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  1. I guess I'm a Pasatiempo stan, but to me the entire value of the course and why it's so good is the routing and green complexes, which are MacKenzie's though restored by Doak and are fantastic. It would absolutely not be as highly regarded as it is without MacKenzie's name, but that's what it is: a public MacKenzie course with fantastic green complexes. I guarantee you had Fazio or Rees Jones for example been given that piece of property, the course would not be nearly as good as it is. It is absolutely not going to win beauty contests against other courses in prettier landscapes,
  2. Thanks for the detailed update. Always cool to hear someone else's take on courses you've played. I'm absolutely with you that Spanish Bay is a gorgeous course. Beautiful in fact. I just wasn't so inspired by some of the holes there. Not to say I had a bad experience: it was a lot of fun, just not my favorite round of the trip by any means. I remember being a little wild off the tee and not finding a ton of my shots that ended up in the scrub on the side of holes, but glad you were able to! Yeah Spyglass is pretty brutal at times. I definitely would've taken a cart at Spyglass. Yo
  3. Cabot is likely a no-go this summer. I had a trip (originally booked for July 2020) that I pushed to July 2021, and Cabot just reached out to me to ask me to reschedule/postpone because they don't think the Canadian border is going to be open to leisure American travel this summer. I ended up pushing it (again) to July 2022. My recommendation would be Bandon if you can get the availability. It seems to fit your bill: now five full length courses on the same piece of property accessible via their shuttle, an amazing par 3 in the Preserve, and a putting course as well in the Punchbow
  4. I definitely agree: I don't get the Poppy Hills hate. At the NCGA rate it's a tremendous value for a really good course IMO. I played Pebble from the gold tees. I'm probably 280-ish off the tee with mediocre ball striking. I didn't really feel like I was missing anything playing it a little up from the 6800 on the back. The greens there are tiny and hard to hit for the most part. I was still hitting normal clubs into most holes. The one exception was 8, where the tee was way up on the hill the day I played it so I hit a lot less club than I was expecting and actually was mis-clubb
  5. Talking about cities specifically, I think I'd go with Phoenix/Scottsdale as some other people have mentioned. It's not as good golf as the destinations people mentioned, but I wouldn't consider Bandon/Pinehurst/Monterey anywhere near a city. My favorites that I've played in the Scottsdale area are at We Ko Pa and Troon North. We Ko Pa Saguaro is my favorite that I've played in the area. I think it's relatively well known, but it's a Coore-Crenshaw design much farther out from civilization than Troon North, for example, which has a lot of housing right around it. The long, unobstr
  6. I would only swap Pebble and Pasa on those rankings. I loved Pasatiempo but for one round I think Pebble is better. Pebble absolutely deserves its bucket list status and IMO even at its crazy price it is worth doing once. That’s saying something about Pasatiempo though. I loved that course and it would probably be the course I’d most want to be my “home course” that I could play over and over again. It’s in my top 5 courses I’ve played. I absolutely liked it more than Spyglass even though I think Spyglass is typically rated higher. other posters are right that Pasatiempo doesn’t have
  7. I did this exact trip (5 courses, 5 days) in this neck of the woods in 2018 with my dad. I have a thread somewhere in the California section floating around but it's obviously been three years. Our itinerary was: - Pasatiempo - Poppy Hills - Spanish Bay - Spyglass - Pebble My #1 piece of advice is to make sure you don't skip Pasatiempo, which it looks like you're following according to your proposed itinerary. That place is unbelievably good and it may be the course from that trip that I think about the most to this day. Like others
  8. If you want to stay at the Pebble Resorts Id say Spyglass Hill would be my pick for a second course there. But if you want a great golf course in that general area I’d drive up to Santa Cruz and play Pasatiempo. It’s an outstanding Alister Mackenzie course with some of the coolest green complexes you’ll see. You can’t really go wrong with golf up that way. Monterey is a beautiful area of the US with great golf!
  9. Haven't played these courses in a few years since we moved away from Denver, but I'd agree with your assessment. Bear Dance is better and a great experience. I think the seclusion is the number one factor: you rarely see houses around you even though there are some. The Ridge, especially the front nine, has the "playing through a housing development" feel. There are still lots of really cool holes. I like the layout a lot and I think Weiskopf's designs are generally really fun to play. The back nine at the ridge is really good, but 18 vs 18 I like Bear Dance better. It really reminds me how sp
  10. I played all three on a trip two years ago that also included stops at Poppy Hills and The Links at Spanish Bay. For me: Pebble BeachPasatiempoSpyglass HillPebble is Pebble. It deserves the hype it gets. It's unbelievably gorgeous, but also has great, memorable shots. The 4-10 stretch is maybe the best 7 hole consecutive stretch I've ever played. And 17 and 18 is a tremendous finsh as well. It is the definition of a bucket list public golf course IMO. You must play it at some point. I was shocked how much I loved Pasatiempo, looking back on the trip. It's an incredible course, and honestly is
  11. Here's my two cents: I think we need to talk about what we're defining "exclusive" as: is it a public golf course that is expensive (however you want to define it), or is it a truly private club that is even more expensive to join and play on a regular basis? I have no issue with public courses charging high dollar greens fees. It's a market after all, and they wouldn't charge those rates if they couldn't get them. Someone is willing to pay them to keep them in business: If they charge them and can't get them, they'll go out of business and people won't come back. I play the vast majority of
  12. I do like your day 2 of having Pacific + Preserve, but it may be even better to get that later in the trip if possible, but the tournament may make this tricky. I find a day like that where you're playing less than 36 is better after you've already had a day of 36. The first day isn't bad at all IMO. Personally I would rather play one of the 18 hole courses twice rather than the Preserve twice but that's just me. You won't be disappointed by the Preserve though; it's awesome. Personally I'd try to get Old Mac in the morning of Day 4 if you can. I like Old Mac in the morning more. I think Shee
  13. I've played Bardmoor, which I wouldn't recommend for anything more than a place to play 18 holes of golf in St Pete. The back nine has a little bit of intrigue, but feels appropriately priced around $30 if you can find it on GolfNow/TeeOff. Can't speak to the other ones.
  14. I've only played Bayou Club, which I don't think is terribly private. Other than that, I'm really a public track guy. Can't speak to Belleair or other privates like the Vinoy in the area unfortunately.
  15. My family lives in St. Pete and unfortunately it's not a great place for day-to-day golf. Most public courses immediately around there are not particularly high quality. Theoretically you could drive over to Tampa to play a couple places like TPC Tampa Bay (which is supposed to be decent but expensive for what it is), Fox Hollow (I haven't played but supposed to be decent). Other than that, the more high-profile locations that are further away would be: Innisbrook, which hosts a PGA Tour event but has never really interested me enough to go up and spend the money, would probably be 45 mins
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