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  1. Please check your shipping address on PayPal before sending payment. Shipped usps priority mail. Only trade interest on these is 2019 pro v1 straight across. First PayPal money gets them. Thank in advance. 1) 2021 titleist pro v1. New in box. Asking sold sold sold shipped.
  2. Price is shipped usps priority mail. Fist PayPal money gets it. 1) bettinardi studio stock slotback armlock. 42” playing length. Like new condition easily 9/10. As new as any shop worn putter out there in my opinion. Pictures tell the story. Asking SOLD SOLD shipped OBO
  3. First PayPal money gets it, shipped priority mail. 1) ping vault 2.0 dale anser, custom topline by ping. 35.25 playing length, kbs ct tour 120 installed, golfpride tour tradition grip. Comes with original headcover. Full disclosure, there are very very light blemishes pictured on the topline. Everything else is easy 8/10 IMO. ASKING 170$ shipped OBO.
  4. First PayPal money gets them. 1)2018 Taylormade tp5x new in box. 8 dozen available. Prefer to sell the whole lot together to save on shipping but if you want less than 8 doz we can probably work a deal out. ASKING SOLD SOLD SOLD shipped usps priority mail OBO
  5. Price is shipped OBO usps priority mail. Please check shipping address on PayPal before sending payment. 1) Taylormade sim udi 3 iron. Standard length, never hit a ball with it brand new condition. Just found a hybrid I like so much there is no reason for me to switch. True temper Elevate tour x stiff. Standard LLL. Price is 200$ shipped OBO.
  6. I’m playing 3 Ventus blue shafts. 7x driver untipped at 45” d4+ SW. 8x tipped 1” 3w at d2 42.75. 10x tipped .5” in 19 hybrid at d1 40.25”. I’m also playing a sim2 driver head but mine is 10.5 on the “lower” setting. Hate to give you the “it’s yours technique” spill I see all the time but tipping a Ventus blue shaft is not going to lower your driver spin a significant amount unless it changes the way you deliver the club. It will make it feel a little firmer and possibly measure at a little stiffer frequency but if that doesn’t make you deliver less dynamic loft/spin loft it’s n
  7. Price is shipped OBO usps priority mail. First PayPal money gets it. I will pull this shaft if someone wants both the head and the shaft separately and I’ve received payment for both. 1) Tour issue sim max 15. Specs are pictured and sticker is included with sale. I’ve added about 2 grams of weight to the head with hotmelt flowed throughout so it will weight a little more. This setup as is swingweights at c9.5 so there is a lot of room for customization. I used some lead tape on the toe and some residue is still pictured I can clean it off easily. This head was only hit maybe
  8. Price is shipped OBO. Usps priority mail. First money gets it. Thanks 1) tour issue apex hybrid16 model, 20 degree loft. It has a shallow dent on the crown I pictured. Doesn’t effect play or performance but it’s priced accordingly. This is a cheap experiment for someone. Decent shape otherwise. Diamana d+ 90 stiff installed. This hybrid sets up absolutely perfect to my eye. Headcover included. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  9. Ventus blue velocore. I wouldn’t call a Ventus blue whippy but it’s a soft profile to me. Loads easier than the stiff mid designs and I’ve played the Accra for a season you are using, Ventus blue is much easier to swing. Tensei 1k feels easy to load in my hands also, basically a Ventus blue with a higher kick point to me(in feel only I know the profiles are different.). Also, swingweight can effect the way a shaft plays a great deal. The Accra rpg is basically the stiffest handle they can make. Opposite is the tensei white shafts, they feel soft in the handle some people equate that to e
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