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  1. Wow this is probably worse than if he just finished 5th and didn’t make it close. Just reiterates him not being able to close out the big moments
  2. Did you turn it off when Jordan Spieth won his 2nd Masters in 2016?
  3. And I’ve muted the TV. Lasted longer than I thought
  4. There’s too much Bryson Bashing, I need Patrick Reed to go on a run to make this thread interesting today
  5. Is this a reference to Frankie from Barstool alluding to him being able to beat him up?
  6. Just so you know if American media whom is very virtuous doesn’t ask a question it doesn’t mean that an entire country’s media (Japan) won’t ask a player different set of questions.
  7. This is the ultimate troll thread, if you come at Rory Europe is against you. If you come at El Tigre all the world is against you no matter what the situation is
  8. If you played in Japan for 10 years would you be fluent enough to do an interview in the biggest tournament of the year in Japanese?
  9. You can also in Canada just go to the masters website and watch shot x shot. But you do miss Sir Nicks funky side burns
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