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  1. I may be interested in the shaft of the 3 wood depending on price to help you out on splitting them.
  2. They are playing Bandon Trails and Bandon Dunes
  3. Great write up..out of question what rain gear do you have?
  4. With all the rain last night and additional rain expected tomorrow night I think you’ll be fine if they are mowing should all even out pretty quickly.
  5. Here’s a hybrid cover I have from OM. One of the favs in my bag.
  6. What are of town are you living in? That will help narrow down some courses without having you driving all around the metro.
  7. Also means you get to add Sheep Ranch to the mix!!!
  8. got it...I would think a cart to and from to help with that but then the course itself would be very walkable. I’ve been out for the LPGA event but never played and would like to try and walk if possible to get a feel for it. But yes I think value between the two of them has to be one of the best around.
  9. Thanks for the insight. Many walking groups out there or most in carts?
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