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  1. Its not like antman has won everything lately, pretty far from. And AN don’t have rough as the primary defence against length.
  2. Kathy H seems like the only one of those that really could hit it. Who's with Big John?
  3. What Georgia like that time of year? No flowering magnolias one suspect.
  4. i guess there are one or two places I visited at my sole US trip in -83 that hasnt changed much either... yes sophia, I guess
  5. Lemme get this straight... the main source of american culture for us scandinavians is american TV series. And learning from those TV experiences, in singularis a ”guy” seems to correspond to a male person, while ”guys” seems to designate a flock of people of random genders. Is this not correct?
  6. Some more photographic masterpieces from the company roster. Flash aint easy.
  7. Sören Kjeldsen, Chris Tschetter and Bryson seems like guys that would not make me totally awkward. Think we could mix into a pleasant fourball. Eclectic with handicap. On my home course and my Caeur de filet Provencale cooked by me and missus afterwards served in our garden. I culd maybe trade Bryson for Laura Davies but I don’t really know if Chris and Laura mix. Maybe some younger female player who truly radiates pleasant personality . They all seem so super focused now. But of course someone is . Any suggestions? Shibuno maybe, but language would be a problem. Another constella
  8. Have kind of mixed emotions there. Scandinavia is sparsely populated and there is countryside everywhere. Even in the suburbs of Stockholm where I grew up there are pretty decent areas of wood, lakes and so. Now, my summers as a kid I spent, my father born as working class, at where my grandfather spent his summers. The workers in the Baltic sea harbor town rented little cottages that the fishermen built to get some extra income. Very primitive, no running water old style toilet and all that. Anyways, we spent my childhood summers at a fishermans place. The fishermen of old lived very hard li
  9. Yeah, those buggers are like rats nowadays here. The ones that comes to our garden are smaller, Bambi like. When I grew up they were considered rare and shy. When my father drived us through the countryside, “look, there’s a rådjur”, and one only saw a white tail when they disappeared. Now, when you try to shoo them away from the tulips or whatever, they take two, three steps away and looks at you. You almost have to kick their butt to make them disappear. Pretty cute though one has to admit. The daughter used to be mad at me seeing them off when she was tiny. Have some photos somewhere when
  10. Have had a bit of a golf draught here. Had a foot injury that spoiled the summer, a lot of work when Finally my foot got better, and my kids starting univeristys, moving and stuff, missus dragging me to hiking and well, the lockdown (which still is mild here) has made me lazy. Ok, I exercise, strength and cardio, but working from home, having food and stuff brought home has made me a kind of eremite, like. Missus has a medical condition that could be bad with the virus. Anyhow, no golf rounds played since July. still havent lost my appetite, i do swing a lot in my back yard in a nook
  11. With everything gettin browner, colder and rainier here I wish I could go there, if it wasnt for your locals trying to get lunch.
  12. At my home course the water is white and covers the complete course for five months a year or so.
  13. Nothing new here. The dough has been in the US since golf stone age. Most active amateur golfers are in the US. US seem to have dough enough even with the globalization shite going on. Europs don’t. But anyhow, money enough to keep guys reasonably happy staying. With the help of China, the Rolex tournaments. All europs don’t flourish over there. Beef for one. Matt Wallace should have stayed. Its not a Korn Ferry. Its on the other side of the big waters. Money will attract some, but its not like they go to where they belong. They belong here. But Rory didn’t even play Irish this year. Too much
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