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  1. I’ve read a few complaints about material either coming out of or being pushed further down into the power holes/slots on the C300 forged irons. Has anyone here experienced this?
  2. > @9ironiscash said: > > @golfschnell said: > > A very nice set of irons, particularly the long irons, which are extremely easy to hit. I found the 8 iron down to be good sticks but they were prone to fliers so i ended up going to the combo set in the cf16 which remain in the bag as I prefer them to the newer offering as well. > > > Any issues with spin in the cf16? Don’t need to worry about not holding greens? I’m a high trajectory iron hitter and spin the ball a lot. I’ve never had issues with the original or CF16’s not holding greens.
  3. The original Callaway Apex iron? If so, I think they are great. I own the Apex CF16’s and found really no difference between the two. At address they look the same and they perform equally for me.
  4. I have several sets of Yamaha irons. The set I thought I would like the least because of their unique design are the 2013 Inpres XV Forged and I have them in my bag now.
  5. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/yamaha-rmx-020-irons-2020-5-pw.html
  6. I ordered the 3 iron today with Modus 105 x flex at +1/4” in length.
  7. > @platgof said: > I heard the 14's are good sticks. I like the 2014 Apex irons just as well. I have them and the CF16’s and at address they look identical. Hit them both about the same.
  8. > @steveoly32 said: > Pretty sure my Apex CF16s were .370. Not sure about the CF19. > @steveoly32 said: > Pretty sure my Apex CF16s were .370. Not sure about the CF19. Apex CF16 definitely is .370 The Epic line of irons from Callaway are as well. You can use this chart from Golf Works to see which factory stock shafts are used. https://www.golfworks.com/oem-shaft-replacement-guide/a/376/
  9. > @jdubya13 said: > > @tbowles411 said: > > > @lawsonman said: > > > I probably missed it but I wonder if the Eye2 will only be LW or if there will be a SW also? > > I don't think they've said. Nothing is on the website yet. > > > > I would have sworn I saw a picture of 54°, 56°, 58°, and 60° Eye 2 options. But I look at so much golf junk that I forget where I saw it.... ?? Probably will be since the ES version is available with those lofts.
  10. I played an original Eye 2 in the 80’s as a junior golfer. Played the Eye 2 XG and Gorge models and didn’t like the ES (eye sole) models as well. Definitely going to try the 58 in this new release of the Eye 2 design.
  11. OK. I’ll try to stabilize it before reshafting. It apears to only go down into the shaft about 1/2” to 3/4”. I have some overnight Golfworks epoxy so I’ll try something. Maybe I can get further life out of the shaft.
  12. Thanks for the info!! I’ll get it re-shafted
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