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  1. in for a free pack, thanks for the heads up
  2. Doesn't winter get there on December 21st like the rest of the northern hemisphere? :tomato: technically on the calendar, yes......however the snow possibly coming down in the next few weeks has other ideas. We are usually good for the first snow falling anywhere from late September to late October. As of now, we're kind of stuck in the 50's, so I would guess it would be the latter
  3. just reading their website, it really doesn't seem like there are any strings attached. My brother has wanted t try these, so I shot him a text. It'll be a tight window up here in Alaska since winter is fast approaching
  4. just checked brickseek again, now shows my aeroburners at $7.48.....guess I'll have to make my way over there to check it out at lunch UPATE: the had 2 boxes of aeroburner @ $7.48 each....grabbed them both. The girl was actually pricing al the clearance items as I got there, so I had her check them and put sticker on he for me lol
  5. Checked our Target the other day after looking at Brickseek. Said there was the Aeroburner Pro in stock for about $12, no Bridgestone in stock Went to the store, had about 4 boxes of Aeroburners and probably 4-5 Bridgestone......nothing was on clearance even though it was listed in Brickseek as clearance
  6. Uggghhhhh $32 shipping because I live in Alaska....kills it for me.....dangit
  7. fi premiere ok so that's the same as the ones I already have, except I have the teal/black/volt colored ones I actually really like these ones, pretty comfortable, great to use on rainy or wet days since it seems like they hold the water out fairly well. I love the look of the one in the picture better though. Really want a pair of those Air Zoom tough, could wear those things as regular shoes and be fine with it too lol
  8. I'd take an invite to that Facebook group too if someone has time. What are those shoes in the bottom right of the last pic? I feel like I need those
  9. Got 2 sets of the premiers today 10 and 10.5 for me and my brother. So we received them in Alaska. If yours hasn't gotten them yet, don't hold your breath lol. We have golf shoes and the courses still have snow on them
  10. While not a huge steal, just picked up a Callaway Xtra lite stand bag and a 54 Mack Daddy 2 wedge for $70 total. Was looking for a wedge and new bag anyways Too bad I couldn't find that $8 bag from a few posts ago
  11. A pair of the grey/green finally hit ebay....too bad it's an 11.5 Anyone for some bigger feet for sale?
  12. If someone got those grey/green in around a size 10 and wants to sell, let me know. My brother got the white/red but I need those other ones!
  13. My K-Sigs being delivered was the ultimate tease. I received them one day, texted my brother that we needed to try them and it promptly snowed on us the next day good times
  14. I received my box yesterday in Alaska, only took 3 days to get here, didn't see the shipping location though. Hopefully I have a chance here to take them out soon.
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