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  1. is it bad to hope mine does it and get a radspeed to replace it ?
  2. Several pair of shorts some new, some worn a few time overt he years .The blurry one is a pair of underarmour . dont remeber the model, but its black and its new . the new underarmour would be 75$ for the 2 pair. All the rest would be 20$ a pair .. But if your buyin only a pair , i would need to charge shipping from canada . the last pics is a oakley take golf shorts, its say 32 but fit like a 30 .. if you want all of them , ill make a deal .
  3. looking for that grip only and original 20 gram weight for np/np2
  4. 15 gram auhtentic weight . Dont have use for them. will come with generic tool.. 45 $ shipped for them, add 3% for G & S
  5. let me how it works.. whwn the border will be open , i might be tempted to grab one
  6. My ss is around 80 with my irons. I tought too that i needed a reg flex but went back to stiff as i was hitting the ball anywhere except where i wanted to. Went back with stiff , problem solved
  7. its the lenght of the shaft without the head . Stock lenght are available on Cobra website, but the lenght of the shaft are not available , that the info in need ************ sorry, didnt saw the pics .. My netwoork seem to be lagging sometimes.. That the inof i was looking for.. Thanks **
  8. Im in the process of building my driver and 3 wood shaft im wondering what would be the lenght of the shaft form tip to butt if i want stock lenght for both . Mine are the F9 driver and 3-4 wood . Never had the stock shaft with those so i cannot verify myself
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