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  1. 105. Spin seems to have normalized a bit, but I did take them out of my wedges.
  2. I currently play to a 0.3 and just picked up a 50 and 54 CBX2 and 58 Ripcore. I will be out on the course this weekend and let you know how it goes. Wasn't planning on getting new wedges, but popped into Edwin Watts and they just looked good. Got the black in all three.
  3. Got to do another finish besides the boring chrome color. Stealth or the Rustique would be great. At least give us more than one option.
  4. There is only one weight in the fairway wood. However, in theory, putting a slightly heavier weight in the head should lower spin/launch a hair right? That is, if I need it to. I hit the Tensei just fine. Dispersion and launch/spin seem to be ok. Just curious about the TB because I hit it better on Trackman.
  5. So I currently have the Epic Speed 3 wood with the Tensei Blue 75. I hit it pretty good, but was hitting the Diamana TB 5th gen just a little better on trackman. Actually the Tensei performed horribly on the trackman, but has been pretty solid on the course. I have ordered the Diamana to put in, but I am thinking I should maybe stay with what I got. My other thought was to put in the Diamana and see how it goes. If the spin is too high, could I buy a heavier weight to go in the front of the Epic Speed fairway and that would lower spin/flight??? That is really the question here.
  6. I went to the B1 setting for a flatter lie angle and moved the weight to T2. Baby fades all day.
  7. I think I launch the 9 degree just fine. I'm just wondering if moving to a 10 degree might squeeze out a few more yards. This of course is assuming that spin stays relatively the same as with the 9 degree. I just need to get a 10 degree demo and go out to my course and hit them side by side on a few holes.
  8. Got the new toy dialed in. B1 position for a flatter lie and back weight in the toe.
  9. Most of the shots will be into par 5s or a long par 3. Will not be hitting off the tee with the exception of one hole depending on where the wind is. Most holes at my home course are going to be driver or 3 wood off the tee. Sounds like with distance being similar, the way to go for me is the 7 wood bc of launch, ease of use, and landing angle
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  11. If you are not going to contribute to the question, then don’t reply. If there are threads like this once a week, then could you post the link?? My desired outcome is a club that fits into the 210-220 window, which both of these should do. My swing is pretty decent considering I am at a +0.2. I merely wanted to know of people’s opinion between the two if they have played them.
  12. Trying to replace my 210-220 club in my bag right now and thinking of going to a 7 wood from my 3 hybrid. Anyone have experience with this or pick one over the other? I could go with another 3 hybrid, but wondering if the 7 wood might be a better fit. Thoughts?
  13. I could do that, but definitely don’t want to look at a closed face. That is one of the reasons I am looking at the 10°. I could keep it there or lower it by .75 and have it sit open. Did you hit the 9° In comparison? Just wondering what launch and spin looked like between the two.
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