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  1. Shoot the same with my s55’s, stainless Eye2+‘s, and beCu Eye2’s!
  2. 6’3” and thanks to a bad back, have moved from a 33” to a 35” putter. Here’s my Evnroll build and I occasionally mess around with an Anser Milled 5 that’s 355g plus however much less tape I’ve piled on the bottom.
  3. Haven’t moved on from my ‘16 M2 with an AD BB 6x!!
  4. Could still play the one in my closet with a proforce v2 and be very happy. Why have I spent $1Ks since then on newer tech haha
  5. Honestly, if you bought them on eBay, I’d be surprised if they’re real.
  6. My man, thank you very much! Here goes nothing...
  7. I tried the search function, but came up empty... Please don't flame too hard. Any Ping experts know the shaft size of the Microtapers? I'm going to take a leap and attempt to extend a set of Eye 2s and not sure which extensions to buy on golfworks. 580? 600? Also, while I have your attention, is there a certain epoxy on golfworks I should get? There appears multiple options, but I assume there's one specifically for extensions?
  8. I can definitely do grips... I guess it's time to step my game up!
  9. Any recommendations for a good clubworker in Los Angeles (Southbay Torrance specifically)? I wasn't thrilled with our local Plaza Golf's work previouslyand am looking for other options. I'm looking to extend some steel shafted irons. Thanks! Jay
  10. All good sir! I received a set of clubs that are shorter than expected and wanted to double check. I'll try calling Ping. Take care and stay safe
  11. 39068 please Socrates… should be some BeCu eye 2s. thanks!
  12. No thanks, I’m actually the seller.
  13. Looking forward to the irons reviews... Getting the itch to make my life easier and move on from my s55s.
  14. We talking about golf grips, right? Just making sure...
  15. Has anyone gone from the 16 M2 to the SIM line? I have a hard time believing something could be better than my Unicorn, but maybe I’m naive...
  16. Comfortable, yes. I love the padding. My Original single strap is great. My Utility (not trouper) has similar padding, but the strap balance just doesn’t work. Probably doesn’t help that I’m tall and wide, but my size hasn’t mattered for other brands (sun mtn for example).
  17. The straps are literally terrible. It’s a shame.
  18. Jab3384

    Evnroll Er2

    I assume you’ve used the search, but just in case, here’s 49 pages of fun...
  19. Still very happy with my ‘16 M2
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