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  1. The blue and gold of the euros are also my college colors. I would enjoy those quite a bit in the 270.
  2. I think they do look better than most Victory Tours I've seen but the commenter below is correct. They do look like bowling shoes.
  3. They could be navy. It's hard to tell. The white versions just look so much cleaner on these. There were a couple of black ones from the PGA championship I thought looked better.
  4. Davis Thompson seems to be wearing the black version of the Victory Tour they gave players today and they look hideous. The white versions of all of these Winged Foot shoes look so much better.
  5. Looks like you got them before they sold out. I couldn't even select a size to attempt to checkout after I saw my notice.
  6. I was in the shower. Missed the notification by 5 minutes and the only thing left were size 7.
  7. Cobra generally is among the first to release drivers. The Speedzone came out in January and was announced in mid November. I'm assuming they will follow a similar time line. Drop the price and try to move some inventory for a couple of months before announcing a new product seems normal.
  8. I guess I missed it this morning. I was interested in the Jordan 5 mostly anyway but it looks like they aren't coming until the 18th.
  9. Nike's Korean website also has some red and black ZIT that appear to be a Canadian release. They are also being sold on the Nike Canada website.
  10. I have a 10.5 G400 Max 10.5* and I just switched to a G410 9* that I got out on the course for the first time yesterday. I ordered it with the even flow black 75 5.5 but I also had a local shop build for me an even flow black 65 5.5 that I picked up on eBay. I spent time on the course yesterday trying a few different combinations. All worked better than my G400 Max but I ended up with the g410 in the even flow black 65 turned up 1* to 10 to tweak my ball flight a bit. It was much better than my G400 Max. If you hit up on the ball like I do a 9* head will make a world of difference.
  11. I'm not sure why they would sell a USA shoe only on a South Korean website. https://www.nike.com/kr/ko_kr/t/adult-unisex/fw/golf/CT0601-110/zetf80/air-zoom-infinity-tour-nrg Either way, maybe they were holding them for a Ryder Cup release but why not release them anyway considering the Ryder Cup is a full year away if that was true.
  12. Or possibly just a South Korea only release since they are coming from Korea. Their flag has the same colors.
  13. It's not a suede material. Canvas is probably the best description since it looks similar to the tie dye Roshe G Tour I have. It isn't leather but it is a pretty sturdy canvas material. It has the feel of something like a Chuck Taylor All Star but a bit thicker and sturdier. EDIT: MY bad. The lower portion of the shoe could be suede on the higher quality photos. it's sort of hard to tell.
  14. I wouldn't expect it. The Speeder V was an option for the G410 in Japan but not here. We'll probably see the same shaft options as Australia. Australia has the Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI instead.
  15. Thanks, I just ordered a pair of gray and white ones on eBay. I didn't see any for sale with the black jumpman so I guess i'll have to make due. i guess a lot of colors would have worked since they are tie dye.
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