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  1. Which J15 heads? I'm not sure about the Driving forged but for the MB and CB models they are Taper tip as stated. Just to reiterate: DO NOT TIP TRIM Taper tips.
  2. Recently i've been playing pretty light on the top end. Driver, Sometimes 3 wood, 21* hybrid and then 5 iron. There are some cases where I throw in a 4 iron. Playing courses >7200 yard courses this seems to be sufficient. Not saying it is ideal but it allows for less hesitation and a lighter/ simplier bag set up.
  3. Yes and no. In a sense I am like you and I don’t spend money on a club that I won’t use. But if there is a spot in the bag that isn’t being used than I spend money trying to find a better bag set up. In your situation if I don’t use my hybrid I’ll pull it out and put in a club that is more useful. I try to set up my bag to play for the conditions, yardage and course.
  4. Tourspec sells brands from Japan. They are common to us in the US but would be recognized by people from Japan. If budget is not an issue than of course you could go all out on JDM equipment. So are you looking for uniqueness or value (low price)? For uniqueness: just fully customize your club. High end shaft, non stock grip, custom colors (Callaway) and custom headcovers for woods. That usually sets people apart enough. Black iron shafts and custom finished irons will stand out enough.
  5. I’m with buzzkill. If I’m looking for an exact 4 iron distance I always have to loft up on the hybrid. So 5 hybrid gets me 4 iron distance. This might not be true for everyone. lots of options out there to fill the gap. Basically what you have to decide is how much forgiveness you are looking for. If it’s just a little bit more than go for the p770 or p790 4 iron. If significantly more than you want to get a hybrid. There’s also lots of variations in hybrids. For example the Callaway super hybrid is essentially a fairway wood.
  6. So the shafts the fitter suggested for you is project X 5.5? In my book those aren’t equivalent to the majority of “Regular” flexes on the market. 5.5 in project x is closer to a “stiff” flex and 6.0 is stiff+. To answer your question: just use what works. Also what works during the short duration of your fitting might not work day after day. Only way to really know is to take the clubs out to the course and give it some time.
  7. I used to believe that argument but the reality is: in golf EVERY shot matters. Whether you use your driver 0 times or 100 time a round every SINGLE shot matters. It is also one of the hardest clubs to perfect due to the massive head, long shaft and ball being teed up. Would you rather play every second shot out of the trees or in the middle of the fairways? I empathize with people that are always looking for quick fixes on the driver and end up spending all their money on drivers every year.
  8. Mp 18 hands down. It comes down to the PW shape. In older Mizuno Mp clubs like the Mp5 , the PW of the set is shaped like a traditional wedge. The blade height is high and the shape is very round. The Mp18 the PW is similar in shape to the other irons.
  9. Sounds like you could use a hybrid. Tons of options out there.
  10. Not sure if this counts but I play a 5-GW set. it works for me because I have all my distances covered and only need 2 traditional wedges. The GW is 50*. So if you really want to see it this way, I play lofts weaker than tradition given that the GW is really my PW.
  11. Graphite shafts like Accra are made with many layers that are clocked so that the seams do not overlap one another. They are also made with flags of graphite that vary in direction, weave pattern, composition, size, etc. this is done by most of the current graphite shaft manufacturers on their higher end shafts. It eliminates the spine effect. Steel shafts however are made from a single rolled sheet. Therefore there is a seam/spine.
  12. Some hybrids on the market are boarderline fairway wood headsize. Really blurring the definition. The Callaway super hybrid and cobra king OS hybrid are two examples. You can find some other 1 hybrids out there if you want something small. Also I’ve seen players hit 1 irons around the distance of a 3 wood. as for the smallest actual 3 wood, M2 tour is the smallest I’ve seen in a while.
  13. im with 5bay. We all upgrade clubs sooner or later. My additional set or guest sets are always clubs that have been upgraded. Same goes with everything, bag, shoes, hats, rain gear, balls etc.
  14. It would look cool with a black shaft. Please post pictures of the final product.
  15. BP irons are worth it if you are looking for: minimal offset small compact club head no hand buzzers on miss hits + all other benefits of blade irons To me the blueprints are a unique iron. Even though they have a small hollow cavity, they don’t feel as if they do. They feel solid on a strike but you don’t get hand buzzers on miss hits. They especially do Not feel like other ping irons that have elastomer inserts (iblade, s55, i210, i200 etc). Iblades to me felt hotter off the face and “softer”. But BP don’t feel as soft as other forged irons like mizuno or srixon
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