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  1. https://golf.com/news/phil-mickelson-two-out-of-bounds-analysts-distance-swings/
  2. WADkins giving Philly a hard time again this week. JEALOUS
  3. When Phil plays on the Champions Tour Lanny Watkins runs him down almost compulsively. Comes accross extremely jealous and bitter.
  4. If I want to watch information about Black History I would turn the channel to BET. Golf channel should be only about golf. Simple as that, no left politics, no right politics.
  5. Did I say that I need a safe space? Of course not. I am voluntarily turning off the television. I am sick of politics being jammed down my throat. Sports should not be political.
  6. I am sorry about breaking the rules here but Golf Channel is totally unwatchable now. Way too much leftist propaganda. I am done with it.
  7. Ping K15 3 Wood is the easiest ever. Cheap too!
  8. How do the MP 18 MMC compare to the MP 53?
  9. Anything out there that's cheaper than MP20s? Too expensive for me. I should have stated newer not new new.
  10. Is there anything new out there that plays like the MP 53s? Turf interaction, launch, forgiveness in a players cb etc?
  11. Started taken lessons to bring my game to the next level. Low 70s etc. Instructor told me I could never do it with my current swing, complete overhaul. Bought into the instructors perfect swing method hook line and sinker. Took my first lesson at the end of August and have been going every week since then. Now I can't even play, doubt I could break 110 at the moment. I am beyond frustrated, I have been quiting around the 12th hole. Golf was a game that was a refuge from the real world for me. It was a place to relax. Now I dread it and it causes anxiety. I am practicing all the time and I am getting worse and worse. What should I do?
  12. This hasn't even been mentioned yet on this site. News came out yesterday. JD is going to quit smoking and cut back on the 28 diet cokes per day. Not afraid to die apparently.
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