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  1. I'm looking to sell a few of my iron sets as listed below. Message me if any interest you. First up, a set of 4-P MacGregor Pro MT irons. $250 Shipped Stiff - Nippon NS Pro 950GH Shafts Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Grips - Black Next up, a set of 3-P MacGregor Pro-C irons. $250 Shipped Stiff - Nippon NS Pro 950GH Shafts 4-P are bored to .370 after getting some bad info on some shafts I purchased to go in these. 3 iron is still .355. I would be happy to bore the 3 iron to .370
  2. I’m sure it’s been said before but search functionality needs some help. Recently had been searching for golfwrx topics via google to find what I need.
  3. Hard to pick one moment over all others, but last year's Masters was pretty great. That last putt from Tiger to close it out, and cap off his comeback is certainly one of the best all time moments.
  4. I was eagerly awaiting the official announcement. I think the couple and 4 door versions look great. I'm less enthused by the Sport version, however. I'll be looking into the 4-door for sure once they hit showrooms.
  5. Definitely appreciative of everyone's help pulling information together for this spreadsheet! Anyone have specs on the 1968 Plus One irons? I have my grandfather's 2-E set and want to get lofts checked and adjusted back to stock when I have the time. I see the information for the 1+ irons are available. Anyone know if these were pretty close, spec wise to the Plus One's? Thanks in advance!
  6. I have a set of Mizuno T-Zoid Pro II heads (3-PW) ready for pickup in the Bay Area; not looking to ship. Bought this used set for the shafts, and instead of buying more used shafts for these heads, I've decided to get rid of them. There's some browning on the faces as you can see in the pictures. Otherwise in good playable shape.$50 OBO
  7. I'm in the east bay, excited at the prospect of getting back out, and the only course so far I've seen posting tee times starting on the 4th is Dublin Ranch.
  8. I tried to get my order in for the mystery package as well, mostly just to see what exactly would show up at my door. I checked probably 3-5 minutes after it went live and it was sold out. I'm hoping someone on the forum got this and can chime in with what SWAG delivered.
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