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  1. i pulled the plug. got the sim max irons ..as much as i love the p790 look, im sure ill be better off with the sim max ..will fit more my swing
  2. Mitsubishi diamana s60 limited . Came from a Sim 2 ti 3 wood. all stock .70$ + shipping 42 6/8 inch long Mitsubishi Tensei Raw AV blue stiff . Came from a sim 2 TI 5 wood. Never used 60$ + shipping Project X evenflow Riptide 6.0 70g. Cut to standard lenght for F9 3 wood. 75+shipping ( 41 3/4 inch long ) Aldila Rogue Silver MSI 110 60 x driver shaft with tm tips . 60$ + shipping 44 inch long Aldila NV 2KXV blue 70 -R 41 3/4 inch long. No tip or grip 35$ +shipping ( can add a grip and TM tips for 30$) Srixon Z star dozen . 25$ ( only shipped if you buy something else) Send offer by PM only
  3. i tried the G425 and i compare them with the P790 , and i would have taken the p790 before them. I dont know why but i didnt like them
  4. prefer the look of the sim max .. only issue is that only regular are available in pretty much every place i look but easy to replace the shaft with something im good with
  5. upgrade mean more something new to me lol ..but 4 irons is not one i use so my set are usually 5-pw .
  6. i know but im afraid that the P790will be a bit too hard for me and wont enjoy the them as much as i should
  7. so they should fly farther than my callaway for the same irons
  8. Coming from a set of Callaway Steelhead XR , im lookign to upgrade my irons. I tried the P790 2021 and really love them but always had these in the back of my heads. I prefer the look of these over the 2021 model but since im not able to find them in store i need your help. Are they good irons, Usually shoot around 90-95 . My irons have the kbs tour 90 stiff shaft and like them a lot . So i need som input from someone who has them
  9. good thing i ask the question . the sim 2 max or sim 2 just went on sale and would have pulled the plug if i had not read all your comment
  10. Yeah but i was planning to cut it to 5 wood lenght unless i find the exact shaft from the sim ti 5 wood
  11. and if i compare tip trimming on mitsubishi website, 3 wood is .5 tip trimming and 5 wood is .75 , so a quarter inch trimming i dont think ill see much diffrence
  12. I bought a sim 2 ti but dont want the tensei.. i have 2 diamana form the 2020 and 2021 sim ti .. would you suggest to cut the 3 wood shaft to 5 wood lenght or to get a shaft fitted for the 5 wood
  13. i love mine .. but im kind of a nutcase with matching driver and 3 wood.. or at least have the driver newer than the 3 wood . .and since i have a sim 2 3 wood im in a dilemma ... So outside of the look of the sim 2 that i prefer ...anything might help me change it.. the seller at golftown here told me im better with my sim max,,any tought
  14. Driver , fwd and hybrid New or mint
  15. Does anyone know where i could get cove for those, outside of cheap chinese model and vualt cover that are too expensive for the one i want
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