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  1. Did anyone else feel like they were hitting a rock? Felt super hard, even when flushed center of the face IMO.
  2. I got fit for T300's in July - I like them, but wish I went with the 200's. The sweet spot is large, so mishits still fly off the face, but it's hard to maintain distance control because shots hit dead-on-the-nuts will fly 20-30 yards further. The 300's are, in my opinion, very springy. I've overshot too many greens to count at this point. It should be noted this could be a shaft issue - I have project X LZ's. The stock AMT reds felt like spaghetti noodles.
  3. My Epic GBB 3 wood with a Hzrdus T800 6.0 is one of the most reliable clubs in my bag. I've scoured the internet trying to find the exact specs, torque, etc. but all I can seem to find is that its 65 grams and mid-launch as its made specifically for Callaway. I have a Smoke 6.0 in my TS2 but have trouble turning over the ball over, and can't seem to load it the same way I can my 3 wood to get that climbing, penetrating ball flight. Is there a shaft anyone would recommend that would be similar? Evenflow Blue or Evenflow Riptide?
  4. I wish - I don't believe they make the MCC in left handed. Another reason I try to never switch clubs - tough to find anything preowned and when buying new I usually have to order. I finally replaced my SLDR with a TS2 w/ Hzrdus Smoke and it took 3 weeks to come in the mail!
  5. Despite my issues with the T300 heads, I love the LZ. My 7 iron swing is mid 80's and I play a 6.0 with 120 grams, the 5.5 felt a little wobbly. I previously played uniflex shafts that bend similarly in my opinion. I've slightly shortened my backswing as to not overload the shaft, but its very smooth, with a great release point on solid contact shots. I don't really see myself playing with anything else in the future.
  6. If you don’t mind me asking, what did you switch over to when you say more “demanding”? I tried a preowned set of MP53’s last year and never felt I’d be able to look down and feel confident. Do your new “demanding” irons offer any help? Or did you switch to a a full MB? I ask because I’m thinking I want test a set of t100’s, i210’s, or Apex’s and give up on the T300s - which is very out of character for me considering I played my last irons for 10 years and still carry a 2008 Callaway X Hybrid because I’ve yet to find anything that can knock it out of my bag....
  7. I'm a 14 HC. You're correct in that I don't usually factor wind into my club selection - I live in west-central Florida and it is rarely windy on my course. My ball usually skips around 5 feet away from where it lands - the fairways at my course are relatively soft and my decent angle is steep.
  8. This is very clearly not happening on every shot - My issue is its happening 2 or 3 times a round when I'm playing from 160 yards in, aiming for the green, swinging soft with what I believe to be the appropriate club, and having a ball speed much higher than previous shots and flying the green anywhere from 10-30 yards.
  9. If you read the end of the post - I clearly asked if anyone had any swing adjustment recommendations for hot irons.
  10. This is the exact issue I'm having. At my club, the tee box for the 9th hole is about 40 yards directly behind the 4th green, separated by a small hut with restrooms and an icemaker. I was 165 out last Friday, hit a soft six iron and landed directly on the 9th tee box....with people standing on it waiting to tee off.
  11. 1. Much less front to back dispersion with my callys - my miss is a fade about 15 yards offline. For the most part, I had decent 10-15 yard gapings from 4-PW. 2. I've played about 20 rounds with the T300's and I guess I'm used to them? I'm consistently clubbing up out of fear I have another explosion off the face. One of the hardest things to get used to was learning to chip and pitch with my 52 vokey. In my old set, I played 70% of my 50 yard and in shots with my 45* Pitching Wedge, reserving my 52 for full shots and 58 for sand/occasional lob shot. The face on my T300 PW is super hot, and even with a quarter swing explodes off the ball. 3. I don't think this is unique to just "hot" clubs, but out of rough I lose a lot of distance. Firm conditions the ball rockets, soft conditions is a crapshoot of rocket shots and normal shots.
  12. Thanks for this! I've felt a little crazy for thinking I want to go back to my old irons after dropping $1100 w/ tax on a new set....
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