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  1. In the past I would slice/fade nearly every club, but now I'm hitting really well with drivers, woods, and hybrids and they're going straight or slightly left. But the thing is im hitting slices or fades on my irons, even my wedges and I have no idea why. Can anyone help me?
  2. [quote name='TLUBulldogGolf' timestamp='1438096712' post='12034460'] I only ask because the slice is more than likely happening because the clubface is already open at impact, no swinging action through impact is going to cause the type of slice you are describing, and toe hits, which would cause the face to swing like you describe, would impart draw spin if anything from the gear effect. [/quote] Okay.... can the clubs be the problem?? I never changed my clubs for nearly 2 years except the driver which I have been using for about a year. I never thought of changing clubs or anything because I believed that if I had the ability I would be able to hit well with any clubs. Not sure if I'm right though.
  3. [quote name='TLUBulldogGolf' timestamp='1438095172' post='12034246'] Are you sure you are hitting the sweetspot? Some people really can't tell, have you verified impact with something visual? Not trying to talk down or anything just curious, because the clubface should not be swinging open through impact like you are describing on a solid strike. [/quote] Some of them aren't clean, but those that hit the sweetspot still results in an open clubface. The balls I hit leave a slight mark on the clubface, and they happen to be in the sweet spot.
  4. [quote name='dblinden' timestamp='1438093086' post='12033988'] What happens when you try placing the ball more forward at address (at the toe of your left foot) instead of farther back as in the video? Dennis L [/quote] Sometimes I get hooks/draws, but it doesn't really help. The driver/4 iron slices as usual. Maybe to a lesser degree though. Is there anything wrong with my swing? I seriously don't know what to do anymore.
  5. Sorry it took long to upload the swing videos. I have a total of 6 videos, 3 front views and 3 side views. All three swing were a result of me trying to end the slice, but I don't know how it looks like in other people's eyes. Front : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNHtPWvlCkQ Side : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHkpTAoRsfQ Front : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6HKqbf3pW0 Side : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o4JDdtUnr4 Front : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEa-dZwXBcI Side : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJPwF23GUpg
  6. [quote name='ksgolfcoach' timestamp='1438086688' post='12033284'] If your club face is turning over like that at impact it's because you're hitting it off the toe and the club is twisting in your hands. And if you've been a slicer you're whole life your path is too much to the left. Post a video and you'll get a lot more specific help but until you change your path you'll always battle a slice [/quote] I've made several swing changes to try to hit straight, draw, but never worked (up to the point where I forgot how to swing the club). I have several swing videos and they all seem pretty different to me, but the common thing is they never fixed the slice. Tried this and that, but never worked
  7. [quote name='mizunostaffer' timestamp='1438086477' post='12033266'] Toe contact? [/quote] Happens even when I hit the center. I sometimes feel like I hit the sweetspot and it's going to go really well and then the clubface flips open and Bam, A big slice.
  8. This doesn't ALWAYS happen, but it happens quite often to me, and I get a big slice with my long irons - driver. Sometimes even with my short irons. How do you fix this? I mean I tried this "close the club face faster at impact" or "roll your arms/hands faster" etc but it doesn't always seem to help. The funny thing is that I can feel the club face "flip" open. Its not like I slice with the club face slightly open at impact. It's more like the club face flips open a lot at/after impact and I just feel totally powerless about it. And for some reason, I always have been a slicer in my entire golf life. I literally tried Everything to draw or hit the ball straight consistently, but it never seems to work. All the drills or equipments that is supposed to help with the slice barely seems to help. Swing coaches are helpless too, they can't seem to know what the problem is, other than "your club face is open at impact". P.S I don't come over the top. I even tried hitting tee shots with my driver head closed, and yet some of my tee shots still resulted in a slice.
  9. [quote name='TB07' timestamp='1433765101' post='11709922'] [quote name='twozerosixa' timestamp='1433759650' post='11709698'] [quote name='TB07' timestamp='1433683293' post='11705052'] Can't slice it when path is inside. You can push slice it but not a true slice. Path and face determine the start line and curve of the golf ball. OTT has more to do with pieces in the swing motion BEFORE path occurs. You can be OTT and still have an inside path. [/quote] Ok I don't quite understand what your saying xD [/quote] Might be easier if you first define what OTT is. What are you over the top of? Usually it's the club in the backswing. It's certianly not path at impact. [/quote] [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQEdf5KMyzM"]https://www.youtube....h?v=eQEdf5KMyzM[/url] For me, Morgan Pressel's swing would be considered an OTT. Not sure if it actually is, but from what I was taught, this is an OTT. The thing is my friend has a similar swing like Morgan, yet he barely slices the ball. I slice/fade all the time when I don't come out from the top. It's just so confusing when the first thing you are told if you have a slice is to fix "OTT". P.S does downswing to the inside cause a slice as well? Cause that's me xD
  10. [quote name='TB07' timestamp='1433683293' post='11705052'] Can't slice it when path is inside. You can push slice it but not a true slice. Path and face determine the start line and curve of the golf ball. OTT has more to do with pieces in the swing motion BEFORE path occurs. You can be OTT and still have an inside path. [/quote] Ok I don't quite understand what your saying xD
  11. From what I know, and from what I always hear and see in videos or from other people, coming over the top results in a slice. But recently, I saw videos saying that coming from the "inside" aka getting stuck results in a slice, or a big hook when the wrists are used. This got me a bit confused because my former coach would always ALWAYS enforce the importance of coming from the inside on the downswing and not coming over the top. The funny thing is, I have a friend who comes over the top yet always draws/hits the ball straight, and I always fade or slice when I downswing on the inside. This got me thinking that I was coming too much from the inside. I tried to downswing not to the inside or the outside, but just the same plane I came up during the backswing, and I think it is helping me. The funny thing is, both coming over the top and getting stuck results in a slice/hook, and yet pga tour players are capable of hitting it both ways. What are you supposed to do? I'm so confused.
  12. Does anyone have any idea why I slice the ball so much? I always/nearly always slice my 7-4 iron + my hybrid and my driver. And shots with 50-120 yards don't slice, but they go to the right of my intended target. I've tried everything I could to fix it, but it never works. I barely make it to the green in regulation because my shots are always so unpredictable.
  13. [quote name='Forged4ever' timestamp='1430497233' post='11480005'] The other thing to remember Austin, from a "technical" swing standpoint, is that you could have 3 top Pros/Teachers, all with stellar resumes, a Player stable like a Kentucky thoroughbred farm and great swing/Teaching philosophies, and all three could look at that video, see something different and give you three different "diagnosis's" along with three different plans of "action." Just because someone is a Player, that does not make them a Teacher, and that video is one "snap shot," on one day with one swing and from one angle and before I'd start messing with my swing, especially THAT swing, I'd want a more detailed interaction with the individual than what has taken place, or could take place in this thread. Online or "distance Teaching," or whatever the hell it's called, may be fine for you, however I wouldn't base it off of a public thread, lol. Stay well my Friend & when I get out of the hospital, the club & doughnuts will be comin your way Fairways & Greens, Richard [/quote] Thank you. Stay well and don't be sick.
  14. [quote name='Idris789' timestamp='1430354806' post='11469441'] As everyone said, distance doesn't matter as much as a solid short game and putting. If if motivates you, I'm the same age and I'm longer than average for my peer group and I'm second in my conference for scoring average. And guess what, the guy that is beating me currently, hits it about the same distance as you! And like everyone said, distance will come. I don't know if you already do, but weight training might help, I started lifting weights seriously last summer and I've picked up a lot of yardage. [/quote] Yes this surely motivates me. Thank you for your comment
  15. [quote name='Forged4ever' timestamp='1430271005' post='11462393'] [quote name='twozerosixa' timestamp='1430245823' post='11459735'] [quote name='PingEye2' timestamp='1430245166' post='11459647'] Awesome swing. You just need more strength and speed. It's not your swing. It's very sound. Some gym time may help. I would also consider some overspeed training. Swing a slightly heavier club and then swing a slightly lighter club. Not too heavy and just.a shaft could be used for the lighter. The experts say plus and minus 10-15% from standard weight. Of course, a shaft is much lighter but it is easily obtained and I know from experience that swinging a shaft as fast as you can helps you learn how to generate speed. [/quote] Thank you. I've tried this before, but I'm just not so sure how to actually do this "overspeed training" thing. I'm afraid I don't have anything that is 10-15% heavier than my driver, although I do have a baseball bat. Do I swing it 5 times and then hit five balls with my normal driver or something? [/quote]If you'd like, message me your contact info Austin- I've got an extra weighted driver that I can send you- I've also got a few extra weighted donut rings that you can put on any club that you'd like Take care Bud My Best, Richard [/quote] Thank you for your kindness, but I'm afraid that will be hard since I'm in Thailand training right now. But I really appreciate it
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