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  1. This hasn't even been mentioned yet on this site. News came out yesterday. JD is going to quit smoking and cut back on the 28 diet cokes per day. Not afraid to die apparently.
  2. Realistically, I want to shoot in the 70s all the time. I know I will never make it to scratch and I am okay with that. But 77, 78 all the time would be nice.
  3. Hey Guys, I recently bought an older Taylormade ATV wedge on a whim for $20 bucks. Anyways it turns out I hit this thing on a dime. There is something about the flat non rounded sharp leading edge sole that cuts through the turf perfectly for me. Do any of you know of a full set of irons that have a similar leading edge? I have heard that the 2007 Callaway X forged could be like the ATV wedge, anything else? What about the Srixon VT sole?
  4. No offense, but if you're working at a golf course and you're resentful towards the twilight golfers for holding you up, find another job. Its that simple.
  5. > @cpeck said: > fantastic pair of shoes. Shoes? You guys are crazy, she has a fantastic pair of knockers! That's going to be my opening line when I try to pick her up. P.S. I'm not that smart.
  6. > @ebrasmus21 said: > > @JoeyJoeyJoeJoe said: > > Love Amanda! Going to marry her one day. > > Sounds like it’s getting pretty serious. Sure is! I only have to lose about 20 pounds and increase my income by a couple a million a year and she will be all mine!
  7. Love Amanda! Going to marry her one day.
  8. Difference of opinion = troll lol Whats next? Russian bots?
  9. Some people are blue pilled cucks that believe everything at face value instead of reason, facts, and evidence. Critical thinking is a tough one.
  10. You're never going to be with her. Quit being such a white knight cuck.
  11. I personally feel this was more of a cosmetic issue than a health issue. She looks completely different.
  12. Looks like Peter Malnati is a virtue signalling SJW. Please tell us how bad of a guy Trump is because its mainstream to do so. What a Cuck, Trump is trying to create demand for jobs so the poor can get out of poverty and dependancy. This guy does not understand economics, ignores history, and forms his opinions on emotion instead of facts. https://mobile.twitter.com/PeterMalnati/status/911974327125409793?p=v
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