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  1. We currently offer MMT 105S, which would be a great alternative to your current setup!
  2. Apologies to all - I made a typo! MMT Taper 125S and MMT Taper 95S will be available towards the middle of October 2020!
  3. MMT Taper 125S as well as MMT Taper 95S will be readily available towards the middle of August!
  4. Yes! The entire MMT lineup utilizes a 304 Stainless Steel mesh in certain areas of the shaft depending on what we need in performance. For MMT™ Woods, the Metal Mesh Technology is strategically adapted to better suit the thinner-walled structure of a woods shaft, which are longer and lighter than irons. The MMT™ is shifted to the grip section where it creates a focused area of strength and stability. The increase in density also helps optimize the shaft’s balance point. See the full press release at the link here - https://www.mca-golf.com/press-release/mca-golf-offers
  5. Hi All! Keep an eye out for this new product hitting professional tours in September. Diamana TB is going to feature a few new technologies that we are VERY excited to bring to you! Featuring weights and flexes from 40 R2 to 80TX, the custom fitting options are endless. We think this new shaft will be very popular with GolfWRX forum members. For up to date info - follow us on Twitter @MCGolfShafts and on Instagram @mitsubishichemicalgolf Let us know if you have any further questions! -Team MCA
  6. The balance points in Tensei CK Pro Orange and AV RAW Orange will be close to identical. You shouldn't see any difference in swingweight if both builds are equal.
  7. We would recommend testing both the AV Raw White, and AV Raw Orange in 65TX. If you get a chance, let us know how the testing goes!
  8. @Mags15 - The Tensei CK Pro Hybrid Shafts do not have Boron or MR70 in the tip section. The Pro designation comes from the Carbon Kevlar weave that extends through the grip section. About 95% of the Tensei CK Hybrid shafts in the market are Tensei CK Pro. Do you have a shaft in question? Feel free to DM us if you have any questions / comments / concerns. Thanks!
  9. Hi All! The specs for the all new Diamana D Limited are up at https://www.mca-golf.com/products/diamana%E2%84%A2-d-limited See all of the details on this product in the official Diamana D Limited Press Release: Carlsbad, CA – (February 11, 2020) – For the first time ever players all over the world, including Asia and Japan, will be able to add the low-flighting power of Mitsubishi Chemical’s D Limited “White Board” profile to their game. The new Diamana™ D Limited Series shafts feature many of the same technologies and performance benefits as the Diamana™ D+PLUS Limited Edition Series,
  10. Hey guys! The new Tensei AV White product is currently still in the prototype phase, and has been on Professional Tours for a few weeks now. This is the new low launching part in the Tensei AV line - more information will be available as we approach our launch date in mid-2020. Don't miss out on any updates regarding AV White by following us on our social media accounts via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Thanks for all the support!
  11. We like @jerryo's idea - DM us if you need help finding C6 near you!
  12. @BrickDaFunk - Hi there! I measured a raw D+ Limited, and found 28 1/4" to the bottom of the "Dialed" logo in the butt section. Apologies for the delay. Let us know if you have any further questions!
  13. @jas904 and @Z1ggy16 - DM us to find an authorized dealer near you for MMT Taper testing!
  14. @Nic1972 - it sounds like a seamless transition. We always urge customers to find one of our Authorized Dealers and test the product before buying!
  15. @racmbs - If you are looking to stay in the 125 range, I would recommend testing this product as is. There is a lot of versatility with this shaft as the torque is slightly higher than most iron shafts in this weight category. If you find that launch is a little bit flat, soft-stepping may be a good option.
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