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  1. But I did! Miss that putt... just for once? Golf is NOT a game that, for the enthusiasts, thrives on someone being totally dominant. You want drama on sunday hole 15-18. He was undoubtedly good for the sport as such, but he made golf tournaments boring.
  2. Patriotically Robert Karlsson, he had the true personality of a scandinavian. Him and Sören Kjeldsen from sothern Scandinavia. A true gentleman and a wonderful golf temperament Golf wise it has to be Boom Boom. He was The Man when I played the most. That laid back swing an the personality that matched it perfectly. Started to like Tiger a lot in the last comeback too. Even though being kind of the start for athletic golf he was always a true golfer spirit. But in his super years 97-09 he made golf boring, i liked the guy but I always hoped to see him choke....
  3. Her smile suddenly got streamlined. I used to love that earlier smile. Hope it wasnt for "aestethical" reasons.
  4. I would say IMHO you can compare. A change in human golf genes will not happen in a generation. So its environmental causes that will decide how many of the people of a generation really gets in a situation where they get a possibility to become good players. The USA population is less than 10% of the worlds population but you will year in year out find 50% of the players in the OWGR from USA. And on the female side there is South Korea. So yes, doing a bit of sociological and anthropological studies you can say if todays players are better or worse. I would guess even steven btw o
  5. Reading about golf those days in Wodehouse’s books, even if fictional, having been born in a situation to play golf back then, 100 ys ago like must have been great. Aint any ”oldest member” these days I suppose...
  6. Well, comparing players now and then is probably difficult on a stroke to stroke pow. Enough have been said already on equipment, training methods and so on. whats interesting, I think, is rather - what kind of people played back then and what kind of people play now. How many did play? And in what environment its easy to think like yeah back in those days only snobs were playing so the population to pick top golfers from was small. But you see the crowds golf tournaments attracted on old films. Wodehouse fantastic golf stories(that really takes you back) di
  7. Have to say, the year Adam Svensson made it through to the PGA tour and we learned he had his background here, that caught some attention. But not too much attention. That Willett sport his mother’s flag on his bag is duly noticed. Armand Duplantis... he get mixed reviews as a true competitior for our country. But since he joined my Golf Club, he’s a fellow countryman of mine.
  8. One wonder, how many did play the game in Scotland in the 1860’s? Meaning, the best players back then, was that from a selection of say 10.000 golfers? How good was really the Morrises and Parkses? I’m pretty sure, when you later come to the ages of Vardon and even more Jones those guys were the best from such an amount of golfers, they had so much more talent than a 1 handicapper now. Outdriven by 40 yds on every hole, but they would find ways to win anyhow. Guess a Vardon, having seen the evolvement of golf actually sometimes came to ponder upon - what will golf be like
  9. No Scotsman has won the Scottish since Monty days. Young Bob?
  10. Is it the one where one of the later par 3s is uphill towards a house and the green has a kind of valley in the middle?
  11. Might have been... is nearly always away on vacation with other priorities this week but not this year... might have seen a few holes... A lot of houses on the left of the fairway on some of the last holes?
  12. The Renaissance.... What big televised tournament was latest held at that venue? I do seem to have some recollection but very vague. Not really a positive one. Is there a good flyover, a recap from an earlier tournament on YT or the similar, something to refresh ones memory?
  13. Good ol’Mickelson back. Not only his 90’s game but also his 90’s manners. Started to like the guy after the AN Jump, but well...
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