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  1. [quote name='chickenpotpie' timestamp='1281873529' post='2639335'] Where did you get the wrench? Wherever you got it from should have the screws too. Sometimes you can find aftermarket versions on eBay too. [/quote] The wrench is actually a bit that goes onto the existing R9 wrenches. [attachment=642755:R9_460_wrench.JPG] Pretty handy. I found that on ebay. But did not find the three prong swing weight plugs. I only found your typical MWT or TLC weights. I guess this one is tour van only. They show adding a swing weight to a R9 460 driver in the video below, pretty cool. Man, I wish
  2. Does anyone have access to the swing weight plugs shown in the picture below. I need to find a heavier one than the one that is installed in my R9 460 head to bring my swing weight up from D1 to D3. This swing weight decrease happened when I put the lighter 2010 R9 adapter (almost 3grams lighter) in this head, which makes the head feel so much better thanks to less weight in the heel of the club. I do not want to hot melt or use lead tape either (lead tape installed now). And I don't want to change the length or weight of my shaft because it's fit perfect for me. I have the three prong tool to
  3. I'm by no means a Professional instructor but have an opinion to offer that might help you with your hooking problem. Sometimes I think the instruction offered in mags or by actual golf instructors focuses too much on just the back or bottom hand for strengthening and weakening the grip to control the ball flight. As you probably know a stronger back/bottom hand grip will make you hook the ball more and a weaker back/bottom hand grip will have the opposite effect. With that said, if you have tried stronger or weaker grips with this hand and you are still getting the same results with no fix,
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