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  1. I got a Cameron X5 Circle T from a friend on Tour. Can anyone tell me how much value to the putter is having a COA vs not? I live in Canada and shipping to CA and back is expensive Thanks
  2. I was given a Cameron X5 Tour issue by a friend on the Tour to help with my son's medical expenses. I need to sell it. How much can I expect to gain in value getting a COA vs not having one? I live in Canada so the shipping to CA is pretty steep Thanks for the input
  3. First up is a brand new in plastic Taylormade SLDR 10.5 Speeder 57 stiff. Includes brand new headcover and wrench. $170 $150 shipped to Canada, $190 $170 to US 2. Ping Anser driver 10.5 with TFC800 stiff. Headcover not included but can send a wrench. Normal wear mark on face no skymarks or dings of any kind. $140 $120 shipped in Canada $160 140US 3. Tour issue Adams XTD 3T 16 degree fairway with UST Axiv stiff. Includes headcover. This club go far! $75 60 Canada, $95 75US 4. Adams XTD 19 deg Hybrid with Fubuki Stiff shaft. Includes headcover. $60 50 Canada, $70 US 5. Set of
  4. I bought an SLDR w Kiyoshi for a fellow WRXer about a year and a half ago. Shaft was too much so I sold it and a pro friend of mine got me a replacement shaft. The SLDR badge started to peel off so my friend the pro got me a brand new driver on warranty. I moved on to G30 and am trying to sell the SLDR. Can't give it away!!! Been on Golfwrx and Ebay (3 times) for $180 CDN and no takers. Thanks Tmag for rotating product so fast that the old stuff is worthless.
  5. Will see a sample next week. Keep you all posted
  6. I got wind of 2 new Ping iron offerings coming. Any news out there? G30 Tour maybe?
  7. PRICE DROP!!!Great selection of clubs and a pair of BNIB Oakley Carbon shoes. Lower pricing for my Canadian friends but will ship to the U.S. Prices in Canadian dollars so very cheap for Americans (your dollar is worth $1.21 as of today) 1. Brand new Taylormade SLDR 10.5 with stock Speeder 57 stiff. Brand new headcover and tool included. $240 220CDN shipped to Canada, $260 240CDN to U.S. 2. Ping Anser Driver 10.5 degrees with TFC 800 D Anser stiff shaft. Tool included but headcover not included. In great shape with normal wear on face and sole. Couple of scratches around hosel probably
  8. Any chance you would sell the sldr shaft in the R1 separately? Long story but I need a stock shaft to send my sldr head back for warranty. Don't want to send them a good one
  9. Thanks Golfwrx for including Nepal in this contest. Canada too. To me, you guys are "The News". First thing I look at in the morning.
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