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  1. Corona situation getting really alarming over here, especially in the town where I live. More people in intensive care than ever, two of the closest neighbour families all downed with 39 C fever, so we really try to stay out of people´s ways here. Suppose the situation in UK is getting better though? No influence on golf though, except of course for the club house area. Still waiting for an opportunity to play my first round for the year.
  2. My son is an absolute Japan freak, probably starting in the Pokemon TV show days when a missed show was a total catastrophy, through reading Manga and having a general interest for Japan. He went to Korea with some friends a few years ago, that have a somewhat similar kitchen. My daughter was on one of those around the world trips, in New Zealand with Japan planned as the next stop when the Corona craze happened(Well worth a story...) but she had to come home. Both are dying to come to Japan after the restrictions have lifted. My son has even learned a good deal of Japanese. I found one of tho
  3. I have absolutely nothing against Matsuyama, but a golf tournament has to have a close race to be really interesting. The only few minutes with a nerve last day was right in the beginning after the Hideki bogey on first, and the minutes from the final pairing holing out on 15 until Schauffeles ball in the air on 16. You want that - Golden Bear having made that great run on last 9 and Greg on the fairway on 18 with a chance to win. Or in our national case, Troon 2016, Stensons spoon on 18 coming closer and closer to the bunker on the right on 18. If he reaches the bunker Phil may cat
  4. It’s baby face reduction. Did that his age too. Actually rather clever.
  5. Those little video timelines adjoining each player’s shot in the leaderboard is like the biggest leap for golf tounament following since the introduction of internet supported leaderboards. Or even since televised golf was introduced. Absolutely love it.
  6. If I would win 2022 my dinner 2023 would certainly be Scandinavian and Surströmming would of course be my response to the Haggis of Sandy. It actually tastes good.
  7. Would say they are even steven if JT wins this. Majors are huge but more wins, wgc´s and players is enough to square one less major out imho. Who do I root for among the two? Spieth as a person, JT as a player. Both some way down on the list, even the Americans list.
  8. This is a Kapok Kid problem (Catch-22) when we got the two worst finishing holes compared to the rest of the last 9 on the course in golf. Party over after 16th green. All probably because of the 9 hole switch.
  9. I really like the names on the upper part of the leaderboard, although no of the current hotshots there, and I really like the layout of the last 5-6 holes. Always enjoyed watching this tournament. Look forward to Saturday and Sunday play.
  10. No lockdowns in my home country as usual even though Intensive care is severely overloaded. Live in a University town and students from all over the world meet for ”dormitory parties” not so good, and younger people end up in hospital now with all these clones, British, Brazilian going on. Pretty sure we’ll see one bearing my home country’s name as well. Golf goes on, I suppose with the same restrictions as last year, our main course has not opened yet. Very cold mornings, not easy to sneak out early on our ”middle” course at the club. Some Crocus and Snowdrops is to b
  11. Some time since i logged in here. Seems to be all golf now in the discussions, so spring is well on its way in southern regions. Club and shaft discussions, I’ve said to myself I’m going into that rabbit hole myself once my swing is back on its mid-00’s shape. Now having this shaft or that on my golf clubs is like throwing pearls to the swines(don’t know if that proverb is international...). Anyhow, hope to get the golf clubs going, some days off from work starting thursday. Hope to find an early morning without freezing temperatures.. Also going down to Stockholm to meet my old m
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