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  1. Couldn’t agree more here. Although I went with modus 125 stiff hard stepped once these have been the best Irons I have played. Came from mizuno mp59 to the ZX7s. Have almost 40 rounds in and dropped from a 6.9 to a 4.6. Not all due to ball striking but my strokes games on approach have improved by over 1 stroke according to Arccos.
  2. I believe the AP2s are also a weaker loft. I weakened the ZX7s 1 degree coming from Mp-59 to better fit gapping purposes. FWIW I am a higher spin player so it wasn’t done for spin numbers but I am carrying about 7 yards farther with the zx7 which I can only attribute to better ball speeds and more forgiving and consistent face. Again May not be same for you but I would consider having your fitter bend zx7 at least 1* weak and possibly 2* on the zx5 and see how those numbers compare to your gamer.
  3. I have mcc+4 with arccos and don’t have anywhere near that much play. If installed correctly you will feel/notice very little distance over a non-arccos grip.
  4. Nope looks like they didn’t put enough solvent in to get the grip fully seated. I’d either contact cobra or take to local shop to have grip seated properly to end of the shaft.
  5. I’ve bent my u85 so I would think the new versions can be bent as well.
  6. Glad to hear it. I know he appreciates it as well but you already know that.
  7. It’s 4 I can put one on scale from a sim2 head tomorrow to get exact but I’ve replaced mine with a 12 gram as I play a nemesys and needed to add some weight back and take away spin.
  8. Check out Jake at Stripe Show Club Fitters. He’s down near Love Field and will get you taken care of. https://www.sscfdtx.com
  9. I’ve had that issue in past and they are good about shipping out replacement balls.
  10. Exact same thing for me. Until I hit the 8* SIM2. Night and day difference from the 9* head. Almost unicorn like. No wonder they are so hard to get ahold of in 8*.
  11. You are probably correct but no matter the numbers they are brand new balls. These have never been hit so not sure if that was luck as well but I would think not the case as I can’t believe they can find that many left dash in the wild!
  12. Correct but I just got them in the mail and there is no way these have ever been hit. You get 3 of each number 1-4 like all they did was take them out of the packaging and send out.
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