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  1. I tried the bicep curling release and hit some beautiful fades with my driver. Problem is once in a while I don't close the face and hit a big push slice. I have since been trying to stop opening the face so much on my backswing. Feels effortless when I do it correctly.
  2. For sale is a used Graphite Design Tour AD TP-7 Shaft in Stiff flex with a Callaway adapter installed. I used it for my Epic but now have sold that driver. I am asking for $180 shipped to CONUS. PM me with any questions.
  3. I have a 112 mph swing speed with my driver and play C Taper Lite in stiff. Should I look into getting x stiff shafts or are those shafts stiff enough for my swing speed?
  4. My miss right now is a hook or a push. I also hit the ball extremely high.
  5. Hi guys, Here is my latest swing. I am really trying to lift my left arm to what seems like over my head on my backswing to fix my flat inside takeaway. It is still not very high but it is way less flat with this feel. Should I feel like I am delaying my hips so my arms can get in front of my chest or just fire them like I do? Anything else you guys see that needs work? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG35DU9yNuM
  6. First week and half after watching the video I was hitting the best shots of my life, had makeable birdie putts on most holes. Now I'm fighting a push or snap hook on every shot and have no idea where my ball is going. I think I'm coming way inside to out but not sure why. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?
  7. Anyone hitting the ball really high with this swing thought? I played yesterday and was hitting shots much higher with more spin than normal.
  8. Anyone notice a much higher ball flight with the BX? My driver is going a little further but the apex height is incredibly high, much higher than the older ball. I play a 8 degree Epic, not sure if it is launching too high or if that is how it should be.
  9. Shot a career low 69 at my club. Now just need to get more consistent so I can drop my handicap to scratch! Good rounds are low 70s but will still shoot low 80s here and there.
  10. I am a 7.6 and average 2 birdies per round over the last 20 rounds. I play a shorter course (6400 yards) and drive the ball pretty well so I have had rounds with 4-5 birdies, just depends on good the putting is that day.
  11. During our last club championship I shot a 75 to be in 2nd place after the first round followed by a smooth 91. I haven't had a worse round, had no confidence in my swing and it led to struggles with chipping and putting as well. It was my highest score in over three years but I guess that is golf!
  12. My handicap has dropped from 13 to 6.1 over the two and half years since I joined my club. Going from playing once or twice a month to playing once or twice a week makes a huge difference!
  13. What an introduction for Tiger. Not a good shot though.
  14. Played 9 yesterday and hit the ball pretty well (38). Really trying to rotate and not flip through impact. With irons, if I don't flip I get a straight flight and a pull draw when I flip. With the driver, it is a straight shot with a little flip or a fade with no flip. I think my club face is still open in the downswing, should I try to change my grip to be stronger or try to get the right palm more down through impact? I think messing with the wrist might be a tougher route but not sure which one is the right way to get the club to close in the downswing.
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