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  1. So is he on that red line from the pelvis moving opposite the target while hip is turning, or he just flat out not turning hip far enough behind him?
  2. So, trail hand more on top of grip?
  3. I've fought a weak-ish grip for years. I thought over the last several days that I've been over-cooking a strong lead hand(right hand, I'm a lefty). Pics don't really say so. In the first pic, I really feel like Im applying what I feel like is a nuetral to strong-ish grip. The second pic, I'm really cranking it over. I know grip questions are subjective, but I really feel like not getting comfortable with my grip is causing inconsistent wrist conditions other places. Should I maybe have a little more shaft lean to get it stronger and get some cup out of lead wrist? Thoughts?
  4. With no additional funds invested, this is more of a "I wanna see what happens" experiment
  5. I've finally decided to do an experiment with a set of graphite TT Dynamic Graphite shafts. These are in an old set of DCI Gold irons which are .355 heads I believe. I'm assuming they were custom made by Titleist due to the matching ferrule numbers. I want to pull them and install in .370 heads (5-PW). I have a few issues that may not allow this to work. First of all, I know very little about these shafts. I've tried to contact True Temper several times, but never got a response. Being .355 shafts, I assume they are pre-trimmed to fit a specific iron. This causes an issue, because the
  6. I didn't read all replies, but I'm sure people mentioned things unrelated to hips. I quieted my hips by over-cooking a flexed lead wrist. To deliver the club to the ball, I can feel that I almost need to do a "push away" move with my pelvis as opposed to a thrust towards target line I used to do.
  7. You must improve wrist conditions to stay closed longer!!! You must improve wrist conditions to stay closed longer!!! You must improve wrist conditions to stay closed longer!!! Just in the last few days I've improved my wrist so much with the 8:00 cast. From the top, I can start my arms down in front of me so much that it "feels" like I'm hitting the ball with the back of my lead tricep. I know that's extreme, but just an extreme feel compared to how much I used to pitch my trail shoulder around to quickly at the top.
  8. Some split grip swings will show you just how much the trail hand contributes to the downswing.
  9. Wow. I don't know why it took this long, but it finally clicked. I had a flush of memories from every "chop straight down", "drop arms" "quickly straighten trail elbow" AHA moments I've had for the past 5 years. The intent I needed was in the 10th video. Doing this move is the same as every AHA I've had, just a different feel. I would get so focused on the "chop straight down" as the transition move, I was letting my wrist cup too soon. This is why, in a video lesson with Monte last year, he said I had lost my wrist flex halfway down. This is why I would lose my swing halfw
  10. Got an email for 30% off all videos,so gonna start from scratch tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  11. This helped me a ton and pretty much solved my OTT. Body rotates as arms move (almost) up and down in front of you. 7:00 mark puts it all together.
  12. Left shoulder over right foot in backswing?
  13. So, on the downswing, the trail leg kinda becomes a gate post for the moving pelvis(gate)?
  14. Man, I loved Almost golf balls. Good flight and were durable too.
  15. Malaska literally says this is just a feel multiple times in most of his videos.
  16. I decided to revisit the Ballard swing today because my back was hurting from a rotational swing. Man am I glad I did. I had some success with it a few years ago and Im not sure why I left it. It feels so natural. I equate the move to tossing a sack of grain into the bed of a truck while standing on a loading dock. Its just something you can repeat over and over. My brain interprets a lateral upper body move as power, so the swing works well for me. For the more experienced guys, these are my key points. Please add anything that might help me more. -weakish grip -wider than shoulder wi
  17. Monte, do you think his arms are too far behind him?
  18. Its almost like he knew what I needed when he released this today.
  19. Over the years, it seems like Ive tried 100 cues/feels to stay patient in transition, but Ive never found one that I can be really be consistent with. My tendency to pull the handle gets me steep and I hit it all over the place. My biggest issue is "when" to apply the arm speed. I have the most success with trying to keep the trail heel planted until impact, but Ive tried a bunch of things that come to mind... Squash the bug Freezers Pull the arrow from quiver Hold the trail hip deeper for longer Zipper away Hold back/tailbone towards target longer What are some things that have helped you
  20. Yes. It reminds me of this video. If your pivot is trash, of course you will flip like crazy with this intent. I dont really see it much different than the no turn cast drill.https://youtu.be/vuBfHhCLEvU
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