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  1. I only played a few rounds 10-20 with these, and ended up preferring JPX 921 Tour set 4-5-iron. Great irons. I can bend to any lie angle, should play pretty standard (I haven't measured length, but ordered std.) $OLD Each or $OLD for both.Text Matt 773.301.1712 4-IRON SOLD
  2. I played the Modus 125X for a few years, which is the better feeling Modus option for X100. I tried i110 in both X and S, and find that the S is a better fit for me, but I could play the X no problem. My irons are MOI matched, so X in the lower irons plays a little softer because of the added SW; which is likely why the S plays well for me across the board. I also took SW down a bit when I switched to S, and when I built this new set with the 6-iron at D3 and 1/2 SW points on down, 7-iron is D4, 9 is D5. I can't say enough good things about these shafts, super tight dispersion, and much less harsh on the ole body.
  3. Driver 285 PW 143 - maybe once a year or something I do like to use a 50* gap wedge full for 125 yard shots, but it's one of those things that i have so much comfort with it, and have stuck so many shots with that club, that it doesn't feel like a muscle shot; just a smooth move with zero stress and not really "trying". I have a 9:00 arm swing with most of my clubs...LW goes 65, SW-80, GW-90, PW-100, and on up....all the way to 5-iron @150 plus roll. It's typically about 10 yard differential for each iron. It's not a Clock system, more of a feel system. Just take it to 9;00, let it fall and turn through, lazy swing.
  4. Pick up a G-Box Shallower and use it to help you feel the turn and if you want to get a little extra width come off the shallower at the top, but not before (keep your trail humorous/bicep in front of the seam-line on your shirt). See last point below. Most players who swing arms too far, even when they "feel" connected don't get enough depth and usually have poor turns. Feeling connected can cause a lack of depth, which then typically causes a handle pull, over the top nastiness. When looking at a mirror FO, get your full turn and make sure you can see your trail arm just to the right of your head (for rightie) face on mirror. That will get you to the point above.
  5. CK Pro Blue 80TX Pured - Currently has Ping G425 Tip, but I can remove if you like $150 - Make offers CK Pro Blue 90TX Hybrid - This was the version when they had Pro and non-Pro Hybrid Shafts...I can remove the Ping G425 tip on this one as well - $OLD I-Gotcha Warm Up System (3 Position Swing Weight) - $old (shipping is $5 of that price) Perfect Connection Training Aid - Medicus Perfect Connection - I believe it's a Medium - $OLD Text Matt 773.301.1712
  6. The pivot is critical I agree…and we usually have players work that first; His pivot isn’t awful but needs some help both back and down; If I can get impact feels right it all works together.
  7. Learn to do it without a ball first, and find a good coach to teach you how. Here's a video I made for one of our players...on how to get a full pivot back, but it will give you an idea of a full turn Pivot - Full Turn The key here is that I gave him options for what to feel. Not everyone has the same feels. He actually came back with a fourth option The other key is that he sent me video after trying this so that I made sure that he did it correctly, THEN I gave him the to do a bunch of reps. Don't watch my video and try to do this on your own...have a coach take a look to make sure you're getting the most out of your practice/training so that you don't waste your time. This is why YouTube sucks for getting better, you need someone to make sure you're doing things correctly.
  8. Agreed Monte; Those two guys are good despite their "faults-lack of turn", not because of them. Day has back issues, and Brooks knee issues. Brooks is a beast of a human and rotates well like Rahm or Finau...
  9. Yep, Right on point...if you can smash a baseball or hit a nasty forehand, and know the mechanics of it all....you are more than qualified to discuss how power is generated in a golf swing.
  10. I would say, yes, a better turn back. I disagree with not extending that leg, but I do agree that you do it a bit early. Your arms go long, but you don't get as much upper thoracic spine extension at the top and stop turning back. That's part of it, but the bigger issue is an early release...Face is a bit open, You aren't rotating properly on the downswing and that ends up having you throwing angles. Its subtle, but you stand up and your right arm is straight at impact. Ideally, on the way down, you would add some right bend and lower lumbar extension (arch. your back/stick ur butt out), that would allow you to have your shoulders more open at impact and open up more with a bent right arm. That would help you stay in the shot a little better and turn more. Speed & Power come from the rotation of your spine and not the throwing of the club at the ball. If you were one of my players, I'd have you start at impact and feel that right bend and lumbar extension, take half swings, and then slowly work your way up. This is your main issue, not necessarily the backswing. Fixing the backswing might help, but the root cause is through impact. Some players can naturally get here with a better backswing, most cant.
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