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  1. Rolled it a few times. I’m a plumbers neck or short slant guy at heart. Hoping to put it toward a CT 11.5 mallet
  2. Time for some spring cleaning! Prices Shipped. Pics coming shortly via mobile. Only trade considered would be for an H20 Holiday Cameron. Won’t be offended by offers until I am. Scotty Cameron Gold Dancing Crowns Hybrid Cover - Gold with Tiffany and Black crowns - $120 OBO Taylormade M1 Hybrid Rescue - 3/19* head in fair gamed condition. Project X HZRDUS Smoke small batch hulk shaft in stiff. Includes Titleist headcover. Not really sure how to value this because most of the value is in the shaft. Paid 300 just for the shaft. - $225 OBO
  3. Any tips or tricks? Just got a a killer deal on a gently used pair of dry joy Tours and would like to see how new I make them look. I’ve tried toothpaste in the past but was curious of anyone had any tricks. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks @VNutz! Update: Since I posted this I found out that it was brought in as part of a collection owned by a person who is the owner of a certain major hosting golf course in Wisconsin and has a house down here on Kiawah that was being prepared for sale. He also had a near mint JAT and a face balanced squareback tour prototype that he had not put out yet because he was still assessing their values. It was at this point I decided it had to be legit and pulled the trigger. Now to figure out what I’m going to do with it before my wife kills me.
  5. So apparently the guy who owns a golf large management company just dropped a bunch of stuff off at my local sports consignment store. This was among them: Real or no real?
  6. I keep mine generally clean after each shot but they will rust over time. I will hit them with some barkeeps friend or some naval jelly every few months and start the fun all over again
  7. Friend just bought this online from Asia and asked me if I thought if it was real. I am not as familiar with Titleist stuff so I thought I could ask for help here. Thanks for any help!
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