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  1. capking

    Alberta Courses

    they might ask for ID and limit to 3
  2. capking

    Alberta Courses

    Oh s*** my bad I misread that and thought it said they were closing, then I stopped there. That’s interesting, basically means I’m not playing with more than 3 ppl for a bit
  3. capking

    Alberta Courses

    Anyone see it on an actual news site?
  4. capking

    Alberta Courses

    Well glad I got to play today then
  5. Play whatever you want, most golfers know nothing about brands and equipment.
  6. Turns out if you land a ball 3 feet from water going towards it... it goes in
  7. Tough chip from Lydia there, looked like my chipping
  8. capking

    Alberta Courses

    To be fair they could do more at courses, like no shared carts unless same households or make people have masks on when ordering from the beer cart. But we’re usually 2 weeks behind what happens in Ontario, no golf in the summer would suck.
  9. capking

    Alberta Courses

    Hit up the quarry this week, was ok. Greens pretty bumpy and no driving range open. Slate wasn’t open and had equipment digging on #1.
  10. Wow this is probably worse than if he just finished 5th and didn’t make it close. Just reiterates him not being able to close out the big moments
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