in and day out. Of course I don’t play anywhere near his level but I can relate to the not practicing or warming up. In fact I never warm up other than to take a dozen or so swings that are really more of get the feeling right exercise and then tee it and go. Not warming up does not affect my ability to hit solid shots from the get go. For years I questioned what I was doing because I couldn’t
  12. I’m with ya Obee, don’t change what you do naturally, find pieces that work with it.
  13. Good choice! I was at one of Monte's seminars a few years ago. It was enlightening to watch him give each person one little thing to move forward. Pointing out faults is not helpful it makes people think they need to fix this and this and this and this. Most of all that gets fixed by one little thing. Then maybe another after you get the hang of the first one.
  14. Qwiklap, I highly suggest you get a lesson from a knowledgeable, instructor. The problem with posting a video is any person who has looked at enough good golf swings can tell you all the stuff that your doing wrong. Watch I'll do some of that: 1. You keep your right arm, straight to long. 2. You have massive arm over run. 3. Your head is raising at the end of your backswing. 4. Your also sliding off the ball to the right. 5. your hip turn is way to flat. 6. Your pelvis backs away from the balls as you approach impact. 7. Your tempo is a mess.
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