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  1. Red and green balls are my favourites. Love the Vice Pro in those colours. Thought I'd see if there was a cheaper route available and got some red and green Wilson Staff Duo Optics. They feel nice but the durability seems very poor and they do not spin at all, noticeably less than most other non urethane balls I've played.
  2. U85's perform so well, I bought the 5 and 6 irons after a couple of rounds with the 4 iron. Fantastic clubs.
  3. Happiness is a 4 iron. When I'm daydreaming about golf courses being open again and actually being allowed to play golf again, I tend to imagine all the shots I like to hit with my 4 iron. I never think about wedge shots, or fairway woods or drivers, just my 4 iron. And let's not get me started on which for iron... my set one or my U85... Am I some kind of 4 iron pervert?
  4. I think the majority of people don't buy a new driver every year. The sales figures just reflect how many people wanted that particular driver - they may have had their old driver 2,3,4 or even 20 years before they bought the current years model. At the courses I play regularly, it's very rare to see the latest releases in anyone's bag. It's not like there was a year zero in which we all started with the same driver, so people's upgrading habits can't really be measured in any meaningful way. In my experience, the new driver every year gang are a very small minority of golfers.
  5. I play Srixon U85 in 4,5&6 irons and John Letters MM Proto in 7 to PW. Works for me
  6. I like my clubs to look beat up. My wedges are raw, the black finish has all but gone on my irons, my hybrid has paint chips all over it and my driver has a lovely gouge in the paint just off centre of the crown running from the face to the rear where it slid down the rail it was leaning on at the driving range. Miraculously, my 3 wood has yet to incur any meaningful damage. I think it adds character.
  7. Crossfield has a review up
  8. I'd be all over those if they came out now. Never had any Nike clubs when they were actually making them, but I do own three engage wedges and two VR Pro wedges. It'll be a sad day when they've all hit their last balls. I miss the RZN Black in yellow too, my favourite ball ever.
  9. Srixon woods/hybrids are amazing. I own an f45, h45, f65, h65 and z565 driver. Love them all. Only woods/hybrids I ever loved more are Adams.
  10. Sorry, I went for Modus 105's in mine so I have no experience with the Recoils. I ordered mine standard length and I don't think I've even noticed any extra length against the irons from my set that they replaced. That's just me though, I'm not very sensitive to shaft differences when I'm playing unless the differences are huge.
  11. U85's are very good clubs, I started with the 4 iron and then got the 5 and 6 too. They are a little chunky behind the ball, but when I'm actually on the course playing, I don't notice it at all. The only thing of note I've found is that when I hit them with my regular low on the face miss, they are forgiving enough, but when you middle them they turn into a completely different animal. A descending strike is a must with these clubs. Edit to add they gap perfectly for me at their standard loft and length from my 33 degree 7 iron.
  12. The Sim2 fairways look like the Adams Speedline LS to me.
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