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  1. It's this years HZRDUS T800 vs HZRDUS T1100 play from Cally a few years back
  2. Gotta believe these will be coming to retail. Way to many production model-esque designs floating around tour right now for these not to be in the final R&D phase for retail release.
  3. Performed better all around. Launch was higher with lower spin, sound and feel were better IMO, flight & dispersion were better/more consistent, and it was carrying about 5 yards farther. stock HZRDUS RDX Black 60g 6.5X. Tested both 60g and 70g and settled on 60 - launch/spin were similar but SS was a touch higher with the lighter weight.
  4. Gotta admit, i walked into PGA Superstore today to demo and pre-order an Epic Speed or TM SIM2 and walked out with a Titleist TSi3 in hand. Was absolutely blown away by how good it was!!!
  5. Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 9* w/ Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 60 6.5 X Flex Shaft and MCC+4 Grip. Stock length. Brand New Headcover and Tool Included. Price: $old
  6. demoed the stock Cally Mid Spin one last week. Definitely doesn't belong in the Smoke Green family IMO. The torque is very high on the 60X at 3.7. Does have a much smoother feel than than Smoke green but didn't really feel loose. Spin numbers were pretty low for a mid spin shaft.. maybe 300-400 higher than my Smoke Green 60X. Would love to get my hands on the Low Spin version but not going to be paying aftermarket money for this line. This shaft will fit a wide variety of golfers as a good performing and feeling stock option.
  7. Talked to my buddy that's on staff with TM. He called Trottie and got the scoop for me... They're going offer every insert currently available across all lines at no additional charge. So, there you go. Straight from the horses mouth
  8. Hydro Blast just looks (and sounds) like bead blasted stainless - probly not a paint color - similar to older "platinum" spiders i would guess
  9. Posted on @TaylorMade Golf Instagram yesterday with Trottie's WITB for Wolff
  10. per today's Cally release, looks like it will be a stock shaft in the Epic Max/Speed. I'm sure there will be some TX offerings out of the line but appears to be a stock shaft first and foremost. If it's anything like the stock RDX shafts it may lack that high-end, tour caliber feel that I thought the previous HZRDUS lines delivered.
  11. interesting. I wonder if this is what they will be offering stock in the Epic Speed line from Cally so it's just been added to the PX site.
  12. When will demo's hit US retail stores? also, any word on Launch Date yet?
  13. Very solid irons. I had the CB/MB combo set for a season when they came out. I bought them mainly cause the MB's were the best feeling iron I'd ever hit at the time. Also pretty forgiving considering they very definitely "blades". I don't remember the CB's in the set being anything special but the set as a whole was very nice; everything blended nicely so the feel must have been just as good as the MB's...
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