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  1. Out of curiosity did you have an aftermarket shaft or grip in your oder that is adding to it or is that just across the board? Since I'm in the 4th week of my order where my only customizations are length, lie angle, and loft. I did ask for an upgraded grip but I think my shop was going to ask for stock non arccos grips in the box and put the ones I want on for me in the shop. I'm guessing I'll probably fall into the 5-6 week window now too after being quoted 4 weeks originally.
  2. I think it depends on exactly what you ordered.
  3. Well, that is exactly why global supply chains are having issues across the board in every industry, not just golf equipment. It suks but it is what it is. it isn't Ping's fault and it isn't bad customer service. It's just the truth.
  4. 3 weeks into a quoted 4 week timeframe for a LH set of Alta shaft Power Spec irons. Here is to hoping they are still on schedule.
  5. I’m also a lefty fighting a bit of the hooks. I’m currently playing the G425 MAX in the neutral flat setting that get a nice draw or straight shot when well struck. I’m going to experiment with going to the flat -1 setting to see what it does. It actually looks neutral at address to me in the -1 setting and I want to see if there is a noticeable difference in ball flight.
  6. I don't think they run big. I think they run normal since many Nike golf shoes are narrow. If you think the narrow shoes are fine for your feet, then you may think these run big.
  7. Already have the whites. Just picked up a pair of blue. I like them a lot. Decided to pass on the black for now since I just bought a pair of black Adidas CodeChaos so I don't need the black ones.
  8. Very similar to the same specs I have on order (blue dot versus green) and was quoted 4 weeks 2 weeks ago. Hopefully things are running smoothly on their end with their own products.
  9. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person who felt the head weight was light. Maybe I'd be willing to give it another shot. I just didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for weights to experiment. What is the head weight of the 5.5 before you add the weights?
  10. According to various WITB I've seen, Nelly and Jessica Korda play T100 irons Austin Ernst plays PXG 0311 P 5i, 0311 T 6i and 0211 ST 7-9 Lexi Thompson plays King Forged prototypes Georgia Hall plays Callaway X Forged. I don't see them playing CB clubs just because they are women who hit shorter than the men on the PGA. Many of them still seem to prefer forged heads They just seem to play what works for them. They do plays lighter shafts though. That is probably the biggest difference.
  11. If this was in reference to my post, the ER5 actually has 25* of toe hang. the Scotty 5.5 is described as "Near Minimum Toe Flow." I'm going to guess they are pretty similar even though they have different necks. I just like the weight feel of the EZR5 more with the Gravity grip after getting to try the 5.5 in a store.
  12. I'm going to guess it is partly based on who you ordered through. I preordered a 5.5 and once the release happened I was told it would be late April before it shipped. I order it stock 34" in LH. Golf Galaxy in my town literally has 2 of them sitting on their racks in the same specs I pre-ordered. Bigger retailers seem to have gotten priority. I asked to have my pre-order canceled. I'm more than likely going to buy a different putter if I buy one at all since I now think the 5.5 isn't a good fit for me after doing a demo on one of the stock models off the rack. Maybe an Evnroll ER
  13. Yeah. it is what it is. I'm glad I got an opportunity to demo it before deciding to cancel my order. I originally ordered on blind faith that I would like it but the weight balance just doesn't suit me.
  14. I canceled my pre-order for the 5.5. I wasn't going to wait until late April for a stock club but I also found the exact same model during lunch in a local Golf Galaxy so I was able to demo it for a bit. I don't know that I like it as much as I thought I would. No point in letting another company hold my money for another 30 days if I'm not committed to this being the right thing for me.
  15. i was just quoted as April 28 on my pre-order of a LH 34" 5.5 to ship. I didn't ask for any customizations so this is for a completely stock club.
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