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  1. That sounds closer to normal. I ordered my PING Glide 3.0 wedges with recoil shafts right after they were released and they were 4 weeks back then.
  2. Good info to know. I was considering adding a 4i to add to my 5-GW set. I assumed it was still 6-8 weeks for a single iron.
  3. It depends on what is ordered. It isn't solely a product supply problem but it is part of the problem. Limited work capacity, limited supply of some components and a limited work force has been combined with the insane growth in popularity of golf due to the amount of people who started or came back to the game last year.
  4. Got my irons today. Ordered 3/20. Arrived 65 days later. Of course I picked up the iron yips in my round on Saturday that I'm working through but so far so good on the last 1/2 of my bucket today. They still fly high even though I did power spec lofts and they do appear longer than my G700 by a little bit.
  5. My irons finally shipped. Now I just have to wait almost a week for them because they seem to use carrier pigeons to deliver them from AZ to OH.
  6. Really similar to me and I was told they were actually having a shortage on the Alta shafts (mine is R flex blue dot + 1/2") but had everything else in stock. I was given 4 weeks originally, then another 3 was added. When that 3 was up I reached out again for the status update to be told it was the Alta shaft but deliveries were due that day and over the coming days. I checked back a week later this past Friday and was told from the store's B2B site that my status was 'in production' so really hope that means mine will arrive by this weekend. If that is the case I'm at 9 weeks on a LH power spec set.
  7. Going on 9 weeks now for Alta stock graphite irons and I finally got word they are in production. Hopefully by this time next week they are in my hands.
  8. Ping head weights all seem very similar. I’d guess a swingweight issue. Regardless, I really like my G700 but they launch too high with the Recoil 780 shafts. I’m patiently waiting for my G425 Power Spec to arrive with the Alta shaft.
  9. As a lefty I never see graphite wedges off the rack but I play Recoils 780 in my Glide 3.0 that match my current irons. I have played the Rotex shafts in Clevelands before. I believe they are actually made by UST.
  10. I have the Glide 3.0 in 54 and 58 Eye 2 in the same specs as my irons right now. I'm waiting on my G425 irons to ship so I'm curious to see how they blend from the UW to the 54. I'm probably about 50/50 with my UW on chipping and full shots. The face is really hot and noticeably different chipping with my G700 UW. If the UW for the G425 is even remotely closer with the same groove I think between the UW and SW is a good breaking point if you choose to go with the Glide. I'm guessing shaft comes into play with using set wedges or the Glide as well. I had my Glide 3.0 done with the same shafts (Recoil 780) as my G700. They will be different as I'm getting the stock Alta in my G425. I could look at changing wedges in the future but not with the wait times we are experiencing now.
  11. And latest update. they are now running low on the stock Alta graphite iron shafts but have scheduled deliveries arriving today and again early next week. My irons should hopefully ship by this time next week.
  12. I'm still waiting on my LH Power Spec with Alta shaft irons. Submitted to Ping on 3/22, I was originally quoted 4 weeks. Got extended to somewhere between May 1-7. Since today is the 7th I'll call the shop later and ask for an update.
  13. I have this headcover. I bought it online several years ago. I don't remember where. I've never seen it online since.
  14. Since I decided to give the 5.5 another try I found a LH stock model online over the weekend and it arrived today. I rolled it right along next to my current EXO Seven S model and I came away impressed. I canceled my original preorder after getting to roll one at GG on release day and I didn't really like it then but with orders rolling into July for these right now I decided to take advantage when I saw it online. The neck and toe hang are very similar to my EXO Seven. The 5.5 seems to have a slight bit more toe hang. I may still switch out the grip on it to a Matador or maybe even a SuperStroke but I'm liking what I saw today rolling it on my crappy putting mat in my house. The Pistolero Plus grip fit in my hand tonight better than I thought it would. Not sure I like the grip long term but I'll give it a chance.
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