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  1. Just opened these up and they aren’t for me. Sold
  2. Has anyone ever personally used either brand? Are there andvantages that these brands bring over the software from foresight’s or trackman?
  3. I did some research into the hawk, however that’s still half the cost of the brands he threw out. Is there any reason why fullswing or HD would be better than GC?
  4. So my father in law is building a new home and has tasked me with finding some of the best options for a permanent in-home simulator. With my limited knowledge, i knew off the bat Trackman and Foresight’s GCquad were industry standard. He mentioned potentially wanting a multi sport option which foresight’s had a available upgrade for. I presented him with the GCquad, to which and countered with brands like full swing and HD golf. This caught me a bit off guard as i didn’t anticipate him going for something that was 2x in price. He really liked full swing because of the permanent monitor above
  5. Was hoping for some advice as clubfitters are not central to where i live. I’m planning on putting in an order to replace my irons and wedges in the next couple weeks. Some background, I was previously fit while on a trip for KBS C-taper 130x in my irons about a year ago so I’m planning on sticking with the same shafts for the irons I’ll be ordering. With that being said i was never fit for wedge shafts. I’m aware that people like to put in a 9 iron shaft for the gap wedge. Thoughts on what kind of wedge shafts might work well with the iron shaft combination? I’d imagine that i could always mo
  6. So I’ve played blades since the 2011 Taylormade MBs came out. I was working at a local country club back then and became close with our Taylormade rep who updated my bag in with the newer ‘14 MBs (when they were released) with C-Taper shafts. I kept those as my gamers until 2018 when i had major shoulder surgery from a hockey Injury. I got the itch to upgrade my bag during my recovery for a “congrats let’s get back out there” present to myself following the 18 month recovery. I ended up building myself a set of from some lightly used p750 heads and the same shafts in anticipation of me not bei
  7. 2011 Del Mar i received in a trade from another member. Condition is good for what was a gamer I’d say 8/10. I tried to capture the slight markings of bag chatter from the top line. Trade interests. Scotty, Byron, carbon, Piretti betti...show me what you got willing to add cash on top.
  8. they are my old gamers. Selling cause i need some extra forgiveness following surgery
  9. 2014 Taylormade TP MB irons 3-PW with KBS Tour Stiff shafts. No browning on the faces. Tried to capture a mark on the 8iron as best as possible, have found that it doesn’t affect playability though. Also recently regripped the 4-PW in mcc4, maybe 5 rounds on them. Sold.
  10. It depends on how many other projects he has going on If you want something simple it could take a week, if you want a very complicated putter it could take a few months
  11. honestly the BCP will not disappoint i have one off of their tour van and i have absolutely loved this driver since i got it! the mishits are just as long as my good shots were on my previous driver
  12. [quote name='Russ757' timestamp='1407863839' post='9917831'] Bio cell pro Both low spin both 420 cc bcp should be more forgiving [/quote] The bio cell pro is a 440cc head
  13. Good call on the Large font, I was wondering if byron just figured that it would look good like mine and do it a bit differently than you asked him to... but it looks great. I think that the glass blasted finish is great, especially if you are planning on gaming your putter, its a low maintenance finish which is why it appealed to me
  14. Did you specifically ask for large font on the front? And it looks really good with the B & co in the back cavity
  15. [quote name='pr1mo990' timestamp='1407911378' post='9922629']Great looking putter. That's crazy about how he messed up the stamping and didn't say anything to you. When I ordered mine I specifically said on the order forum and in emails to the Sales rep "fine milling, NOT deep milled." 3 guesses what they sent me... and it took about 2 months to come (which is fine, I expected that) but not a single word from anyone that they only had deep milled heads in stock. I would have gladly waited, plus they had a fine milled head with a site dot (I ordered a sight line) and I would have taken that
  16. [quote name='StezzGolfer' timestamp='1407906641' post='9922455'] How long did it take to get your putter? Also, RobotDoc - Is the long pipe completely face balanced? Or is there a little toe hang? [/quote] Well my first putter i went down on friday and it was at my house on tuesday, but that was the one that was messed up, so i had to send that back on wednesday morning, and he waited until he got the messed up one until he would send the next...so it was delivered to his shop on monday and he sent it via USPS today at 5...apparently if you catch him at during a slow period and don't hav
  17. My experience there was amazing he let me try any style of putter I wanted. And he told me what he thought I should use loft and lie wise
  18. Ah never been a fan of the welded neck look
  19. [quote name='RobotDoctor' timestamp='1407885910' post='9920403'][quote name='Bo4taylormade' timestamp='1407884033' post='9920197'] Dang I wish I had this thing right now! Shipping 60 miles away shouldn't take more than a day though...it just feels like this design is a bit more simple than the last [/quote] LOL! That is the problem with waiting for something like this. Great looking putter, by the way. You'll love it when you get it. Be careful because you may be wanting another putter from Byron just because. I have my next one in the planning/building stages now. And I just got my
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