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  1. I went in thinking I'd prefer the T200 as well. But after hitting them, I liked the T300 better. The T200 were significantly less forgiving for me at least. And I thought the T300 sounded a little better. I could play the T200 but it'd just make me work harder. I've gone back and forth between players irons and game improvement irons for several years now. I've concluded that I want as much forgiveness as I can get in a lower offset, compact head. There are more options that fit that description than ever before so I assume there are other players out there who feel the same way.
  2. I normally play high launch regular flex steel shafts like Elevate 95s, Nippon 950 or XP95s. So I assumed I'd get the AMT Red in these. But the fitter talked me into trying the Tensei Red graphite. They went a little higher and gave me more spin. Dispersion was the same as steel. I would not have considered graphite had he not suggested it. My 7 iron SS is about 78 mph and driver is around 90 mph. I'm 52 and pretty fit so I didn't think I'd look at graphite for another 10 years. It will still take a few more rounds before I know if I made the right choice. But so far, I can definitely see some benefits. In addition to the higher launch and spin, they are just easier to swing because of the lighter weight. But the swing weight is fine and you can definitely feel where the head is. After I play a few more rounds, I will go back and compare them to my steel shafted set to see what I think then.
  3. First round today with T300s coming from original PXG 0211s. The T300s are only 2 degrees stronger, but I was hitting them a full club or more longer. And they go higher and stop quicker. Really easy to hit. Extremely forgiving for such a compact head. I mishit a couple pretty bad, but lost almost no distance. Missed a couple of greens long but I'll get the distances dialed in after a few more rounds. Still hit 12 greens which is more than acceptable considering I just threw these irons straight into the bag. They don't feel as soft as the 0211s but that's to be expected. If I stay with these, I'll have to take a hybrid out and add a wedge though. I hit the pitching wedge 135 and gap wedge 125 leaving a 20 yard gap from my 54 degree sand wedge. I'll have to go 52, 56, 60. Overall, I think I'll like them. But they'll have to be good to knock the 0211s out of the bag because I really love those irons. The T300s are probably the best looking game improvement iron for low handicap players like me who don't want shovels or tons of offset. I think a lot of guys on here would score better if their ego would let them play these. So far so good.
  4. Great review. Excited to see how I like them. They will have to be good to knock my 0211s out of the bag.
  5. How do you like them so far? Still waiting on mine.
  6. I hit the T200s as well and liked them. But the T300s were more forgiving and gave me more height and spin. I would never have thought to even try the Tensei shaft if the fitter hadn't recommended it. I'm a 4 hc but moderate swing speed. Used mostly players type irons in the past but I'm putting my ego aside in order to get something with more help.
  7. That makes 2 of us! Fitter talked me into trying that shaft. I hit it well so I'm trying graphite for the first time in irons.
  8. Ordered T300 as well. We are in the minority for sure.
  9. Ordered from a Golf Exchange. Fitter said late August or September but that pre-orders get priority.
  10. I think the previous T300 had similar offset as did the AP1s in the past. As to the weighting, the previous T300 had a very low CG according to the measurements Maltby does on his site for the playability factor he assigns iron heads. With the additional tungsten in the new version, it may be even lower. I started making a list of different iron specs that I either played or was interested in a couple of years ago. Length, loft, lie, and offset. It's been really helpful in comparing irons because the standard specs for lie angle in particular varies quite a bit depending on the brand. For example, Ping irons tend to be more upright while mizuno's are flatter. Lie angle and offset are really important for me so I keep track of that when looking at irons. If you want forgiving irons with not too much offset, there aren't as many options. T300, Hot Metal Pro, PXG 0211 are relatively low offset for game improvement clubs. Technically Srixon ZX5s, P790s, and Apex 21 are classified as game improvement but they are no where near as forgiving as T300, G425, Hot metal etc. I hit the T200 and T300 today and ended up ordering T300s. Much more forgiving than the T200 for me at least. I'm a 4 hc but have moderate swing speed (high 70s with 7 iron). The extra height and spin are helpful.
  11. The new T300 has very low offset for a GI iron. Significantly less offset than the G425 or 921 Hot metal. It's actually closer to the Hot metal Pro. Only slightly more offset than the Srixon ZX5.
  12. I've found the same thing with the Pro V1X. It goes higher and spins noticibly more than any other ball I've tried. Especially with mid irons to wedges. I used to think all tour balls were pretty much the same but I'm convinced this ball is significantly better for me. I'm also a moderate speed 5 handicap in my 50s now.
  13. As a 51 year old with low back problems, I can attest that the Gankas swing would definitely hurt my back. Any swing where the body turns hard, gets open at impact, and helps to square the face hurts my back. That's not unique to Gankas though. What he teaches works very well if your are fit and free of back issues. But that's not everyone.
  14. I'm looking to add hotmelt for better sound to a G425. Ordered a kit to do it. My question is where do you access the head to insert the hotmelt? There's some sort of port in the heel. Is that it?
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