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  1. I haven’t seen an mp14 in several years but these were little! They cleaned up the transition from hosel to top line, and they look amazing!
  2. The look great! And they are small!!!!
  3. And you get the copper underlay with the wedges!!!!
  4. I haven't heard yet, but I will post if I hear anything.
  5. From what I've been told the: 221 Blade is smaller, they moved 7g of weight from the heel and toe and put it behind the sweet spot. 46* pw, 34* 7 iron. 223 is gonna be MP25 like. Supposedly all the reps loved it and someone on tour already has them in their bag? 225 is smaller and thinner than the HMB, 44* pw, 30* 7 iron STX fw's and hybrids coming in '22 T22 wedges have added a D and X grind. 10/14 launch STG Driver 10/14 launch
  6. The sales reps are at their sales meeting now! Hearing February 3rd release date for the new irons, the Mizuno Pro Script will be on the irons, and they will have the copper underlay on the new irons.
  7. From the pictures it appears to have less offset and a thinner top line. It just looks to have an overall sleeker appearance.
  8. My Mizuno rep just told me that the mp22 line won’t be out till February now…
  9. My rep is telling me this is coming in October and MP22 line in February. Anyone else hearing this?
  10. My sales rep told me this when I asked him about it the other day.
  11. Just heard that the MP22 line won't be available till February!
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