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  1. Anyone have high spin issues with these shafts? I put in the 105 S and spin seems to be all over the place. Sometimes I will hit a iron and it will come up 10 yards short of my regular distance and other times it will fly as it should. I can't seem to get consistent yardages with these.
  2. Anyone playing these have an issue with inconsistent spin?
  3. @Club Champion What are the details around your 90 day guarantee? I have a hybrid shaft that I ordered from you based off of a fitting that is not working out on the golf course as it did in the fitting. Can I return the shaft and get refunded, do you exchange for another shaft????? Just want to know what my options are and how I go about getting this resolved. Thanks
  4. https://www.caycegolf.com/collections/head-covers-for-drivers-fairway-woods
  5. Ping i210 for sure. They are consistent, forgiving, and just look good imo. I like the look of some of the TM irons, but they never really did anything for me. I am also not a fan of the hollow body irons. If you are looking for distance, go with P790. If you want a solid club that is consistent through most shots, I say go with the Ping. And as an added bonus, they are already to your specs.
  6. Honestly I have only hit the Ping hybrid on Trackman in a hitting bay. Getting out this weekend, so I will let you know. It was faster and longer than the G410 it replaced.
  7. There are a few threads on here about puring if you do a search. Or you can just Google SST Pure
  8. They were pured. I am not a fan of the labeling either, but it is what it is. The fitter had initially worked them up to be pured and before purchasing, I declined as I did not see that much value. They pured them anyway.
  9. Pretty much reworked the entire bag. Irons and wedges are the same, but new MMT shafts. Callaway Epic Speed 3 wood awaiting Diamana TB shaft. Got to thank @Club Champion for the help.
  10. VA Composites Raijin. Diamana TB 5th Gen
  11. I don't have a PXG hybrid. I did not hit the Apex Pro, although I am going to get the 23* to replace my Ping Crossover. I did test the Ping G425 which replaced my G410 19*. It performed a little better than the 410 and no turbulators.
  12. They are less expensive that Toulon, Scotty Cameron, Taylormade Spider, Bettinardi, and most Odyssey putters. As far as head weight, they are a little heavier than some, but they don’t feel heavy if that makes sense. Also, I think the weight keeps it stable through the stroke. IMO.
  13. They did have a few models at my CC. Like I said though, I was using my own PXG. I think they had 3-4 mallet/mid mallet and 2 blade style PXGs. Good luck!
  14. I did the SAM putter lab at Club champion and I also have a slight arc. A little more straight back and through, but a slight arc. It recommended a face balanced putter for me, which the double bend gives you. I was putting with my mini gunboat at my fitting. I told the fitter that the PXG was staying in the bag before we started, but wanted to know what my stroke was doing and where I could improve. Results came back with exactly what I had. Mallet putter, face balanced.
  15. I have the Mini Gunboat in the double bend shaft. Most consistent putter I have had. Very good on lag putts and very easy to line up.
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