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  1. Does this actually work? Has anyone lowered their cap doing this? I watched the foggy NTC video last night after reading 1/2 this thread. I then practiced it for an hour and really liked the way it felt. I went to the course today to try it out. I doubled the first 3 holes and never made any real contact. I went back to my “old swing” and shot even the rest of the way. My “old swing” is destroying my left hip. I was really hoping something like NTC would keep my left hip out of it and help me play pain free, while shooting legit scores. Do I need to bu
  2. Were they playing preferred lies EVERYWHERE or only in closely mown areas? 1CL in a closely mown (fairway) isn’t going to make a bit of difference toward scoring. They aren’t “getting around trees” or “getting out of jail”. They’re in the fairway. Go 2CL’s or more. It’s LCP.
  3. True. Though it depends on what his score without the practice would be. In the WHS we are governed by NDB on a hole almost regardless of what we do. So if he was making a NDB anyway, without the practice, tacking on a 2SP isn’t going to make a difference in what he posts. The penalty for hitting a practice shot during a round isn’t DQ. It’s a 2SP. While it is frowned on, there is a penalty for it in the rules. So, technically, a player is still playing by the rules. Much like Mickelsons’ putting a moving ball. To post a round for handicap purposes, a player shoul
  4. I’d say to flight by PH if players are playing multiple tees. But, if everyone is getting all their shots, the WHS should take care of net, but gross will get very skewed. When I was a 4.5 index I was a 6 from the back tees and a +3 from the gold/senior tees. If I got to play the gold tees I would expect to crush other 4.5 indexes in the gross, but not be competitive at all in the net versus other 4.5’s playing back and getting 6 shots, while I’m giving 3 back. If it were me, I’m with you. Find out what tees every player is playing, compute PH, then flight based on that.
  5. He was always punching out for score and that was the ball he wanted to score with. WHILE that ball was in play, he just wanted to quickly drop a ball in the same spot and try the hero shot for fun. Not actually playing the ball afterward. Just practicing the shot. He was going to score with his punched out ball. If you want to practice on the course, and it’s a casual round, and the guys you are playing with don’t mind you holding them up, just do it. For handicap purposes, either forget about the practice (not really sanctioned) or score that hole as your score plus the 2
  6. I’m all for grounding everywhere. To the people saying players will dig trenches in the sand before the shot, you still can’t improve your lie. Watching a player dig a trench is a little different than just setting his club behind the ball in a bunker. Please, stop the hyperbole. I’d also be for placing instead of a drop after a penalty. You’ve already paid your price. Place that ball and smack that 3wood on the green and stop holding up play. For free relief, keep the drop rule as it is or drop over your shoulder down your back for true randomness which is what the ruling
  7. I’m with Nels on this and it should be changed. We are talking about an accidental teeing from the wrong place. An action that gets corrected and the player plays from the correct place. No need for the 2SP. The player hasn’t gone forward yet. The DQ will protect the field if he finds out later he hit from the wrong tee and didn’t immediately correct his error. The 2SP is harsh and unnecessary. To “practice” on the course there must be intent. Absentmindedly teeing from the wrong place and hitting a ball isn’t practice. If the player is intentionally playing a ball fro
  8. “No one would ever” is a couple of absolutes so they have to be wrong. I have gone up to strangers, plenty, to talk about their choices. So, there’s that.
  9. A backside play through has a lot more factors. Like how many holes left etc. After we tee on 16 at my course, I’m not letting anyone play through no matter how fast they are. They can go around. All the money is on the line at that point and I’m focusing on my game.
  10. Can we please continue posting what Shilgy is saying until it sinks in? Anchored is not the act of pressing it against your forearm. The ruling bodies want the entire club freely swung. An anchored club swings around an anchor point on the body. In arm lock putting, is the butt end moving with the stroke, or not moving and held in place against the body? It runs up the forearm, and the entire arm is in motion. Please let this sink in.
  11. Sandbagging? Really? The new system is awesome for not letting people inflate their cap. It’s also awesome that it drops the cap significantly the day after shooting a great score. SANDBAGGERS don’t “game” the system. They just cheat. They go out, shoot 78, collect all the money, then post 84. Over time, they end up with 3, 4, 5 shots more than they need and clean house. The system doesn’t get gamed. The system works. It’s the input of bogus scores that makes a sandbagger.
  12. I’ve never shook hands and talked close for 15 minutes before Covid and I doubt I’ll start now. I imagine the group back in the fairway would get perturbed pretty quickly AND the last time I checked the putting green is outside. Unless a player was planning a French kiss during the handshake, there is literally zero chance at contracting Covid from an after round putting green handshake.
  13. Let them play through. The correct way to let a group play through is that both groups play together. The other group putts out first and then they go tee on the next hole. THEY ARE A FASTER GROUP or you wouldn’t be letting them through. There should be minimal standing around. My friend Bill is an old guy and has never learned this in his 71 years. If we let a group play through, we wave them up while we are walking to our tee shots. Instead of playing, Bill will stand at his ball the ENTIRE time. He’ll watch them tee off, he’ll wait by his ball until the group gets to the
  14. I did see a doctor and they prescribed rehab. Which I did and am doing. I’m pain free all the time in any endeavor, except golf. Anyway, as iswing linked, I started with that Mindy Blake swing which also brought up the open stance academy, which he also mentioned. I liked the info so much there, I bought John Wright’s book and read it. I also happened upon the JuJu swing on YouTube. All great stuff. Played today after some very minor practice and hit some good shots and some horrible shots. Mostly didn’t know where to aim. I’ve always hooked it and now I’m missing with a lo
  15. Thanks for that. Very strange video. I’ll look into it for sure.
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