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  1. @MOShii Tried the SIM and SIM Max same day on trackman outdoors. Got better overall numbers with the Max, although only by a little. Also liked the look and sound of the Max way better than the SIM. After playing in my first Club Championship match, I think all is good. Hit the 3 wood 4 times and was right where I should be or a little farther. Also caught one low on the face and it squirted out better than I could have asked for.
  2. I ordered the Ventus Blue about 5 days after I got my TM Sim Max fairway with the real deal Ventus w/ Velocore because is was so damn consistent. The hybrid shaft is just as good if not better. My miss is to overcook it to the left on occasion. I hit fade after fade with this shaft in my Ping G410 hybrid. Managed to hit a few straight, but I am happy with what I am seeing. The only issue is I have to learn to trust the new shot shape with this club since I normally hit a draw. I will keep updating as I test this out more.
  3. @ajestrada3 The flight on both is very similar. @cjpsse You are correct. No big discrepancy with the R15 day to day. I am playing tomorrow, so we will see how it goes.
  4. @cjpsse and @Stuart_G Face strikes are fairly centered each time. I am a 0.6 handicap, pretty good ball striker and all balls found the fairway. No wild hooks or slices. Also, since the face is new, I can see where I am striking it. In some of my testing, I would take 4-6 balls to a tee box and hit some off the ground and some off the tee. I got varying results and mainly the ones off of a tee seemed to be shorter. Makes no sense to me.
  5. I have the SIM Max 15* fairway with the real deal Ventus Blue with Velocore. Two questions: (1) I seem to hit it further, and with less spin, off the deck than I do off the tee. This has never been the case with other 3 woods. (2) One day I will hit it great and be where my 3 wood should be or even past it. Others, it balloons a bit and gets no roll and I am 15 yards behind where I normally am. Anyone else seeing these differences? I am coming from a TM R15 which trackman usually tells me spins more than these other 3 woods, yet when I get on the course the R15 rolls out 20 yards as com
  6. Just ordered the Ventus HB Blue 8S for my Ping G410. Really excited after hitting the Ventus Blue in my fairway.
  7. jmurdock81

    Pxg gen 2

    They did not charge a restocking fee on the weight kit. I think they only do that for clubs
  8. jmurdock81

    Pxg gen 2

    @KParks I went with the double bend shaft since I like a face balanced putter. I got the weight kit, but sent it back. The stock weight actually worked out really well. I did play around with various weight settings, but again, the stock weighting worked. The 4 weights in the toe and heel are 20g and the 2 in the back are 10g
  9. jmurdock81

    Pxg gen 2

    Get one! Speed control has been awesome with my mini gunboat. I do like the spider putters, but the weight is a little light for me. This has a little more head weight it seems and is very consistent
  10. jmurdock81

    Pxg gen 2

    I have a mini gunboat. For size compared to a spider x, I think it is about the same length from toe to heel and maybe a touch shorter from front to back. I too do not like big mallets and came from a TM Spider 2.0 mid mallet (similar to the lucky d). Speed control with this putter has been outstanding, although I seem to leave more putts from 15-25 ft. just short where I used to be 1-2 ft. past the hole. All in all, I can not complain.
  11. jmurdock81

    Pxg gen 2

    Just got the Gen 2 Mini Gunboat. Love it. I do like a softer feel putter face and would say PXG falls into the soft/solid feel. Not mushy and not clicky.
  12. @Fujikura Golf I just got the Ventus Blue w/ velocore in my SIM max 3 wood. Great shaft. I have a Ping G400 driver with the Tour shaft in it and hit it very well. With all the positive reviews, I am looking to get the Ventus for my driver as well. What would best compare to the Ping Tour shaft, the Blue or Black? I am not chasing distance, but would like to tighten up dispersion a bit. Club speed: 108 Attack Angle: 1.4 Ball Speed: 155 Spin Rate: 2109 Height: 82 Land Angle: 32.6
  13. I ordered the 6 and 8 to test against my Ping i210. They felt nice, but not that much better than the Pings. They are accurate, but then again, so are my i210s. IMO, not better than my Pings so it doesn’t make sense to buy the rest of the set. I sent them back. The Gen 2 putters, however, are awesome.
  14. What is the make and model? Taylormade R15 3 wood What shaft? Stock Fujikura shaft How long has it been in the bag? Since summer of 2015 (approximately) How'd you come to find "the one"? Silent auction. I was the first and only bidder. Got it for $60. Had a great 3 wood already, but just wanted to bid on something. Ended up winning it and never looked back. I have tried many times over the years to replace it, but nothing has been better than the R15. I have given up trying to replace it. Etc...
  15. I love function18. Most of my Footjoy shirts are from that site. U.S. FJ shirts I wear an athletic fit Medium. From F18 I order a large. Go with a Large
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