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  1. Swag Mick Jagger blade headcover. Used for one round then I decided I am going back to a mallet. Has one very small faint little grass mark on the white interior (see last pic). SOLD.
  2. No Trades!!! Up for sale is a Bettinardi BB34 35". Great condition. No headcover. SuperStroke 2.0 Tour grip. Asking $265.
  3. Please no trades!!!! All prices include shipping to lower 48 1.) Titleist TSi3 9 degree driver. Tensei AV Series White 65x shaft. GP tour velvet grip. Plays just a hair over 45". Comes with headcover. Bought this straight from Titleist and played it for about 3 1/2 months. Top is very clean and so is the face. Price is SOLD 2.) Titleist TSi2 15 degree 3 wood. Project X Hzrdus Smoke RDX 70 6.5 (x flex) shaft. GP tour velvet grip. Plays just a hair under 43". Comes with headcover. Bought this straight from Titleist as well and played about 3 1/2 months. Price is SOLD 3.) Odyssey White Hot OG 7s Stroke Lab. 35" with SuperStroke Claw 1.0 grip. Comes with original headcover. Candy apple red stroke lab shaft. This is pretty much brand new. I bought it and tried it on the putting green for about an hour and that was it. Never even been in the bag. Price is SOLD. 4.) PXG Blackjack putter. Bought this from a fellow WRXer. 34" with SuperStroke pistol GT 1.0 grip. Comes with PXG battle ready skull headcover. There are a few dings on it on the heel and toe (I took up close photos so you could see them). You can't see these when addressing a ball. This was not from abuse. This was from a caddy knocking my bag over while I was warming up and the headcover was off the putter. Does not affect playability. Price is $215. 5.) Callaway Mavrik hybrid. 18 degrees. Aldila Rogue 95 MSI 85X shaft. Plays just under 41". Comes with original headcover. Top is pretty clean. Price is SOLD. 6.) Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier 11 putter. 35" with stock grip. Never been on the course, only 2 trips to the putting green. Excellent condition. Comes with original headcover. Price is SOLD.
  4. For sale is a brand new Titleist Hybrid 5 Stand Bag. Won this in a tournament and just don't need a new bag. Asking SOLD (they sell for $230).
  5. NO TRADES!!! 1) Bettinardi Queen B 6 putter. 35". Standard size grip. Comes with original headcover. Excellent condition. Only had it a month and bought it brand new. Asking SOLD 2) Seemore M7 Tour putter. 35". Seemore 75 grip. Comes with original headcover. Very good condition. Asking $250 3) Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 70 TX driver shaft with Titleist adapter. I bought it brand new and built to my specs one month ago. Plays at 45.25" in TSI driver. Tipped 1/2". Z-Grip Align midsize grip with 2 extra wraps. Asking SOLD
  6. Absolutely no trades. 1.) Taylormade SIM Driver. 10.5 degree. Hzrdus Smoke Black shaft 6.5 flex & 70g.GP NDMC grip. 45". Comes with headcover. This driver was sent brand new from TM about 2 months ago after my original cracked. In very good condition. Asking SOLD 2.) Taylormade SIM Max 3 wood. 15 degrees. 43". Evenflow Black shaft 75g 6.5 flex. Comes with headcover. I played this most of the season last year as seen from the wear on the face and sole. Asking SOLD
  7. Please no trades. 1) Scotty Cameron Concept X CX-02 putter. 35". Original Scotty Cameron grip. Comes with the original headcover. I bought this from the pro at my country club brand new in late 2019. Its in very good shape and always had the headcover on it in between holes. Price is SOLD. 2) Seemore SB-1 Long Putter or Broomstick putter. Plays at 46". I bought this brand new from a pro shop about 2 weeks ago to try out and wasn't for me. Has Winn split grip. Comes with original headcover, but it says SB-20 on it. Price is SOLD keeping armlock
  8. Absolutely no trades. 1.) Titleist U500 2 iron. 90g Hzrdus Smoke 6.5 shaft. This is 1/2" over standard. Standard loft and lie. Only used for 2 rounds and a range session. SOLD 2.) Titleist TS3 9.5 driver. Tensei Blue AV Series 65X shaft. Plays between 45" and 45.25". Comes with headcover. Standard golf pride grip with a reminder (zip tie). Also, I had this backweighted at one point so there is a cap in the butt of the grip where I removed the weight, if it bothers you just replace the grip. SOLD 3.) Titleist TS3 3wood (15 deg). Fujikura Atmos Blue Tour Spec 7x shaft. Plays between 43" and 43.25". Comes with Headcover. Standard golf pride grip with reminder (zip tie). SOLD 4.) Taylormade Ardmore 1 TP Patina Collection putter. 35". Comes with headcover. Only played 2 rounds with it. Has a Superstroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip. $165
  9. Please No Trades!!!1.) King Cobra F9 Driver Head 9.0*, Headcover & Tool only. Also comes with the Arccos piece that was never installed into the grip. Bought this and never used it. Decided to go with something different. Club is in good shape overall. In the 4th and 5th pictures you will see a very faint ball mark (which you cant really see at address) and a very small nick in the paint on the toe side of the logo. In the 6th picture you will see there are a few very faint scratches on the back of the club (again these are hard to see at address). Asking SOLD 2.) Taylormade M6 3 wood. 14 degree rocket head. Comes with headcover. Matrix White Tie 70x shaft. Golf Pride Tour Velvet standard grip. Playing length is just shy of 43.5".Used but still in good condition. Topline and crown are clean with one very very small exception, there is a very very small spot where the silver paint near the hosel on the top flaked. This is a very small spot to me and isn’t very noticeable at address (See 5th pic). There is a little more wear on the bottom due to the fact I do not tee up a 3wood. SOLD 3.) Callaway Epic Flash SZ 3 wood. Evenflow 75g 6.0 flex shaft. Playing length is just shy of 43.25". Comes with headcover. ONE THING I WANT TO POINT OUT IS THAT THE SHAFT IS OVERPREPPED AT THE TIP BY ABOUT ½” (SEE 4th PIC). THIS IS DUE TO THIS SHAFT COMING FROM MY NEW TITLEIST 3WOOD, WHICH WAS PROFESSIONALLY REMOVED AND INSTALLED. This absolutely will not affect playability, but I wanted to make sure I mentioned it. This is due to the fact that Titleist uses a ferrule with their adapters, but Callaway does not on their fairway adapters. Clean topline and crown. Asking $170. 4.) Taylormade 2019 P790 UDI 2 iron. KBS $-Taper 130x shaft. MCC +4 Align standard size grips with 3 extra wraps. 2 degrees flat. +0.50” from standard length (Playing length is just shy of 40". In pretty good shape as I only played one round with it and it doesn’t appear to be played much before I got it. Asking SOLD 5.) Bettinardi Queen Bee #6 putter. 35”. Comes with headcover. Jumbo Bettinardi grip. Bought this brand new and played about 2-3 rounds with it. Very good condition. Asking $280. 6.) Taylormade Spider X putter. 35”. Comes with headcover. 1 degree flat. Pistol Gtr 1.0 grip. Bought this straight from Taylormade and only used about 2-3 rounds. Putter is in very good condition. Asking SOLD
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