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  1. The Under Armour T-shirt is actually a long sleeve tee and color blocked green and white. Here’s a pic.
  2. After some discussion, the blue Callaway pants are actually rain pants. I have edited the first post. Here are a couple of pics out of the plastic of them.
  3. Hello. I’m selling some stuff I won’t wear. All the stuff is new. Only the belt, coins, and one pair of Callaway shorts aren’t in plastic. Take a look. Prices include PayPal and shipping. Make an offer. Everything must go. Thanks Pants: Travis Mathew green pants. Size 40 (no length given): $25 Callaway Blue RAIN PANTS, XL: $20 1764 purple pants, 40x34: $25 Shorts: Callaway white shorts, size 38: $20 SOLD! Callaway Purple shorts, size 40: $20 SOLD! Tops: Travis Mathew burgundy sweater/hoodie, 2XL: $20 SOLD!
  4. Completely random, but you still need to act fast if chosen. J23 and this thread will usually start notifying that people are getting their prebuys before you actually get a notification from the app. So you have to login as fast as you can. The prebuy stuff usually happens 2 days before the drop, so sometime during the day on 3/2. The app will say, “Held for you until 7PM” which is an absolute lie. You have to order right away as they only release a small percentage of the total amount of shoes early. The prebuys will sell out in all sizes in minutes so you have to act fast. Then if
  5. Snow is water? They are two different words. If snow was water, we wouldn’t need the word snow. We’d just say water.
  6. Who said the middle of the 10th fairway? At my course, and a few others I know of around here, the parking lot is on the left side of the 10th hole. He could hit the drive on 10, see it land and know which club he needed at that point and pit stop at his car on the way to his ball. Or if he’s in a cart, race up, look at the lie and yardage, drive back to his car and get his club, then get back to his ball all before the group ahead had moved away. It completely depends on the design of the course in relation to the parking lot. Plenty of guys in my club keep a cooler in their car to
  7. Wow. After the concords, those are my favorite J’s. Looks great in a golf shoe. Take my money please. Lol.
  8. You can’t have temporary water in a Penalty Area. It’s literally the first bullet point in the definition of temporary water.
  9. It’s about time. Now to eliminate green books. Get the pro game closer to how we ams play.
  10. A lot of places have “covid local rules”, in place because there aren’t any rakes, which gives you lift-smooth-place in the bunkers. My friends and I always play it as it lies in the bunker. In the OG rules of golf there weren’t rakes. I wish the current rules would just do away with rakes. Don’t like the lie, don’t hit it there. No rules require you to play your ball into a bunker.
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