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  1. Wouldn’t make sense for me to pull them at the price I’d assume you want
  2. can split wedges and irons but not looking to split the the individual wedges from the set
  3. -Mizuno JPX 919 Tour 4-PW Iron Set with Dynamic Gold 120 X100 shafts and MCC+4 Blue Grips. All Stock Length, Lie, Loft, SW. Used in Good Condition. Price: sold -Mizuno JPX 919 Forged 4 Iron Dynamic GOld 120 X100 Shaft and MCC+4 Blu Grip. Stock Length, Lie, Loft, SW. Used in Excellent Condition. Price: sold
  4. Perfect. It does feel a touch light through the mid-downswing through impact.... loosing a little awareness of club face.
  5. thanks. i was thinking +6 grams at least. Guess I just need to get it on a scale.
  6. curious is anyone new how many swingweight point the Smoke Yellow takes off driver with the counterbalance. Which Titleist weight do I need to get back to Titleist standard SW with non-counterbalance shafts?
  7. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 70g 6.5 X Flex Shaft w/ Callaway Opti Fit Adapter. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Grip. Played Stock Length 45.5" installed in MAVRIK SUB Zero Head. PERFECT CONDITION/ LIKE NEW Price: $OLD
  8. Mint Condition Taylormade SIM 10.5* Driver Head Only. Includes Headcover, OEM Adapter and Ferrule, Z Grip, and Tool. Played one round in perfect condition. Price: $old
  9. a "players" hollow body offering would be great. Traditional lofts with a little less cavity & speedfoam to keep those jumpers in check
  10. Question: How would you like for me to send you my address for demo's so I can start the official "Diamana TB Member Test Thread"?
  11. TaylorMade SIM Ti 15* 3 wood with choice of 70g or 80g PROJECT X HZRDUS SMOKE BLACK 6.5 X shaft. Includes tool and headcover. Price: $sold
  12. 3rd that... the smaller truss and more heel shafted/necked style looks more playable. Maybe we'll see TRUSS 2.0 in this shape and with the Spider X insert instead of the aluminum insert
  13. he has since provided proof of authenticity via order confirmation from Taylormade. Possible they could still be fakes, sure, but I'm gonna give the benefit of the doubt with the new info. What concerns me now is that Taylormade has some noticeable quality control issues they need to discuss with their manufacturing facilities!!! i'm going to see if they will replace my head
  14. ... considering DJ is 6'4" with a 45.75" it's not excessive when you look at RORY at 5'9" with 45.5" driver
  15. link? pic? looked like the TB1 to me.
  16. I talked to TM customer service and they stated that there were no major changes in their production facilities recently... AND... that even if they did changes facilities all components still would be coming from the same/original component manufacturers. Since they don't track serial numbers on the customer/ selling side there was no way to authenticate via phone. working through the issue with the guy i purchased from it sounds like he may be selling a lot of heads as he needs me to keep reminding him which model/ shaft/ loft combo i purchased... another red flag
  17. thanks. i have looked and my concerns seem to exactly matching some of the other photos. purchased from Tyler Newton on facebook marketplace if anyone has experience with this seller please advise
  18. I've just started a post about possibly having a fake head as well that was purchased on Facebook Marketplace. The differences in my head and a brand new head I just purchased to compare them are the exact same differences that have been noted in this thread. I noticed upon receiving mine that the "fit and finish" weren't typical of TM quality. the large gap between the carbon and chalk painted area filled with black paint and a weird bevel to the edge of the face as it transitions to the sides and bottom were the most notable differences. Also have the serial numbers that aren't same size and font, the text decals aren't the same color/sheen, a lot of small pinholes in the sole that look like poor quality metal finishing, bad/ not sharp paint lines, shorter painted area at hosel, etc.
  19. Purchased a NEW Sim Driver on Facebook Marketplace Golf Club Traders. It looked legit, minus some pretty poor paint lines and small imperfections in the finish, until i put it next to a couple of the demo drivers at my club. Now noticing A LOT of minor differences and wondering if it make be a knock off. i can post some comparison pics if needed, but mainly just curious if any fakes have been seen on the market yet. i can only find SIM MAX fakes. Thanks,
  20. till release or info coming out? current iron discounts expected on the site soon?
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