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  1. Funny you should mention this, as earlier someone stated to try closing my eyes when I hit and I nailed 4 out of 5 doing that today. Again, obviously I have no definitive proof that my practice swing would have been great but I do have proof that it FEELS much better than my swing with a ball on the ground. It feels more confident, more fluid, better tempo, more relaxed, less tense, weight properly shifted, etc etc. My swing on the actual ball is tense, fails to clear my hips, over the top and slices like hell. Also, for what it worth, I played around with a swingbyte today and yes it actu
  2. [quote name='jut111' timestamp='1407960198' post='9926421'] Haven't purchased/used this, but have thought about it.. [url="http://www.backhandbrands.com/cnoevil.html"]http://www.backhandb...om/cnoevil.html[/url] [/quote] Now that looks like something I'll be trying out. To answer the questions about how do I know my practice swing is great. The answer is, that is "feels" really good. I feel myself shifting the weight, I feel myself leading with my hips, I skim the grass just right. When a ball is there, I focus on the ball, I change everything, I mentally focus on the ball and not on t
  3. Everything Kiwi referenced in those 3 quotes convinces me that it is indeed mental and when I read this part "[i]Whether it is the shift between feel and visual focus or just an overtaxed capacity for paying attention, the effect of this altered focus of attention is a host of common errors: trying to hit the ball hard in case you don't make perfect contact, tightening up all the wrong muscles at the wrong time, trying to "steer" the club into the ball, anticipating the result and looking up, and more. Since the golfer isn't paying attention the same way as in the practice swing it is easy t
  4. Before I jump on the its not a mental problem bus, why would I not experience this with birdie balls? My guess is because in my mind I know that a birdie ball isnt going to go far no matter how much I crush it, so I don't try to crush it, I just swing. BUT as soon as you remove the birdie ball and put a real ball there, everything breaks down. My swing doesnt even look or feel the same. No hip turn, no steady tempo, it becomes all about me having to muscle the ball and it gets ugly.
  5. Help me out here! Not only are my practices swing great (even on video) but I hit birdie balls and foam balls well also. As soon as you put a real golf ball in front of me though, I fall apart. Its mental, I get it, so what has worked for the rest of you to get past this sort of thing?
  6. I tried this and the grip felt really lose but it gives me a general idea of about where I need to be at. [quote name='Steve Ryan' timestamp='1407701839' post='9902729'] This is the best drill. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9QDHF7kS9U[/media] [/quote]
  7. Yeah, just when I was thnking I wouldnt use mine this deal popped up. Even if its junk, $30 aint bad.
  8. I'm a bit miffed, I've been to 6 lessons now and not once have I been asked "How hard are you gripping the club?" apparently the answer is WAY TO HARD! So hard my fingers and forearms are aching and I find myself stopping every few swings to flex my fingers and shake out my arms. This is probably why my club face isnt closing (due to a slight over the top swing that results from me trying to power the club with my hands/arms) and why it's uncomfortable to get a back swing beyond the 12:00 position - See reference swing video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA2hV7lIbEs&feature=yout
  9. Don't forget to use your $10 off coupons you got from Amazon Local last week!
  10. That would definitely explain the tension in my arms and hands. Perhaps I'm trying to compensate for my weak rotator cuff by using my arms/hands to power through the swing.
  11. I hurt my shoulder and have developed a bad compensating swing and can't for the life of me fix my slice now. The video shows my club face is open but I'm not 100% sure whats causing it. Advice appreciated! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA2hV7lIbEs&feature=youtu.be Note: Be sure to select 1080P playback and playback speed of .25
  12. Has anyone received a shipping confirmation yet? I ordered 5 days ago but thus far no update to my order.
  13. Changing things up a bit and as a result I've got some gear to sell. Prices are shipped & paypal CONUS. Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Kai'li 70 x5ct Stiff Flex w/ TaylorMade TP R1/SLDR Adaptor 44" w/ Adapter & Stock TM Grip - Used for a single range session and is excellent w/ exception of one nick in the paint (seen in photo) - $125 $120 $115 $110 $105 $95 Shipped Grafalloy TC Tour Concept Mid Launch Shaft Regular Flex w/ Golf Pride 2G Tour Wrap Grip - $55 $50 $45 Shipped BUY BOTH SHAFTS TOGETHER FOR $125 Shipped! Original OEM adapters on both! Puma Golf Shirt - Size Medium, New w/
  14. Im on my phone atm so I havent checked, but I posted this same thread yesterday here - http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1061885-daily-deals-sites-consolidated-list/ If you're missing any of those sites please grab them from there!
  15. Looks like there was an old thread that listed a few sites but some of the links didn't work and of course there are plenty more sites now. I will update this list as folks add new sites and I'll be sure to remove any stale links as time goes on. Note: I do not vouch for the integrity or legitimacy of these sites! While I have had good luck with a lot of these sites, please remember that YMMV! Some of these may require signing up via email, I suggest using a spam email address as they do send emails daily. Golf Gear: http://dealadaygolf.com http://www.golfdealsandsteals.com http://www.divo
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