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  1. capking

    Alberta Courses

    Looks like VIP bumped up their renewal price 30 bucks
  2. Now that’s commitment haha, has your dispersion improved with the cobra switch? I haven’t read this thread for awhile my apologies if I didn’t see it if previously addressed.
  3. I enjoy getting notifications 6 months after a post with the same Hacky Response. How often do you tell people you have a Sun Mountain golf bag?
  4. capking

    Alberta Courses

    I got 22 rounds in, could’ve been more but I basically worked all of the spring so I missed out on 2 months also at way higher than a 0.4 handicap haha. But paid for VIP in actual savings.
  5. Someone has been watching Norm MacDonald clips
  6. Justin Thomas definitely wants more mic’s around him on the course
  7. Is it any caddy who you know who they are?
  8. Broadcast should be interesting now, Bones was pretty good as long as he wasn’t talking about JT. Little to much fawning in my opinion.
  9. capking

    Alberta Courses

    Oh nice, I played the links and it’s rated higher then the old course. It’s not bad but I just found it shocking it was rated so high. Range isn’t great, carts are old and every cart path is half gravel and uneven pavement. The course is also average maybe I’m a harsh critic but usually if u play a better course you expect a bit more.
  10. capking

    Alberta Courses

    Got out to Wolf Creek for the first time, pretty surprised it’s in the score golf top 100. It was okay
  11. So it looks like Cantlay was just wearing the sweater meant for the wives/significant others.
  12. Commercials 90 seconds of golf commercials
  13. Who was he paired with? DJ the #2 in the world….
  14. I say them on the range let alone the course! But according to a popular podcast I am Garbage.
  15. I think Hovland could beat him, Collin was kinda crappy on the front nine looked gassed. Then he hit the NOS and was amazing but in this incoherent rambling I’m saying there’s a chance.
  16. In Rory fashion that means he’ll play unreal tomorrow
  17. Well his only real option is to play pacino’s any given Sunday speech and walk out
  18. I haven’t seen Scottie hit a shot for at least 2 hours it seems
  19. yeah that’s why I used as an example/joke
  20. Isnt Lowry the only big one? I’m sure his BMI is the same as Dechambeau
  21. Rahm seems to have handled it a tad better…
  22. Lowry feeling it, exciting to watch him get fired up haha
  23. Spieth without the answer, if Rory remembers how to golf this afternoon tomorrows matches might actually mean something
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