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  1. Cleveland 588 CM or MB would fit the bill. Can be had for a song. Didn't read any responses so apologies if it's been mentioned.
  2. Totally blown away by the putter. I'll do a more in depth review and a post in the main putter forum for my new putter day. Enjoy
  3. wow I must have gotten real lucky. Finally starting to move onto other grips now that my supply is out. Kinda crappy of golfworks to discount a bad product to move it
  4. Yeah, forgot to mention I use enamel for top lines, acrylic for the cherry bombs and whatnot (a la Scotty Cameron)
  5. This is just my personal step-by-step, largely based off of information from this site Parts needed: Pure Acetone Rubbing Alcohol Tamiya Acrylic Paint Tooth Picks Lint free rags Remove the old paint using the pure acetone. Clean the putter/areas you will fill with paint with rubbing alcohol. Let dry. Once dry, rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol into the area you're going to paint. Using the tooth picks, apply a small amount of paint into the area. The bit of alcohol will mix with the paint (note: it's a tiny amount of alcohol) and when it d
  6. Alright y'all. The putter has been milled and the neck is in the process of being welded on. I've been slammed with work so I'll give a more detailed update once I get the putter in hand. Including some pictures so you guys can get an idea of where we're heading. Made several design changes along the way, all of which Josey was more than willing to accommodate.
  7. I hit it during my fitting. I also struggle with the right sided miss. Same boat, not necessarily hitting it OB often but losing significant distance. The SFT for me wasn't a cure and ended up hitting the Sim2 Max better. It's all about what club you deliver to the ball most consistently/squarely; some would argue this has more to do with shaft than head.
  8. Dealer: Olympic Golf Fullerton Reason for wanting to win: Want to give graphite a try in my putter as I've tried them in every other club with good results. Want to see if there's something to the reduced torque thing Flex: Firm
  9. Take a look at the sticky at the top of this forum about swingweight in relation to its parts. It is amazing. That being said, you'd lose about 9 swingweight points by losing that 1.5" of playing length. You would need to add 18 grams of weight to the head. So you'd need to swap the 12 gram in from the 3 wood and even then would still need to add 8 grams. I would recommend using a rubber/tungsten tip weight if you're not a fan of lead tape
  10. Only time (to me) tour issue would be considered is if it's something impossible to buy OTR.
  11. Flow sponsorship is what we used to call it back in the good ole days.... You'd get "flowed" free gear but nothing more than that basically EDIT: someone beat me to it lol
  12. Well..... had one of my best driving days in a while including a couple well beyond 220 (with slope help and whatnot). Honestly surprised and pretty happy so far. We'll see how it continues to go.
  13. Certainly looks like a split to me and if it passes the fingernail test (which it sounds like it did) I would count rounds till it breaks. Might be worth reaching out to the vendor to see what they're willing to do for you.
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