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  1. I went to the Phoenix, AZ Kmart on the list last week when I first heard of this, but didn't see anything. I walked around a little bit, but didn't check every corner of the store. Curious if anyone else went there and found stuff.
  2. I emailed Joe at Maple Hill yesterday, and he responded back that my shafts (both Hzdrus Black) would be part of the June 26th shipment. However, lo and behold, they were at my front door today. No FedEx notification or anything. Morale of the story: Sounds like it's a crapshoot. Also, they're gosh darn beautiful.
  3. I've been using a set of MP-32's since about 2012 and have yet to kick them out. I pretty much learned on them and while many perceive there are "easier" options to hit, I would definitely recommend the MP-32's if you're looking to take the game a little more serious. Or at least that's why I originally got them (originally bought some clones and it was the worst idea ever). It's helped my ballstriking and wedge play tremendously. I've cheated on my Mizuno's by trying to make them my "backup set" and have churned and turned through many sets including: 2008 AP2's, Cobra Amp (those orange ones), Ping i15's, 714 AP2's, Nike Vapor Pro Combos, Nike Vapor Fly Pro (the blue and black), and recently the JPX-850. All were good, but just too thick for me. I couldn't get under the ball or strike it as well as my MP-32's. Plus, many of the newer ones like the 714 AP2's, Nike Vapor PC's, Fly Pro's, and JPX-850's all have juiced lofts. I like more of the traditional lofts or at least, a 7 iron to be a 7 iron and not have to think, "Okay, I'd usually use a 7 for this, but I'll the 8." I had the KBS C-Taper 120 S+ in the MP-32's since I got them, but swapped them out last year with some Nippon Modus 3 120S shafts and I don't think I've ever cheat on my Mizuno's again. Oh, and they're super soft too. If I just look at them, they get scratched.
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