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  1. A week ago we were playing 36 and were going to be up against the end of daylight. We were a 5some but we waited on a packed course. Waiting every shot, 3 groups on every hole. Group on the green, group on the fairway, group on the tee box. We had a twosome in a cart behind us. All day. It’s getting late and we get to 12 tee box. It’s a par 3. From the 12 tee you can see there is a group putting on 12, a group teeing on 13, a group in the fairway on 13, a group on the green on 13, a group on the tee on 14. You can also see a group putting on 15, a group in 15 fairway, a group on 16 t
  2. If I had to guess, I’d say no chance. I’m guessing most C-19 golfers are in the food service industry and there just isn’t a need for them at this time. Waiters, waitresses, cooks, bartenders, etc. Also airline workers. Less so, I’d say dental hygienists, and nurses in clinics. Nobody’s going to the dentist or doctor unless they absolutely have to. I imagine when/if those industries make it through this, daytime golf will go back to normal with retirees and night shift workers.
  3. Every golfer, even the novice, knows to play the ball down and putt it out. They know when they hit it in the water it’s 1 penalty and a drop. They know a lost ball is 1 penalty and rehit. These are the most basic rules and are easy to follow. Following them to the letter will result in higher scores than a player is “used to” over time. But it will be an accurate reflection on their ability.
  4. As the old saying goes, the guys that are conceding and picking up 10-footers are “only hurting themselves”. Their handicap would be significantly lower than it should be and would have zero chance in any net game. They’ll also be the first to accuse all the net winners of being a sandbagger. The USGA doesn’t care if you have an artificially low cap. Everyone in the field cares if you have an artificially high cap.
  5. A conceded putt can’t be declined or withdrawn. From 3.2 “A concession is final and cannot be declined or withdrawn.“ While that is the rule for match play, and you guys are playing “stroke play”, you really aren’t playing stroke play. You are playing a hybrid of match and stroke play. So you should use the ROG as your guide. Just like a scramble. It’s not a sanctioned form of play, but it still uses the ROG to guide decisions on the course. A conceded putt can’t be withdrawn. But, since you aren’t playing a sanctioned form of golf, you are free to c
  6. I’ve never seen Nike allow me to buy a second pair at retail. Once I’ve bought one pair with my account, that’s it. It’s why you need your “wife” to have an account also. Different email, same PayPal or credit card info. This drop sucked. I was on the app in seconds. I added to cart, I got the login notice. I inputted my password and by the time I did that, sold out. Insanity. There won’t be any exchanging. When it sells out how are they supposed to exchange it? It’s sold out. Anyway, the best advice has been given. Purchase the size you need when they drop on Fri
  7. Hey, I’ve worn these about 7 times. Some creasing etc. Some yellowing on the bottom due to the clear bottom. They still look great but are used shoes. I could return them to NDC, but then they’ll likely just end up taken apart or shipped to a 3rd world country, or end up as land fill. They are too nice for that. If you’re a size 14 and wanted these at release, here’s your chance. I’ll return them in a day or two if they don’t sell here, but I don’t want to. Take them off my hands. $280 PayPalled and shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!
  8. Not acting with integrity? He said, “This is for FIVE, I assume it’s good?” He literally said what his score was for. His only requirement is to give accurate information as to his score, which he did. The player does not have to go into a dissertation. “This is for five, I assume it’s good. But, let me point out, that I’m getting a shot on this hole and I will make a net 4 if you concede this 1-foot putt to me. I’ll happily putt it out and make my 5 net 4 if you’d like. The outcome of the hole will be the same. You need to tie my net 4. Do you understand how net match play
  9. I am assuming it’s a par 72. So the CR-par is (-0.6). Here the calculations are in long form for the 3.9 and the 4.4. The app is correct and must do all the rounding at the end.
  10. What you call awful, I call smart golf. If it truly was a meaningless putt, the player would have just picked it up. His opponents need to know, and their responsibility to know, if the putt is meaningless or not and concede the putt, or deny the concession, based on that knowledge.
  11. What are the indexes of the players and what is the slope, course rating, and par of the course being played? Should be easy to figure out from that information.
  12. Playing handicap = Course handicap x playing allowance (90%, 80% etc. etc.) PH is rounded up at .5 or higher. The kicker is that you don’t round until after the PH is found. So you don’t round the CH if you’re using a PH. I “believe” the app does this automatically, but I haven’t tested it.
  13. “23.6 Side’s order of play. Partners may play in the order the side considers best. This means that when it is a player’s turn to play under Rule 6.4a (match play) or 6.4b (stroke play), either the player or his or her partner may play next. Exception – Continuing Play of Hole After Stroke Conceded in Match Play: • A player must not continue play of a hole after the player’s next stroke has been conceded if this would help his or her partner. • If the player does so, his or her score for the hole stands without penalty, but the partner’s score for th
  14. I play every single round by the ROG as you advocate. Really, as the rules advocate. It’s really not that hard to do.
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