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  1. Looking for a custom my sim 2 head in 9degree. Please let me know what you got.
  2. Just looking for a mysim head. PLease let me know im in a hurry
  3. Looking to move a few putters. Please no trades. All come with the correct COA and tour cover. All COA have been signed and most of the cover by Cameron himself. The COA states exactly what the putter is. Some have never been released for production. Most have been used but all remain in very good condition. 1. Cameron Sante Fe Pro Platinum. Asking 1100 2. 1993 Masters Victory. Asking 1100 3. Cameron Santa Fe GSS. Asking 5000 4. Cameron Teryllium Santa Fe. Asking 1400 5. Cameron Classic Newport. Asking 1000 6. Cameron Prototype Beach. Asking 750 7. Cameron ICC Coupe. Asking 1000 8. Cameron t10 1.5 ButtonBack. Asking 3500 9. Cameron SSS Del Mar Scado. Asking 2000
  4. Please NO Trades 1. Callaway TCB raw irons with DGTI x7 softstepped 1x. Playing .5 over standard. Tour issue align buff grips. 4-pw and I’m really good used shape. D4 swingweight. Asking 1500 obo 2. Axis Rose Putter. Pretty much perfect. Playing 34. Super stroke grip. Asking 300 obo 3. Callaway Jaw Forged wedges. The 52 has a x7 to match the TCB set, one 60 has Nippon(most wear), and the other 60 KBS HiRev. Asking 150 per 4. Taylormade p760 with Nippon Super penning orange X flex. Very good used condition. 4-pw and d2 swingweight. The 4 iron has a modus 120 x. Iomic mid grip in great shape. Asking 575 obo
  5. Please No Trades!!! 1. Brand New in the Box. Titleist 620 irons with x7 tour issue shafts. 4-8 are the cb and the 9-w are the Mb. These were on back order for months and I like my current setup. Specs are shown. Asking 1000 which is under cost. 2. Mizuno 921 HMB 4-pw with nippon 120 stiffs. Playing .75 over standard with align grips. My pops used covers so the are so no chatter and he doesn’t practice. Asking 725 3. Callaway TCB 4-pw Heads. Clubs haven’t been used much. I went with the raws. SOLD 4. SIK DW 41” Armlock putter. Ordered direct and will ship in box with cover. Putter is mint. Rolled on the practice green and that’s it. Asking 500. It’s taking months to get these currently 5. Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond Head 9*. Head is near mint and has TA serial. I went with the 8.5 model. Comes with cover. Asking 475 6. Callaway Mavrik 440 Tour Issue Single Diamond Head 10.5 in loft. Head is near mint. Has a generic Callaway cover. Asking 350
  6. PLEASE NO TRADES! Motivated and can send Photos. 1. Taylormade p760 Irons 4-pw. Shafted with Rare Nippon Super Penning Orange X Flex 4 iron has a modus 120x. Playing .5 over standard in length. New Iomic midsize grips. Ferrules need to be turned down. Faces are really good. Only club looking to used frequently is the 8 iron. Asking 650 2. Titleist 718 Tmb 4-pw with KBS CTaper Lite 110 stiff. Shafts have 1in extensions in butt. Removed they play standard. New MCC plus 4 grips. Good used shape. These were my pops and he rarely hit balls. Asking 650 3. Ping i210 4-u with UST Recoil Prototypes 110 stiffs. Clubs are completely custom. Bb&f ferrules that match the pink shafts. Playing .5 over standard. Clubs have only been hit a few times. Purchased off here for my dad and he just can’t swing the shaft. Clubs are so cool and the talk of the course. SOLD 4. Ping Tyne 4c centershaft putter. Used for 1 tourney. Putter looks new. Plays 35. Asking 250 with custom ping cover 5. Taylormade Itsy Bitsy Spider Limited. This is the real deal DJ putter. Not the tour limited release. Exact same specs and grips. Cover included. Few minor paint chips but overall really good. Asking 250 6. Taylormade Sim 9* Tour Issue with Matrix LA Golf 60x. Head looks new and has the + on hosel. Don’t have a clue on specs. Shaft plays around 45 I believe. Cool setup. SOLD 7. Taylormade Sim2 Tour Issue head without the + sign. Not sure why but has the spec sticker available. Hit for 1 weekend with no range time. Perfect and cover included. SOLD 8. Miura Driving iron 23* with Fujikura 86h x flex. Playing 39 I believe. Has the little cover included. Asking 175 9. Taylormade Original One Tour Issue Head 13.5 degree. Got this off The Peoples Champ. Club is excellent. I might can look through old emails and get specs. Rare and hard to find in tour specs. SOLD
  7. Please No Trades!!! I have entirely to much equipment. 1. Titleist T-mb 718 4-w. Shafted with Tour Issue X seven shafts. Playing .5 over standard. Midsize 360 grips. Asking 650 2. PXG gen1 0311t 4-w. Shafted with KBS 120 still. All standard. Probably some of the best condition gen1 on the market. 7 iron caught a small rock on sole. SOLD 3. Ping i210 4-u. Shafted with KBS s+ with bb&f ferrules. Playing .25 over. Brand new mcc midsize rubber. 4 iron was added after the fact. Does however have matching shaft. Clubs were built by top 100 builder. Picked up off here month ago. Specs are spot on and d2.5 SW. Asking 750 4. Ping s55 4-w. Shafted with KBS cTaper lite 110 still. Factory ordered with cushin inserts. Heads are some of the best around. Rare to find this condition. Yellow dot playing .5 over. SOLD 5. Ping g425 19 degree hybrid. Matching cover. Tensei blue 90tx shaft. Face wear but club perfect. Asking 300 6. Ping g425 14.5 head only. Mint and cover included. Asking 210 7. Ping g425 7 wood 20.5 head. Face wear hit head mint. Matching cover included. Asking 210. I have a Ventus 10x black I’ll sell with it for 450. 8. Autoflex XX shaft playing 46in in a ping g425. Raw length tip to grip 45in. SOLD
  8. Please don’t ask me to Trade. As you can tell I have enough stuff. 1. Mizuno MP20 Coppers Limited Edition. Come with box and COA letter. Have been used but clean good. Starting to patina and will rust. Stock tour issue shafts. I reshafted them but saved the ferrules and reinstalled the original shafts. Asking 1200 obo 2. Titleist 718 Tmb irons 4-pw with tour issue X seven shafts. Midsize 360 rubbers. Excellent shaft for the age. No Browning whatsoever. Minimal Chatter. Ferrules could be turned down to look perfect. Playing .5 over standard. D2 swingweight. Asking 800 3. Titleist 620 mb Irons 3-perfect with the rare hard to get Project X LS 6.5 shafts. Clubs are really good. Absolutely no browning. All standard across the board. Asking 900 4. Titleist tsi2 13.5 3 metal with a tour only Black Ventus 10x playing 43in. Club looks great actually excellent. Adaptor on shaft is starting to lose some paint. No Cover. Asking 500 5. Titleist tsi2 18 hybrid. Shafted from factory with tour ad 85x. All standard. No cover. Asking 375 6. Titleist tsi4 8 driver head. Ordered direct. Hit roughly 20 time all pro v. Cover included. Asking 400
  9. Absolutely No Trades 1. PXG 0311st 5-pw with 3-4 in the gen 2 0311x irons. Irons are shafted with KBS $ Taper 130x all standard. Overall great shape. The 5 and 3 have some desert love. The 8 iron shows some face wear. Others are very solid. The 3 iron is shaft with a KBS Prototype 105 s+. Asking 2000 for it all 2. TITLEIST 620cb 4-pw with KBS C Taper 125 s+. Some clubs don’t even look touched. Clubs are .25 standard and play 1* up. I went with a mb setup. SOLD 3. PXG GEN2 Sugar Daddy 50* with KBS 130 $ Taper. Playing standard. SOLD 4. Taylormade MG2 48 wedge. Brand new in wrapped ordered with Project X LS 6.5 shaft. Asking 150
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