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  1. Have a mint set (9/10) of T-100S 4-PW. It has KBS Tour C-Taper in the Stiff flex with +1/2" in length, standard loft and lie, and Golf Pride tour velvet grips. Only used them in a single range session. Ended up liking my JPX921 Forged instead so getting rid of theses. $ SOLD I also have a Fujikura Ventus Blue with Velocore in 6S with a taylormade tip, duratech grip. Length is 44.5" $ SOLD
  2. I received a head cover, tool to change the shaft
  3. Ordered a combo forged and HMP set from DiscountDans on Sept 18. Told me they will ship this Friday or the following Monday.
  4. You honestly think people at the golf course are out there seeing how people look/dress and what is in their bag??? LOLOL Telltale sign of an insecure person.
  5. NOT INTERESTED IN TRADES, THANKS!! Evnroll ER2.2 33" 355g mid blade putter with P2 grip. $240 shipped TItleist T200 4-GW Only hit off range mats, around 1000 balls. Clubs are in very good condition. 4-PW is + .25 length and 1 degree flat with PX LZ 6.0 shafts with tour 360 grips. The GW has AMT white S300 standard length and 1 degree flat with tour velvet grip(bought off ebay) Selling because I ended up LOVING the T100s and will get those. SOLD Titleist TS3, Around 500 balls hit. Scratch one the bottom due to bottom of the club scraping the ground. 9.5 Head with the Project X Evenfl
  6. bk3318

    T200 vs P790

    I have demo'd the P790 and T200 two months ago. I preferred the feel of the T200 and the look of them at address. I spent about 20 minutes hitting them both and I had much better dispersion with the T200 and a club and a half longer than the P790. Have the T200 for two months now and don't regret my decision. Actually, I wish I got 7-GW in the T100-S. Honestly they are probably both good but I think I had more confidence with the look of the T200 at address and that led to more consistency and better strikes. Try them both out if the store near you allows in during Covid.
  7. Hey everyone, Sorry if this is the wrong forum but does anyone in Washington State know of a good club fitter? Would love to get my driver optimized outside of a retail store. Thanks!
  8. [quote name='mattiam' timestamp='1444956851' post='12462498'] Stock Mizuno grips on the 850s? [/quote] Yes, stock grips
  9. [quote name='draw72' timestamp='1444694899' post='12447738'] What shafts are in the wedges and what is the putter length? [/quote] Stock True Temper shaft putter is 35" Yeah I might actually keep it and refinish it. Lots of good putts and memories with that putter!
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