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  1. Going to PGA National during the Honda, other than Champion, what is the ranking of the other courses? Anyone been?
  2. Also, whats ur analysis of 18th at Sawgrass tee shot?
  3. When you talk about the width between penalty hazards versus trees is this not more realistic for the pro golfer, who are having most of their balls in the trees found(75%or more>), whereas the average Am may find it closer to half the time? Does this change anything? Edit: this is for Scott thanks
  4. Anyone noticed Rahm's use of seemingly low lofted clubs for chipping? One of the strongest parts of his game and interesting that he is using this kind of an approach to the short game given the recent trend of young guns defaulting to a 60. Here is a chip in last week that looks to be an iron: https://twitter.com/i/web/status/861233125157765120 BTW: 28th in scrambling from fringe
  5. He is a pro. Players are allowed to pick a partner who is qualified to play it, Chase received a sponsors invite.
  6. Diligence, with the pre shot routine, has helped me, visualization, etc.
  7. I recommend CarveOn, not that cheap, but quick and great quality.
  8. Technically you don't "lift" up but you are swinging on the up side of the pendulum. It has been very apparent to me lately since I got a tee holder https://smile.amazon...tice tee holder to use instead of those rubbers tees at the range. Every time after I hit the ball I would have to adjust my tee because it had been either lifted slightly or knocked all the way out. This made it very clear to me I was hitting the ball on the up. I am technically taking lessons and last lesson we worked on driver. So last week while at the range I noticed all my strikes were on the heel. The balls had just
  9. I started around 10, was an 18 at 15 and am now a 4 at 18, so 3 years.
  10. From the driver video it seems like you'd have to google map every round at a new course for the club and target choices off par 4's and 5's. The approach shot target selections are based on pin positions, so as long as you had a pin sheet or close approximation of pin location, you wouldn't need to play a practice round at all (Q, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). I used Google Maps and planned my tee shots for my competitive round Wednesday, it took me maybe 20 minutes. After you figure out your dispersion with driver (carry distance and left-right dispersion width), it is pretty easy
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