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  1. I don’t find his index range all that improbable just based on my own cap fluctuations. I was a hard capped 7.7 April 4-17. I was a 3.2 as of 7/6. I was a 7.1 again on 8/11. And I’m a 5.9 now. Without the hard cap I would have been over a 10 index my scores were so bad. Index fluctuates when you suck at golf.
  2. People that prefer stroke play over match play just like to watch their friends struggle to putt out for a 13 while the entire course waits. Play match play, or any form of golf really, that allows you to pick up at NDB. The rest of the course thanks you.
  3. Any baselayer. Mizuno windlite sweater. If you want pockets. 32Degrees jacket. Combine the baselayer and windlite with the 32Degrees jacket and you can play in anything. Below zero F if you need to. The course will be closed before you get cold. More likely, you’ll sweat uncontrollably, take off a layer, then freeze. Mix and match carefully. For pants, get some fleece insulated Carharts jeans. If you don’t like jeans, as above, get some bib overalls. Plenty of range of motion. Very, very warm.
  4. This. All this $400-$600 talk is killing me. For $400+ you could try 8-10 sets of glasses at Zenni and pick the ones you like.
  5. What on earth is happening in this section today? Here is a guide. It works 100%. Been using it for years. 1v1 match or medal: 100%, subtract out the low guy. 2v2 fourball match: 90% CH, subtract out the low guy. Stableford: 100% PH 2v2 high low: 100% PH subtract out the low guy.
  6. I would guess $100 apiece, but it depends on how “high end” the CC is.
  7. This thread is very odd. Never played net fourball? It’s the most played game in the world. Personally, for everyday play, foursomes is awful. There is too much trying to ram putts in and trying hero shots. Play high/low instead. Instead of 1-up, 1-down etc. there are 2 points per hole (hi/low). Subtract out the low guy and go play. No need for 80%, or 90%. Because the high is playing also, 100% PH then subtract out the low guy. Fourball is great for bigger, club vs. club matches etc. But for day to day play, High/Low is much better. Nobody is in their pocket very often.
  8. This I agree with wholeheartedly. Before the new rule, a friend of mine putted a 70-footer with the pin in, on the 18th hole, just to save time as the rest of us were looking for a ball over the green. He was on the very front. Rolled it in, hitting the stick. The 2 stroke penalty cost him the skin ($22), the rabbit ($22), his match which was tied ($10), the press ($10) and the team game in the group ($6). About a $70 mistake. All to save time before he came to help look. I don’t use the pin, but I’m glad they got rid of the penalty for others that want to leave it in in situations as above.
  9. KVC is for when the ball is in the PA or not. I’m pretty sure they had it. Point Last Crossed is a judgement call using all available information but ultimately up to the player. This is the same thing as the cheater Sung Kang a few years ago (2018) when Joel Dahmen initially refused to sign Kang’s card. Kang took a VERY generous PLC drop that the ball couldn’t have possibly crossed. Dahmen argued for over 20 minutes, but ultimately, with no video evidence or good info to the contrary, the ref sided with Kang. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/pga/2018/07/02/golfer-joel-dahmen-sung-kang-cheated-quicken-loans-national/750310002/
  10. Doesn’t count as a “stroke”. It counts as a penalty stroke. The ball is holed with the previous stroke, plus a penalty for waiting too long.
  11. 1. City, State? Minneapolis, MN 2. Handicap? 5.5 3. Right or Left handed? Right. 4. What is your current iron set? Mizuno 919 hot metal 5. How could the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo irons help you game? The higher MOI would be interesting. Also, I don’t hit down on the ball like I should, so a CG that is lower and further back would be great to help with more consistent ball flights. 6. Do you agree to post a driver review on the Cleveland website? Yes! 7. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yes!!
  12. Always. Unless one is playing REALLY fast greens where the ball has to be died into the hole every putt. Normal 8-9-10 stimp greens, you’ll miss too many center cut putts off the stick. Not to mention the off center putts that have nearly zero chance of going in. Then add in wind and the distraction that creates with the pin, and the shadow of the flag as another possible distraction. In summation, players that like to make putts take the flag out. More go in. Less distractions.
  13. Thanks Lag Shot and GolfWRX for the opportunity! Mine arrived, safe, late last week and I put it to use right away. Firstly, packaging. The Lag Shot was well packaged and arrived quite safe. Here are some initial pics of the packaging. Once I got it out of the box it was fun to play with. The shaft is VERY whippy. Moreso, I think, than my Orange Whip. The club is also heavier than a “normal” 7-iron, and the shaft is much thicker at the head end. It’s a pretty cool training aid, all in all. I took a few swipes in my backyard hitting area just to give it a try. Limited success. You will definitely lag this clubhead. What you do with the lag will need to be trained. The instructions indicate to start with watching the videos. So I watched the first one, and the second one. It’s all I had time for. There are about an hour worth of videos to watch. In the second video he explains that, with a lagged clubhead, you’ll have to do the “motorcycle move” to square it up. You see this move in all good players. Some very obvious and do it early, like DJ, and some players its barely noticeable. But all of them play with lag and all of them close down the face/motorcycle move/knuckle under to make the lag square. If it didn’t happen, you’ll have lots of toe hits and lots of squirters to the right. Because the Lag Shot creates extreme lag, there really won’t be a way to square it without this move. So for MANY players, this move will be foreign to them and need to be ingrained. So after watching the first two videos, and the explanation of how to square a lagged clubhead, it was back to the hitting net. When I used the motorcycle move, I got very crisp contact in the middle of the face. When I didn’t, or didn’t get enough, or timed the sequence incorrectly, it’s off the toe out right. I’ll have to take this to a range soon to give it a good workout and actually see ball flights. I’ll update this when I do. But my initial impression is that I really like it. It’s very demanding, you aren’t going to “master” it in one swing. As I practice with it, I hope to take the new lag moves I’m building and bring it to the course. Thanks Lag Shot and WRX!
  14. https://golf.com/gear/maximum-club-length-shorten-46-inches-new-local-rule/?amp=1 Looks like a new local rule is going into effect Jan 1.
  15. 1. City, State? Minneapolis, MN 2. Handicap? 5.0 3. Current hybrid or fairway wood? 18* Callaway 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid?I love my current Callaway hybrid. The Epic Superis supposed to be easier to hit than mine, so I’m excited to try it. 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Absolutely yes. I’m looking forward to it.
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