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  1. Thanks Swingingk, do you happen to be missing the 4 iron too? I believe you're is Saskatoon, correct? I'm in Prince Albert, so only 90 miles away from you. The club was in an old Hogan bag I saw on Kijiji locally, mixed with a bunch of old Northwestern and Campbell clubs. I paid the $15 "firm" asking price just to get the bag (although I had spotted the Tourney club in the pic and thought at least there is one decent quality old club included). Do yours have the GA210 stamp too?
  2. This Macgregor iron was in a old bag I bought today. I'm assuming that is a Tommy Armour stamp on the back, albeit it is a lighter stamp and a "sloppier" style of script than I've seen. I couldn't find anything about the GA210 stamp. It has a Dynamic shaft in it (the chrome has seen better days!), and a long leather grip that I suspect is original. Can anyone help with any info, date, etc? Thanks in advance!
  3. I picked up a lefty one a couple months back. It came with a set of late eighties Staff Fluid Feel irons I bought. The previous owner epoxied a small magnet on the back to hold the dime he used as a ball marker. FWIW, apparently this is the same model putter that Shooter McGavin used in Happy Gilmore, so its got that going for it. LOL
  4. For all you Wilson fans, here's another quirky LH vs RH difference I've noticed recently. The 80's era RH Fluid Feel Wilsons do not have the "s" connected to the "o" on the "Wilson" sole stamp, but the LH do.
  5. Actually, this is the sand wedge from the same years lol, and as far as the comment about FG-51'S not having vertical diamonds on the face, well have a look. Actually, all the LH examples I have seen have had the diamonds, but I've never seen a RH set with the diamonds.
  6. And got these at the same time 3-PW; super condition, the last pic is the most worn face (on the 7 iron).
  7. Picked up these on the weekend; really decent shape, dynamic regular shafts. Last pic is just comparing the 1 wood with a Muirfield metal wood I found a couple years back.
  8. I picked these up today. I didn’t really need them (we all know how that goes!), but as a lefty I couldn’t pass them up. The condition on them is awesome, although the grips are a little hard. I
  9. I saw that Wilson bag on Kijiji and thought about buying it to display a couple of my Wilson iron sets. I’m glad it went to a good home!
  10. Yup, I’d say there must be some differences in the metals
  11. Does anybody have an idea as to what year these grips might be? They've got quite a funky design on them, and are in reasonable shape. I'm pondering trying to gingerly remove them from the Staffs.
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