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  1. 1. Vestavia or Hoover CC 2. Birmingham, AL 5. 4 4. Cally Mavrik SZ 9* -1 HZRDUS Smoke Green 70 6.5 5. Yes 6. TSi3 7. Absolutely
  2. Mizuno T20 Raw Wedge Set 50*, 54* 58* with Dynamic Gold 120 X100 extra stiff flex shafts and golf pride tour velvet grips - logo down, standard wrap. all stock loft lie and length. Lightly used in excellent/near mint condition. Price: $old not interested in trades
  3. haha. then maybe it'll just be that the 0211's will be the lower cost offering and 0311's are the premium line. forged and cast irons under the 0211 line and milled irons under the 0311 line maybe?
  4. I wouldn't think anything in the 0211 line would be forged since the original 0211's were cast. I assume they would keep the 0211 line all cast and the 0311's as the forged line. Maybe it stands for "Forgiving Blade" or "Fast Blade".
  5. Mizuno JPX 921 Tour 4-PW with KBS $ Taper 130 X Flex Black PVD Shafts and MCC+4 Grey Grips. All Stock/Standard Loft, Lie, Length. Absolutely MINT, Like New Condition. Only a few of these irons have even been hit. Price: $sold
  6. anyone removed the paintfill on the 921 Tour's from the cavity yet? mine should be here end of week and thinking about taking the paint out of at least the mizuno logo.
  7. bump... @TrueTemper any updates on the RDX Black and Blue? Smoke Black line has been the best feeling and most consistent shaft I've ever gamed. RDX Blue has my interest!!!
  8. The good news of this launch is that it may be the first step to potentially bringing a similar putter to retail in the next year or so. It seems like a version of all the "Inspired By" and "Limited" offerings Scotty produces turn into a production model at some point. It may be that he uses these limited runs with the higher price tags to offset the setup/ R&D to test the viability of a mass producing a new style putter
  9. Rogue White 130 MSI and Tensei AV Raw Orange (non TX) as stock shafts is pretty solid.
  10. Mizuno JPX 919 Tour Iron Set 4-PW with Dynamic Gold 120 X100 Shafts and MCC+4 Blue Grips. All Stock/ Standard Loft, Lie, Length. Price: $SOLD Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw Orange 65 X Driver Shaft with Tour Callaway Red Line Flat Adapter and MCC+4 Orange Grip. Plays 45" installed. Excellent Condition Price: $200
  11. MINT Condition 2020 Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70X Driver Shaft and 80X Fairway Shaft with Taylormade Adapters. Driver Shaft 44" with grip installed, fairway shaft 42.25" with grip installed.. Both shaft tipped extra 1/2" to Aldila tipping guide. Price: SOLD MINT/ LIKE NEW Project X Small Batch HZRDUS Green "HULK" 70g 6.5TX Ion Painted shafts with Callaway Tip & MCC Align Callaway Grip Included. Pured, No Tipping, plays 45.5" installed. Price: SOLD
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