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  1. Please No Trades!! 1. PXG 0211st 4-pw with true temper elevate x flex shafts. All standard specs with junbo golf prides. The 4 iron is the new 0211 and the 5-w are the new 0211st. Only used a couple rounds. I’m keeping my 0311st. They have gold sharpie paintfill. Should be able to wipe out fairly easy. Not many sets in circulation yet. ASKING 900 2. Swag Savage Too with Stability Tour Shaft. Playing 35 with the cover. The is a pretty rare Naked Head. Purchased off here awhile back just don’t fit my stroke. Very cool putter. ASKING 550 3. Taylormade tour issue sp
  2. Please No Trades 1. Taylormade p7mc 4-own irons with mmt 105tx shafts. All standard with align rubber. Excellent shape all around. The 6 shows some use from range. Awesome sticks ASKING 1100 2. Taylormade P7tw 4-pw with KBS c taper lite 110 stiffs. I have the box and letter. All standard with Iomic rubbers. Clubs have been used but still great. No Browning whatsoever. ASKING 1000 3. Taylormade Sim2 Max TOUR ISSUE HEAD ONLY. Hit about 20 times. Sticker included. ASKING 825 4. Taylormade TOUR ISSUE HEAD ONLY Sim2 15 3 metal. Straight off the tour
  3. PLEASE NO TRADES!!!! Look I have a life outside of Golfwrx. I have a wife and a couple of kids so chill if I don’t respond right away. Also if you make a offer and I accept, then PAY. 1. Taylormade P7tw 4-w in very good used shape. Absolutely no browning with just some bag chatter. Shafted with the new Project X Ls 7.0 softstepped 1x. Bb&f ferrules and new TV +4 rubbers. I have the box and letter. Playing all standard across the board. ASKING 1400 2. Taylormade 05 RAC Tp irons. I got these from a old school caddy. Was told they are tour heads. Now to possibly confi
  4. Please No Trades!!!! I had over 200 transactions on here before the update and 800 on eBay. 1. PING Bruzer Putter with LAGP putter shaft. Plays 35 currently. I got this from a professional. I don’t know who installed the shaft but it’s certainly no stock. When I got it the putter was 32 I plugged it 35. Cover included. Looks great other than being reshafted. ASKING $550 2. Ping g425 9 degree LST Head. I hit it one round. Cover included. For Head only!! Perfect shape. Got from the same professional as putter. SOLD 3. Ping Blueprints 5-pw. Have been shafted
  5. Please No Trades!!! 1. Titleist CNCPT CP-02 with Factory installed Oban CT 125x. Clubs are awesome just like my Blueprints better. All standard across the board. GPMC rubbers. Clubs were ordered flat but bent back to standard. They some have some bending marks. Faces are solid. No browning but certainly played for a season. Clubs are 500 a head without the shaft up charge. ASKING 1500 obo 2. Ping Prime Tyne 35in used but super solid. Will ship in PLD box and has correct cover. ASKING 400 obo
  6. Either that ugly ferrule or prep off a Callaway tip. Cobra tips are set really short.
  7. Please No Trades. Still trying to liquidate. I got plenty more to keep posting so stay tuned. 1. Scotty Cameron Circle T Welded Neck. Drilled weights very rare. COA included as well as correct cover. Very rare smooth face milling with Jester Stamp. Correct circle t grip. Asking 1200 2. Titleist t100s Black Limited Edition. 5-gap shafted with the super rare, super expensive Tensei Blue AM2 hard stepped 1x and tipped 1 inch. Plays to 6.3 frequencies built straight from Titleist. They play 1/4 over standard and 1* upright. Awesome clubs just not for me. Hit maybe 20 pro v
  8. Please No Trades!!! All Miura came from Local US retailer. 1. Miura MB 001 Black Boron 3-pw with veylix arcane graphite shafts. Playing .5 over and 1* upright. Used for a season. Bb&f plastic. 3 iron is head only. D2 on swingweights. Asking 800obo 2 Miura Giken cb1008 4-pw true raws not stripped. Great Patina. Shafted with KBS $ taper 130x blacks playing .25 over and 1* up. Clubs haven’t been used much. Very very cool setup. Japan Only Head. Asking 1000 obo also have these in satin if you prefer that. Same exact setup. 3.Bettinardi Tour Only KM2 Dass.
  9. Please No Trades Pops went a different direction. PXG 0211 4-pw with mmc 80 stiffs. Playing half over standard. Very minimal use. Asking 600 Callaway Mavrik TC 16 degree 4 wood with small batch 80tx yellow. Club is awesome with cover included. Plays 43. Used but excellent. Club has the correct tc stamp. Asking 375
  10. Some of the Best Money can buy. Clean out for the year. Please No Trades 1. Callaway Tour Issue Apex MB 4-pw Raws. Tour issue x100 all standard. New v55 cords. Used but still very solid. SOLD 2. PxG 0211 4-GW shafted with custom Accra Lime Green i100 stiffs. Playing .5 over. L/L all standard. My pops clubs and he used club condoms. Pretty much excellent. GW not pictured but will be included. Zero Browning. ASKING 900 3. Callaway Tour Issue X Protos Raws with X forged long irons. Shafted with c taper 130x soft stepped once. Playing .5 over standard. Used
  11. Entire Taylormade Tour Issue Set Up. Please No Trades 1. Taylormade Sim 9 Tour Issue Head Only. Mint with cover. Came from Tour Player don’t have specs sticker but but has +. If I remember correctly Actual 9 200g 244ct. Asking 550 2. Taylormade Sim Ti Fairway 15 Head with cover. Used but solid. Few sandy marks on face. Off Van from player. Actual 15 is all I know. Asking 350 3. Taylormade Tour Proto Berwick. Really cool tour issue putter. Plays 35 with the new KBS One Step shaft. Comes with cover. Used but really good. Asking 300 4. Taylorm
  12. Please No Trades!!! Miura 601 icl driving iron. 23* bent to 21*. Tour ad 95x playing 39.5 in length. Little Headcover included. Mint! ASKING 250 Sim Max Rocket 14 with tour ad 7x. Plays 43in. Cover included. Used very little. ASKING 325
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