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  1. Pictures fixed. Just throwing this out there: Did anyone else watch Nadal demolish Djokovic today? I woke up early expecting an exciting match but was disappointed. To cope, here are some items for sale. Open to trades but very selective on what I am looking for. Mainly newer product models. Overview: 1. Epon Personal 2 irons 4-pw- $1800 3. Miura 57CB/ Apex Pro Set Modus Proto shafts- $500 4. Mizuno Mp 18 SC/MMC- $345 5. Mizuno Mp 18 SC/Fli hi-$385 6.PXG Gunboat Mini Gen1- $265 7. Ping Iblade 3i- $95 8. Nike Tour Premier size 8.5- $18
  2. Looking for Callaway apex pro 2016 4 & 5 irons. It would be perfect if they had project x 5.5 but any stiff shaft will work.
  3. I think the narrow grooves were made by request for players who were still playing the 2013 X forged. Narrow grooves are also like what Nike had on their irons and TW has on his P7TW.
  4. Mystery solved. It’s authentic. I purchased second hand. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the previous owner removed Velcro and stitched on the magnetics. Actually a pretty good job. Pictures next to an authentic Velcro
  5. bought 2020 Special Newport and it came with a magnetic headcover. Anyone else get one? Any info on the magnetic availability? Already did a search on the existing 2020 Scotty thread, looked at photos on scotty . Com and on eBay. All are Velcro.
  6. Any adjustment can make a club custom such as grip, length weight adjustment or tip trim. I don’t have on course experience with the 3 fairway woods you mentioned but I will say that between taylormade and ping the sound, look and feel are different. If you are considering the SIM titanium then that has its own feel. If you are coming from an ancient club, any modern 3w will be different and perform differently. Hopefully better
  7. OPEN SEASON! Golf finally opened up in the PNW. Get some cool gear to take attention away from the rusty swing. I know I need it. Trades are very limited. Please feel free to message me. 1. Callaway Apex MB RAW 4-pw/ KBS tour V 120 Very desirable set of irons. Limited number of these produced and hard to come by. These are the raw version designed to rust. What I like about raw clubs is that you can customize the look to your desire. You can let them completely raw out or keep them clean and oiled for a grey metal look. Also great for anyone who is a stickler for seeing scratches on the club
  8. Slim and svelt are awesome. The bigger ones didn’t fit right in my hands. Flat side installed in line with the putter face and little crosshairs visible.
  9. Its really hard to compare the 5mb with Toulon “mallets”. The 5MB is a shape and style that is pretty common. Most of the Toulon mallets are way smaller than they appear in drawings or online renderings. I think it is because their heel to toe length is shorter. So to help you decide, if you like the classic half moon mid mallet putter, pick the 5mb. If you like are compact look or want something different go for the Toulon.
  10. Wow. Those xforged are in great shape. Hard to find a set in that good of condition now a days. Some of the best irons ever made. Hope they go to a good home.
  11. Hope everyone is perfecting their indoor trick shots. Some items to move out while I am dying inside from not playing golf. I don’t know if not being able to watch golf on TV is helping or making it worse? Trades are very limited. Please feel free to message me. 2. Miura CB 501 Black Boron/ Fujikura MCI 100S Another popular model from Miura. Easy to hit cavity back and super soft as with all Miura clubs. Rare and expensive Black Boron finish. Fujikura MCI Shafts are one of the best graphite iron shafts on the market. Very stable and predictable. Helps with flighting the ball and dialing in
  12. Taylormade P750 is an amazing iron. Minimal offset and very forgiving. Cobra CB is designed to combo with the MB so it would make sense that they have the offset of a blade. The cb is fairly compact in headsize. May hinder forgiveness. for Honma in the TW 737 iron line there are 3 forged models: VN, V, VS. VN has the least offset. For 747 they just have one model and that is the V. Very soft irons. Excellent performance and feel.
  13. MC 501 and CB 57 for their looks and performance. pictures are deceiving. The Cb 57 is much smaller than I had expected. Perfect in every way from the offset, forgiveness, shapes, workability and feeel. MC 501 was slightly bigger than I had expected. I can’t think of a muscle backed iron that is easier to play. Also looks amazing Baby blades are very fun but not practical for me. On stock shots they are great but when working the ball I just didn’t have as much confidence.
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