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  1. Cobra King F9 Tour 3 & 5 Wood fairway set Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g 6.5 X Flex Shafts And Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 grips. Includes stock headcovers. Clubs are in very good used condition with only a handful of rounds played. Price:$old
  2. if I'm remembering correctly from the lineup, the T200 looked a lot like the current t200's with the cavity and little sweet spot thing. The T100, T100s, and the new the Driving Iron all looked very similar to each other. They somewhat resemble the current U500/U510 but more refined.
  3. Saw pics of the full line from a Titleist insider over the weekend . SOOOOOO CLEAN! He mentioned we should see the marketing release with photos in approximately 2 weeks with club pros starting to receive orders end of July. May be closer than everyone thinks.
  4. IMO, the MMC has long been the best iron in the MP releases. You get the shape of a blade but a much more "powerful feel" than a one piece forged MB or CB/SC. I agree the SC didn't fit in the MP 20 release... I'd love to see them introduce a progressive set rather than CB/SC in the MP22 line similar to the older Taylormade P760 irons and leave the MB and MMC as the bladier options.
  5. Taylormade SIM2 9* Driver with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 60g 6.5 X Flex Shaft and Tour Velvet +4 Grip. 45.5" playing length, adapter installed in with shaft graphics aligned 1 tick towards higher. Mint Condition. Price: $sold
  6. Titleist TSi3 9* Driver with Fujikura Ventus Black Velocore 6X Shaft and Tour Velvet 360 Grip. Price: $SOLD
  7. It's this years HZRDUS T800 vs HZRDUS T1100 play from Cally a few years back
  8. Gotta believe these will be coming to retail. Way to many production model-esque designs floating around tour right now for these not to be in the final R&D phase for retail release.
  9. Performed better all around. Launch was higher with lower spin, sound and feel were better IMO, flight & dispersion were better/more consistent, and it was carrying about 5 yards farther. stock HZRDUS RDX Black 60g 6.5X. Tested both 60g and 70g and settled on 60 - launch/spin were similar but SS was a touch higher with the lighter weight.
  10. Gotta admit, i walked into PGA Superstore today to demo and pre-order an Epic Speed or TM SIM2 and walked out with a Titleist TSi3 in hand. Was absolutely blown away by how good it was!!!
  11. Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 9* w/ Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 60 6.5 X Flex Shaft and MCC+4 Grip. Stock length. Brand New Headcover and Tool Included. Price: $old
  12. demoed the stock Cally Mid Spin one last week. Definitely doesn't belong in the Smoke Green family IMO. The torque is very high on the 60X at 3.7. Does have a much smoother feel than than Smoke green but didn't really feel loose. Spin numbers were pretty low for a mid spin shaft.. maybe 300-400 higher than my Smoke Green 60X. Would love to get my hands on the Low Spin version but not going to be paying aftermarket money for this line. This shaft will fit a wide variety of golfers as a good performing and feeling stock option.
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