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  1. You’re not allowed to post scores played by yourself. You’re also not allowed to post scores when you play two balls. So no. Stop being a handicap cheat.
  2. Thanks! So, because Kenny’s actions could “reasonably be considered” he was still searching for the ball, no penalty.
  3. This is where the preposterousness starts. If I live on a golf course with no OB defined, that makes my yard a part of the “course”. It also makes the park across the street a part of the “course”. If I practice chipping in at the park, or in my own yard, before I start a stroke play round, I’m already guilty of practicing on the “course”? The ruling bodies may want to try again with their definition of “course”.
  4. First, that is not a provisional ball. Second, after seeing a ball splash into water coming in from height, I’m virtually certain you have virtual certainty. That ball isn’t coming out of the PA 1 time out of 20. Probably not 1/100 or 1/1000. You just found the “1”. The ball correctly played from the drop area is the ball in play lying 3. Pick up the original ball and play on. Next time, search the fairway with your eyes before you drop.
  5. It is a 9 hole tourney on holes 10-18, so the holes 1-9 are not on the “course”. Since they didn’t have a tee time, I.e. a designated time to start their tourney round, they didn’t tee off on the “wrong hole” or “outside the teeing ground”. They weren’t even on the course. No harm no foul. No DQ. It’s exactly the same if there is, say, an executive course next to the real course. Players can play and practice all they want on the executive course before a round on the real, defined, course. They are playing on a different “course”.
  6. There is no such thing as “red OB”. Stop it. Red is a penalty area. You can play the ball as it lies if you find it. Under 1 penalty stroke, you can play from the previous spot, or drop within 2CL’s of the point last crossed, or drop behind the PA keeping the point last crossed lined up with the flag and going back as far as you’d like. For OB, white stakes, OR a lost ball not in a PA, WITH E-5 as an option, you may either play from the previous spot under a 1 stroke penalty OR invoke the local rule (E-5) and drop somewhere between the point it went out, or the point the b
  7. I would guess that a player knowingly using a slope function to manipulate his handicap shouldn’t be allowed to compete in events.
  8. Interesting. I’ve never seen this. I suppose you could still post as you and your friends are your own committee. If the grint wouldn’t let you post that day, you could always just post it with the CR and Slope.
  9. I still do SP4. Because SP4 isn’t a sponsor of WRX, any conversation about them gets binned pretty quickly. A few years ago, we were allowed to refer others to SP4 using our referral codes. This gave the new signee a box for $20 off to try the service and the person who signed them up, a half price box. I had so many referrals, I’m still getting 1/2 price boxes. So it’s worth it for me. $25 per month, I certainly get a wide variety of stuff I wouldn’t normally buy. I get to try things on the cheap. If I don’t like something, I sell it over on FB in the “one box trading page
  10. When is the ROTW going to come around to the WHS? It’s the WORLD handicap system. Everyone else in the world should have to deal with baggers and manipulators just like the US has to. You’ll get there someday.
  11. The guy is a handicap cheat. Plain and simple. He should be kicked out of your club, or not allowed to participate, until he can show he has a legitimate handicap. Groups of players in the US are allowed to be their own committee. If they are going to play LCP, post it. It’s only going to lower scores. Nobody forces him to roll the ball. Nobody forced him to pick up a conceded putt. He can putt it for handicap after the hole is decided. The WHS is about integrity and accountability. It is obvious this player has neither. Choosing to keep an illegitimate handicap should be s
  12. That is the best looking golf shoe ever. Either that, or the Jordan Masters 11’s. Just beautiful. Where’d you find them? eBay?
  13. OMG. Do they really include golf courses in their lockdowns? Ish. Just ish. I’m all for halting the spread of C-19, but shutting down golf courses is about the last thing that spreads it. The Covid safety ladder goes, basically, 1. Stay home, 2. Stay in your car, 3. Play golf.
  14. This all stemmed from Kevin Na’s problems a few years back before he became an absolute world beater. He couldn’t get to where he wanted at the top of the swing, so he would finish the swing and swing over the ball. I.e. intentionally miss it. He’d do this multiple times. I remember many, many people and discussions locally and on the net that would go like this, “He’s whiffing and not counting all his strokes” then someone that understands the rule would say, “He wasn’t trying to hit the ball so it’s not a stroke”. Which, I guess, go interpreted into “If you make a stroke and miss i
  15. I’m surprised there isn’t an “active season” if it gets that cold. Unless, nearly every year, you get to play year round. As in, it’s not uncommon to have 25 playable days in January etc. If the active season is all 12 months, And the course is open and good enough to play, I say post them. The higher scores won’t be keepers and everyone plays the same conditions. The PCC should bring the daily scores down a bit also.
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