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  1. Being considered chummy myself in social settings, I do not like them at all. That has got nothing to do with ”mental illness”. Its a personality trait. Reading the older posts I try to understand if that car crash also gave him, in fact deeper mental problems. But reading the older posts of this thread, as well as reading other stuff, and also seeing all those videos on yt he acts and reacts like an asperger guy. He was not from a fancy background either. That does not help becoming a golf pro. I’ve been a manager of different sorts for good computer programmers over a couple of decades, and he sounds like one of the more introverted of the chief programmers I met, guys that also perform on nearly superhuman level. But aint cute at the coffe breaks. those guys perform best in a setting which do not involve all the hullabaloo around a golf tournament. Now, I aint a psychologist and I dont know all about Moe, but it seems to me that an introvert personality type will have a hard time to become a world stage top 25 golfer. All the Rorys, Tigers, Phils, Jacks, Arnies and JT’s seem pretty comfortable in front of a microphone. Annika did not, though.
  2. Seems like the art of taking good golf photos died sometime around 1990
  3. European tour not being European tour any longer will attract some to stay on the east side. Corona will still make interviewers carry the microphones on a stick.
  4. That daytime work is what brings the income. Maybe its different in the USA but hard, daily effort is what you should do here, being from workers suburbs. I was brought up with that. Noone did otherwise. I now, working successfully, live amongst people that see building a company, starting a musical career, following a talent in sports, join the humanities at a university as the more obvious choice. Golf is a more common pastime in my new habitus. I’m not saying Billy Ho is right or wrong, he might just see life somewhat different than sons of golf pros or lawyers.
  5. Billy Ho comes from a blue collar family. Don’t forget that.
  6. A fellow countryman in contention come sunday again. Hoping strong for the normal sunday breakdown not to occur. Our southern neighbors, Twins and others do deliver regularly when in top last day pairings. Hope to be proven wrong today.
  7. Just the kind of young guys one is looking for. Liked the album, not least the actual Projector song. Guitars, and raw studio feel still seem, to work. The Decca boss statement is still not a fact. Keeping my eyes open for stuff like this to happen again:
  8. A lot of promising stuff here from my pow. Being an old amateur musician I try to listen to a lot of off mainstream music as years progresses. Having a strong rock/boogie soul I really liked the Indie around 2010, stuff like the Strokes, Yeah yeah yeahs and Bombay Bicycle Club. The indie scene pogressed to be a little too nice for me, electronic, loads of reverb. I’m more in to pub atmosphere than church ditto. I find a lot of the posts here refreshing.
  9. This thread does not seem to be about golf.
  10. Really like the layout on the holes down the stretch. Whats so bland about it? Surroundings aint that spectacular, granted. Hope fellow countryman Broberg can make a better sunday than the one recently where he won…
  11. Reed is pretty interesting to watch on TV anyways. He’s getting old and boring now, but in his earlier career he produced amusement, at least for me. Stoicism isnt a character in a professional golf player that adds extra excitement for me. Amateur golf player stoics, on a bad day on the golf course is something else.
  12. The joke stats with two guys, one have a domestic gorilla. Both guys plays golf and they make a bet… But I’m an awful joke presenter, does anyone have the story?
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