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  1. Thanks. What’s up Warrick? How goes it?
  2. Goomba! Fantastic! I’ll check that out. I haven’t seen that one yet. Was it expensive?
  3. Thanks for the info king slender. I’ll take a look. Where did you come up with your name? Lol
  4. Ok. I’ll take a look. On that birdie balls green, does the green have some cushion to it? Or is it just like a thin carpet? I’m kind of wanting this green to double as a cushion as my balls hit off my screen and come back towards me. This is going on a cement floor. Thanks for your help
  5. Good morning all. I recently grabbed my launch monitor/simulator booth out of storage. I put it together and I came up with an idea to buy a indoor putting green in between my hitting mat and my screen that I hit into. Online it looks like something the size I’m looking for gets pretty damn expensive. I’m looking for a 9x10 green. If it’s as expensive as it looks, I’ll just go back to my original idea of green carpet or something. Anyway, does anyone know where I can buy a half way decent putting green that’s not too expensive? Thanks, GC ?
  6. Thanks. I tried to search on here prior to starting the thread But I can’t seem to figure out how to get accurate results with the search here anymore. Lol
  7. I took a couple of year hiatus from golf so I didn’t even try the 785 gear. Did you guys try it out? I’ve been reading good stuff about the driver and I’ve liked all of their last few new sets of irons and woods.
  8. Hey guys. I can’t seem to find much info on whether or not Srixon has a new driver coming out this year. It’s been a while since the 785 was released. Has anyone heard anything? Thanks
  9. I’ve been finishing off my basement the last couple of days. It looks like I missed a lot. I am a big fan of Piretti putters. I’ve liked every Piretti I’ve owned. In my mind, I see them as a bigger putter company. But i would definitely like to find a couple of Piretti’s I had in the past when I was switching every club in my bag every month. (No exaggeration.) ?
  10. Everything Edel makes is great. Back in the day I remember using one of their E-3 torque balanced putters. I liked it.
  11. Hahahahaha ok. I hadn’t realized that was the case. I just know that Cally players had a few of their drivers fail when tested recently at tour events.
  12. Very lucky. Are the fires under control out there yet? It’s just horrible from what I’ve seen on the news
  13. so I read up on the Mavrik driver the other day. I noticed one of the issues they fixed was the epic flash’ face weakens over time and the CT creeps up over what is deemed legal by the USGA. Should we be looking to pick up some of the more used epic flash to put in play for us? ?
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