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  1. Can anyone tell me if I were to tip an iron shaft 1/2" how much would it effect stiffness?
  2. Yes, Titleist did the reshaft, and they did send me a new one. The badging was fine, but it has like a foil over it that got wrinkled up.
  3. I was just wondering if anyone here has reshafted their 21 T200's? The reason I'm asking is that I ordered a set from titleist with graphite shafts, and when I got them, the specs were wrong, so I sent them in to be reshafted and when they came back, the back of my 4 irons was all distorted. I believe it was from them heating up the head and insert got distorted, they have since replaced it but I want to reshaft them with steel shafts and don't want to mess them up! Any help/info is greatly appreciated!
  4. Fitting heads are supposed to be in shops in December.
  5. I got mine on Sunday! This thing is a low spin rocket! I played 9 holes with it Sunday afternoon and there was about a one club wind in my face, and I hit the longest drive I've ever hit on this one particular hole at my club. Mishits were not near as punishing as I'd thought they'd be! I can't wait to get this thing completely dialed in!
  6. There is a flow neck high toe blade (Scotty California series type putter), another Anser 2 style in both righty and lefty, and a double bend mallet coming in the new putters. They are supposed to be heavy heads!
  7. Yes there will be an Anser 2 style lefty putter!
  8. I haven’t seen an mp14 in several years but these were little! They cleaned up the transition from hosel to top line, and they look amazing!
  9. The look great! And they are small!!!!
  10. And you get the copper underlay with the wedges!!!!
  11. Mine will be here tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I haven't heard yet, but I will post if I hear anything.
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