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  1. Shanking.... Without doubt the worse feeling in the game. You can have bad shots, holes etc but at least you're still playing the game you love..... Golfers have quite over the shanks and it's should destroying, you can solve it but it scrambles your mind like nothing else in golf
  2. I watched that in lockdown yep they looked like the isi iron...... I'm going from isi set to new mizuno..... If my dad hadn't bought the mizzys I'd be just gaming the isi all the time
  3. I remember a good few fellas at my club having these in the bag during the 80s....mainly UK based. Dunlop use to make some fantastic blade irons, many top tour pros used Dunlop irons through the 60,70,80s....sadly they only do budget now. But they look a sweet looking iron, I'd guess at 1986 time maybe a little before. Enjoy them
  4. Come on lads, 55 years of hurt can end tonight....... Come on England no one will be in work or school tomorrow....... Just please win.... Please!!!!!!
  5. It's coming home, it's coming home can they do it? Never get a better chance now
  6. My eye 2s are from 1986 I think..... Putter is older than me, ping y blade. 5 wood is a callaway war bird... That's well over 20 years old.... Oh dear I do keep hold of stuff
  7. 5 foot 6"......everything is 3/4" less and 2 degree flat. My putter is 32" long. Have to have everything cut down, especially with modern equipment..... The old pings were great, were already shorter in length. Pick up a 6 iron now and it feels like 3 iron to me
  8. Got married in 2006, thinking what I had in the bag...... Titleist 905d driver Callaway 5 wood which I still use today Callaway x12s, 3-pw....wish I still had them, loved them... Best irons Ive ever had Ben hogan riveria 56 blade sw Wilson tpa putter..... Best putter I ever had. Makes me wonder why I changed, used it for years and boy I could put with it. All in all, I had a much better bag back in 2006 than I have now. I'd swap that right now with 2021...except the driver, love my cobra f9
  9. Just commented on another thread about all hybrids.... That's what I've got. My irons got so bad that I was just hitting my 3-4 hybrids all the time, even from 150 yards. Love hitting my woods and hybrids, so I thought stuff it I'm getting a whole set of the babies. I'm enjoying my golf now more than I've done in years, get called rotten but in truth I don't care. Had some cracking scores with them and I can use them til I'm 6 feet under.
  10. I've gone down this route..... Love hitting my woods and hybrids, my irons suck especially the mid irons. So I added a 5&6 hybrid and I just love them. Now I've gone full hog and bought the lot, 4-pw......i love them. The uk has a good number of full hybrid set on lesser known brands. Went to American golf and bought the rife x4..... But have them in steel shafts. Bargain I though at £348......really enjoying my game at the moment
  11. Well we got a reply..... See what happens. My gripes with the glazers are, huge ticket hikes, automated cup scheme.... Buy cup tickets or lose your season ticket. If you opt out of cups, you can't go to any finals if you get there.... Argghhhh!!! Went from a well run club operating at no more than 40% on transfers, wages etc to £750m in debt and it's still at £450m after 16 years. They haven't used or spent any of their own money.... Money spent was generated by the club. Only started spending when fergie left because the team needed rebuilding.... Fergie got nowt for years,
  12. Wel that's a first, had the laugh that a bbc reporter said the team coaches couldn't leave their hotel because of fan congestion..... Just counted 19 there's no one there. Easily could have started with just an hour delay..... But im really disappointed with the actions of those few hundred idiots, when the others were all peacefully protesting........ But we've been doing that for 16 years and these patacites are still here. Not sure what to think to be honest
  13. I vote old man pat.... I just want to be on the right side of the turf at 80, that fella is a seriously good golfer. You can tell he was some player way back
  14. Still got my walter hagen ultradyne 2s....still feel lovely, and I can easily just game them instead. Made in 74-76 and in stainless steel.... Classic looking blade and great fun today
  15. Remembered another one.... Roadkill with Hugh Laurie.... Great story and cast in it, plus Sarah Green she's lush!
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