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  1. im getting a hybrid shaft and the is an excess of epoxy that the builder forgot to clean .. is there a safe way to remove it without damaginf the shaft/ferrrule/paint
  2. for a 19 deg hyrbid..can be the one for the 21 deg too.. i provide shipping tlabel to canada so price without shipping please.. cheap as possible
  3. willing to split the hybrid head and shaft if i have buyer for both
  4. other trade option .. stiff fwd shaft with cobra adapter , stiff hybrid shaft with titleist adapter for 818 h1 19deg
  5. bump.. open for trade.. looking for vokey sm7 50/12 and 54 s grind .. odyssey putter /toulon ( nothing wiith red ) np 2 or np head style, heavy .
  6. Titleist 818 H1 21 deg. Reg .All standard . 4 round of play. Dont use it enough to justify . Come with stock weight and cover+ draw/fade 14 weight. Can include the Sunfish blue cover for 30$ more SOLD ..SUNFISH COVER AVAILABLE 30$ shipped 115$ shipped Wilson Pmp wege 60 deg. 3 round of play . 65$ shipped Hzrdus T800 6.0 . Cobra adapter . see pics for lenght , 45 inch in cobra F9. 95$ shipped Nike 1/4 zip 833280-010 , size large .. But fit more like a medium because of style of shirt . Need a Xl .35$ shipped Adidas 1/4 zip. Bramd new .. This one fit a little bigger th
  7. i had both.. fake and real , and most of the time, the fake one are spot on the weight , while the real one are 1 or 2gram less than the marked weight .. same thing with headweight .. And be aware that the newer weight have diffrent font on them, confusing people .. And i agree , expert on TCC ( aka smjr5 ) can help with identifying weight. somtimes its the little detail that confimr wich one is a fake vs real one.
  8. open for trade..need a stiff shaft form my 818 h1 19deg hybrid.. something in the 74-80 gram range
  9. for the vice golf balls, new price , 60$ shipped for 2 dozen, 3 sleeve and if i have one or two in the only opened sleeve, ill put they in too
  10. cover sold 2 dozen vice tour balls 45$ shipped
  11. Adding a Callaway steelhead gap wedge ( A) . 49 deg stiff kbs tour 90 shaft .Brand new .. 85$ shipped
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