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  1. I have a mallet and a blade. When one misbehaves it just goes in the closet for a break.
  2. I recently sold a putter and as soon as the auction closed the buyer wanted to know how much to ship to Malaysia! My clearly stated NO International Sales! That pi**ed me off.
  3. I have a X5 and love it. So far your work looks spot on. I agree about the paint fill being a personal choice. Whatever you think looks good. Nice job!
  4. My putting has improved since I started putting a line on the ball but this just seems like overkill. I guess whatever floats your boat.
  5. That’s expensive. Why not buy a One Putt tool for $7.95?
  6. A couple of new ones (which are way overpriced) and lots of used ones. I don't want to buy a used one but thanks for the response. eBay was the first place I checked when looking for one.
  7. I don't own a golf cart but would like to purchase a portable propane heater that sits in the cart cup holder. My friend has a Coleman GolfCat but they are not making them anymore. Mr Heater seems to be top heavy and the cup holder doesn't fit well. Any suggestions?
  8. FYI - I was looking at Ping's website today and noticed they are offering a set of limited edition head covers for $49. Driver, fairway and hybrid covers.
  9. I just pulled the trigger on a brand new Ping G410 SF TEC 10.5 from eBay for $365 + tax. Pretty sweet deal in my opinion.
  10. I wouldn’t buy this grip unless you have the opportunity to actually put it in your hands. It’s very different and I just installed one sight unseen. For $29 I’ll see what I think. Right now my favorite grip is the SuperStroke Triaxion 2.0.
  11. I bought a Ping Vault 2.0 Dale Anser and want to put a black shaft in it. Will a .355 putter shaft fit OK? Thanks
  12. Let me know when you want to sell it. Lol
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