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  1. If we are just talking irons I would say srixon and Wilson are at the top of my list.
  2. I might experiment with this as well. I really hope CPO has a good deal on the super hybrid for Black Friday and I’ll pick up a strong 3 wood just for off the tee. Probably wouldn’t use it much but might be nice to have every now and then
  3. I’ve been wanting to try the Callaway super hybrid. What is your 3 hybrid?
  4. I’ve been experimenting with an old xhot 4 wood but it just hasn’t been working out. Maybe I just need to practice more with a 3 wood. I just never use one because I’m just as likely to miss the fairway with a wood as I am my driver and I rarely need a 3 wood from the fairway.
  5. I would love to carry a fairway wood to help me reach long par 5s but it just hasn’t worked out for me. I carry driver then u510 2 iron. I rarely need a fairway wood and when I do I usually end up with a penalty or just not hitting a good shot. My misses with the 2 iron keep me in play I just don’t get quite the distance out of the fairway I need. Anyone else have this problem and if so what do you do?
  6. If you can I find the matching set gap wedge I highly recommend trying it. It is my favorite club now.
  7. First swing out of the car yesterday slightly downhill and downwind 270 with the u510 2 iron. Usually only goes about 240
  8. Awesome man congrats! I bogeyed 18 to shoot 1 over a couple years ago and haven’t really been close since.
  9. I would have to say my u510 2 iron. It is a fairway finder.
  10. I would love to have some kind of setup to keep practicing over the winter without spending thousands of dollars. I just don’t know if that’s possible since I want to be able to see simulated ball flight as well
  11. I had a TaylorMade Daytona Kia ma I think I paid around $200 for. Now just have a $100 odyssey putter. That’s the one club in my bag I need to invest more time and money in
  12. I have srixon 545’s. I don’t seem to have problem with distance control or jumpers. I’ve always wondered why you wouldn’t just play a club that offers a little more forgiveness unless you hit the center of club every time
  13. I currently carry driver and u510 2 iron then 4 hybrid. Definitely need to find something to fill that gap. Thinking about trying the Callaway super hybrid it’s just so expensive
  14. Callaway Mavrik with tour ad xc 7x. I’ve always played Callaway drivers. Hit this one awful when I first got it. Even listed it for sale. Seem to have found something with it last couple of rounds though so I’m keeping it for now
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