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  1. Thread took a rather musical turn. I'm here for it.
  2. Having a bunch of folks hate on your constantly has to wear on your mind a bit, certainly can affect your mood. Mental health (especially for men) has a certain stigma around it and tends to be completely ignored. Bryson could be emotionally going through the ringer. Sure having some money in the bank and a nice car helps but it's far from the end all be all of existence; being happy with the person you are and fulfilled seem to me to be most important. Cars and cash do neither of those things.
  3. I've regripped a lot of clubs for friends, built a couple for them as well. Put together a RBZ 3 wood for a friend not too long ago. I personally can't hit it very far so watching him nail the green from 265 out on a par 5 was fun to see. Currently on the workbench is my PXG driving iron that I bent to around 22*. PXG unfortunately ignored my request for .5" over standard so it came in the same length as my 5 iron. Going to have to extend it and re-grip. Probably going to do the rest of my clubs at the same time. Just swingweight'd everything last week so getting really close to having this bag set. I got a modest setup for myself, all of it is mobile/can be torn down since I live in a small apartment. Off the top of my head it consists of: 1. Suction Vice with shaft attachment for the clamp (harbor freight, cheap and works well) 2. Dremel for steel shafts 3. Economy GolfWorks saw for graphite 4. Economy GolfWorks Swingweight scale 5. Lots of tip weights/lead tape 6. Kitchen torch (Jo Chef is the best I've come across, Amazon and cheap) 7. Solvent/Grip tape 8. Stockpile of everyone's preferred grips for me and my friends 9. Blades/Hook Blades
  4. I got one of these in a regular in my 2007 burner driver..... Stiffer than anything else I've touched lol
  5. Stand by my original statement chief. Take care!
  6. Was more curious of the accuracy of one over the other, but appreciate you taking all that hard work to respond. Bet you're everyone's favorite co-worker.
  7. Does it work with the query in front? I thought the syntax was: "site:forums.golfwrx.com vokey t-grind" Genuinely asking, not being a *****
  8. Most courses in So Cal are adjusting how early you can book tee ties. 10-14 days out in a lot of cases and they still fill up absurdly fast. Better than being up at 12:01AM to snag a tee time 7 days in advance I guess EDIT: I'm in the same general area of betarhoalphadelta, definitely rough around here trying to get a time right now.
  9. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say nothing: FST makes KBS shafts. FST to my knowledge only produce 3 different shafts under the FST brand: FST, FST Pro, FST Hi-Rev (http://www.fstshafts.com/products.php) Just seems to be a misnomer by the person listing the shafts, IMO. Edited for clarity
  10. It's under the specs tab on that link. In case you're unaware, .355 is taper tip and .370 is parallel. The shaft options are listed on the specs tab as .355
  11. https://www.srixon.com/en/clubs/mens-golf-clubs/irons/zx5-irons/MZX5-EA.html .355 taper tip
  12. I ordered a blowout driving iron from them for $89 bucks. it will be exactly 1 week from order to delivery. For their non-top-of-the-line, that's impressive delivery time; their website states it could be built 10-14 days after I placed my order but instead they delivered even earlier than just the build portion of the timeline. Color me impressed.
  13. Almost always run a different manufacturer for the wedges. First it was Cleveland, then Vokey and now scratch. Never played any of the aforementioned brands iron offerings.
  14. Same could be said for Taylormade and their multiple iterations of P790 irons. I think year is going to become more popular to include when listing irons for sale because of this.
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