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  1. Well a little research led me to the term "early extension". A few videos and Monte's description and swing thoughts have worked WONDERS! Can't believe all I needed was to know the terminology of what I was doing. Went to the range today and was loads more consistent! I couldn't believe how much better my misses were. I will work on a few things and report back, but I am very very optimistic. These things have been mainly helping: 1) a video i saw on release. I envision bringing the heel of the club to the ball instead of thinking about the toe at all...this one thought alone helped with me turning the club over too much. 2) Staying low through impact (saw a video where a guy tries to clip 2 pennies that are 4" apart, like a divot). This forced me to first stay low through hitting zone, and get the club coming straight through. 3) less flat shoulder turn at the top 4) in back swing I feel i was forcing a one piece take away too much causing me to get stuck a bit. I tried the back then up (e.g. kenny perry) and it's helped me not get so far inside. anyways, no one has really commented, but I think me just putting everything together and doing a little self analysis has helped immensely. Will post update to show progress in a week or so. Mark
  2. Hey guys, I know my swing has a plethora of problems, but looking at maybe just 1-2 things to work on. I've gone from a low-mid 80's player to high nineties because my swing has become extremely eratic. In recent years I've probably developed some very bad habbits showing off at the driving range (Could develop around 125-130mph swing speed and hit bombs over the back fence). With lots of practice and excellent timing in my youth I could get by, but getting a little older now (30) and things have come off the rails. Now my tee shots or so horendous I maybe hit 4 or less fairways. I plauged with length as well which makes offline shots even worse (about 265 with 3-wood and leave driver in the bag always). I've resorted recently to taking 6-7 iron off tee just to stop the embarassment. Things I know are bad: - often lose a lot of spine angle at impact. Throwing hips towards ball and many times towards the target as well (though not as bad in the video). This leads to many heel hits but never shanks. Worse on wood and driver obviously. (edit: realize with a little searching that this is early extension) - Probably am way too inside almost always. - Shoulders get pretty flat at the top - early extension and flat shoulders require me to time hands perfectly. - timing hands and their rolling over is my biggest issue and likely a result of a bad path. It's just so ingrained now that when I get on a good plane my hands just turn over too fast and hit a big hook (even if plane is right down the line). I've included a mix of my straight as well as typical big misses. 7 iron, driver, then 3-wood. Half-way through = 1/2 speed. [media=] [/media] Lastly, I cannot for the life of me hit a fade while compressing the ball. If I try and hit a fade it is always a clean pick and often a little thin. I was trying to use that mentality to again get on a better plane but I don't know how to time my swing so that the bottom of my swing is after the ball and the clubface is square or open to plane. I know I've ranted and my tendancy to overanalyze doesn't help. Hoping to work on just a few things to make progress. Thanks guys, Mark
  3. I never bought the whole argument about spin/loss of distance either. I was shopping around after having TM LT2's for a while. Wanted something with a smaller head to inspire more confidence/centre hits. Tried the s58 s57 and s56. Feel from s57 and s56 for me was almost negligable. Even if you look at the heads you can see the design is extremely similar except for the variable port weighting. I settled on the s57 with x100's. Absolutely no loss in yardage. If it matters, I hit a 7'iron 175-180, same as I did with my LT2's. I will say I prefer the feel of the LT2's and mizunos, but the accuracy and consistency (perhaps due to confidence/visuals) with my pings wins them over for me. Also had a much higher fade bias compared to my lt2 shovels - helped rid my hooks). Hope some of this helps.
  4. Hi there, So I tried some s56's out today and really enjoyed hitting them. Totally took away the left side for me (I struggle big with an overdraw on my Rac LT's). Anyways, going to get some s57's since they are dirt cheap on ebay right now and very close to s56. Question is 1) A standard built set of S57 with x100 from ping. Would they have adjusted these to D1 in spite of heavier shafts? 2) I want to arrive at D3-D4. Also need 1" over and around 1.5-2* upright (I'm tall with short arms :( )... I figured I could achieve this getting 1/2" over Green dots. Logic as follows: 1/2" over green dot will be about 1.5* upright head? (Because color system accounts for effective lie changes from shaft length? Pings system is a little screwy) After adding 1/2" extension, I should gain about 3 swing weights = Ideal D4 Lastly what's a good way to use midsize grips without counterweighting too much? Just use standard with wraps? Just trying to make sure my logic is right here.
  5. I threw a 95x V2 in my old titleist 906f4 but i think the shaft was a little much for me. I'm not a club whore or super picky, but I could tell i couldn't hit it well. It lacked head feel through the swing or something, but I couldn't hit it well. Maybe I need to start being more weary of headweights as when i cut my driver down to 44.5 my accuracy went out the window because I couldn't get the tempo right. Same thing could have happened with that 95x as I went 1/2" shorter when building it as well (attempting to counteract going from 80-95g shaft). Long and short of it is, I feel i should stick to something close to whats in there because it's working. Mark
  6. Hi guys, Thought i'd come here for a little advice. I bought a 13.5* 07 Burner strong 3-wood. This club has been awesome for me. I've struggled with my driver, but I'm hitting this thing well 80% of the time and hitting WAY more fairways = dropped from high 80's to low 80's in a matter of a month. Here's the thing, it comes stock with a VS Proto 80S. I hit the club about 260-270 Carry in 12* C Sea Level soggy Northwest fairways (no roll). I'm fairly certain the shaft is a tad too soft as every so often if I go after it a bit the ball can go left or right even when my swing feels in line. More specs of my swing. Driver SS 122ish 7iron distance 180yrds. Playing x100 Rac LTs. Anyways, down to brass tacks. Are there any current shaft profiles similar to the VS Proto. I've contemplated just grabbing an 80x if I can find one. Any other ideas though? I have in stock a V2 axiv green 95x. As I think i'm close in flex with the 80s, I wasn't sure I wanted to go to such a stout shaft, though I could tip it less. Any other thoughts on the launch/spin/feel characteristics and similar shafts would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I play the Rescue Dual TP Tour issue 19* and love it. It is my go to driving club actually. My driver accuracy is terrible but I can put this thing in play to about 240yds (255 if i go after it) with no roll ever. Easy to control distance too as I use it with about a 3/4 swing for about 210 on par 3's (when I'm not feeling my 4 iron). Very workable either way and no draw bias. Can vary trajectory as well, though it is tough to hit a very low shot (stinger) with the 19*. It just likes to get the ball up . Great off the deck, from the rough, from the sand, you name it. I use it a lot when i'm in trouble in the trees to. Can hit short (~100yrd) cuts or hooks around trees. It's really a very versatile club. The face seems much hotter than most hybrids i've tried. It explodes and just goes high and long. My 17* nickent 4dx wasn't as long and launched lower. I play it with an Irod Tour issue CB 100 X-flex. Love the heft and ability to cut through anything. Also keeps my tempo in check. I think the closed face and somewhat hook bias of the retail turned people off the club, but I avoid both of those with the tour issue. I liked it so much i grabbed a 22* Tour issue as well and threw a Dynamic gold SL X100 in it. Not a big fan of that shaft, and really my long irons started performing a little better for me. Anyways, I have only good things to say about this club. Only thing I wish it did was hit low low shots to stay under the wind. Mark
  8. Haha, Funny story. I really wanted a 35", but they only had 34" in stock. The only thing holding me back is that the 34" head is heavier (C-02H) which i might like. Plus i may change the grip anyways which would allow for a shaft extension. If you pay for my shipping though i'd do it. Shipping would be from 98295. Let me know. Mark
  9. ***EDIT*** Don't need it anymore. Sorry :( (very lame on my part). Mark
  10. Thought i'd share my new experience on the i-302's. I was at a local golf store and saw a set of these on the used rack. Picked one up...looked a little beat up, no ferrules for some reason, lots of bag clatter, etc. Well Project X in them, so that's decent...but no freq rating for some reason. Then i picked up the 7 with the price tag... ... $69.99 CDN! :man_in_love: Told the salesman that some retard put them together with no ferules and he gave me another $10 off. They had new golf prides on too. I was smiling all the way home. Pulled a grip and found 6.5 on the shafts...perfect for my swing. Cleaned em up a bit and they really aren't that bad except for a dent in the pw. Profile wise they are very similar in shape to my Rac LT's, but with a slightly thinner topline and every so slightly smaller overall. But best of all, less offset. Exactly what i've been looking for. Tried them at the range a bit and am loving them. Solid feedback and more workable i'd say (can hit a fade easier which i usually can't with my irons very easily). Great trajectory with the Project X too. Awesome feel overall on flush hits too. They are a serious contender to knock the Rac LT's out of my bag. After i extend them all and get some midsize on them, they will see a more thorough evaluation. But it's looking promising. Just thought i'd share.
  11. Driver: Srixon W-403ad - reshafted with V2 ($60) = $110 3wd: Srixon w-403ad 15* -with purple ice ($30) = $90 19* Rescue Dual TP Tour Issue w/Irod tour X = $100 (off here :) ) 3-pw TM Rac LT2 - $215 (off ebay) 52, 56 Rac TP Y-cutters - $65 58* Rac TP Z-cutter - $80 El Cheapo putter that works for me (no name?) $0 = $660 Mostly off ebay But that's just in the bag...I spend more trying other stuff. Just bought 17,20,23 Nickent 4dx's along with some accuflex evolution shafts for them. = $180 Mac MT460, 3wd = $110 (both :P) More shafts, v2 75x, v2 hybrid x ($80) X100's for my irons ($75) and looking for a spider. But on the most part, i'd think i'm a bargain finder with good equipment for the money. What matters is i don't have to play the most current and high tech stuff ($300-400 drivers, $1000 irons).
  12. I see the left elbow bend slightly at the top. This is something i should remove from the swing? keep it perfectly straight. I think when i go at it harder too, I might break down a bit more. Perhaps i posted a few shots where my hips don't fly as much. But they can travel a good 8-10" forward sometimes. Also, even if they are supposed to move, i feel like the timing of the move might be wrong. They can move too much too early and leave everything a bit too far behind sometimes. Thus leading to a push, or a hook when i try and catch up with a handsy release.
  13. Just this week (made a thread i was so excited). Srixon I-302 forged irons 4-pw. With new GP Tour Velvet and project x 6.5 satin (didn't know 6.5 till i pulled the grips). Only a 5/10 condition maybe (no ferules, adhesive on em...), but with a quick re-glue and clean up they could be 7/10's. Anyways, I wanted a forged smaller players club with x-stiff, so it was a PERFECT find. Were asking $69.99cdn (60us), i said some amateur had installed the shafts and no ferrules and the guy knocked $10 off. So $60CDN = $50US for a full set of forged irons with Project X :) $65 shipped for a Macgregor MT460 with a DVS proto 70x ain't bad either (shaft is worth about that). Mark
  14. My swingHey guys. So i saw a few others post shots of their own swings and thought it looked like fun. Grabbed my crappy digicam at wayyy too late an hour and went into the garage. Here's my swing (at 50% framerate)... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNz7rGmcCtw A bit about my swing and where i need help. misses are usually a hook, sometimes pull hook (mostly closing club face), or a push. I really found it helpful just looking at my own swing. From behind i feel everything is decently online. But from the side is where i really see troubles. 1) Hands are not in front of ball at address. Albeit i was out of room to place the club on the ground, i checked my hand position after and sure enough, it's probably in line with the ball. This looks funny just in the strange angle seen between the arm and my club. 2) My busy swaying hips. I think my hip movement is where my big problems are coming from (but i could be way off). Typically they sway back a bit, but a HUGE thrust forward on the swing. I think this is causing me to get handsy trying to catch up and time the release. For now, I'm going to create a more "compressive" angle at address (hands in front), and secondly, i'm going to do the drill where you setup an old shaft outside the left hip and don't bump it. Anyone else see anything? I don't know much...self taught and shoot in the high 80's (terrible short game :S).
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